SAMSAM Reliable? Reviews & Experiences

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Is it wise to register with SAMSAM?

Now a little secret: this panel is NOT in our Top 10 best survey sites .

They are really reliable and they have nice studies,

but they don't pay you any reward in addition to the possible prizes you can win.

With the other panels you will receive guaranteed money or coupons.

See it as a nice addition if you are already a member of the 10 best and also have time to spare :-)

Why do you read in this review in which we assess SAMSAM as fully as possible.

In this review:

Pros and cons

It's a fun and modern site. They have not been around for very long, so much improvement can be expected.

You can win great prizes, such as a balloon ride.

Nice surveys on various topics.

No cash rewards or value / gift cards yet.


SAMSAM is the online consumer panel of SAMR market finders. This is a research agency that conducts market research in a modern way. In other words, via this online survey panel.

Not only are they very modern, they also have a whole series of certifications that show that they handle your data and data well. ISO 26362 is especially important for the panel. In addition, they are officially a Fair Data Company according to the quality mark of the Dutch Market Research Association, with which they comply with the fair data privacy code.

How does it work?

You can register via the website completely free of charge (free of charge) and without obligation . You will then receive invitations by e-mail to participate in surveys. These are carried out by SAMSAM on behalf of companies.

The funny thing about SAMSAM is that they try very hard to make the surveys really fun . This is because they see that these are often boring long questionnaires with other online panels. With this they manage to bind their members longer. They already have 30,000 members in a short time!

As mentioned before, there is no fee per survey taken, but prizes are distributed among members. The more active you are, the greater your chance of winning is of course. But if you get a survey invitation, you don't necessarily have to do it!

How much can you earn?

Well this is the downside, you don't earn anything with it. You have a chance or the prices, but of course you cannot assume that. However, we expect that when the panel gets bigger, this will change soon!

But we have plenty of other good options in the Top 10 best research panels ... so just register and join multiple panels :-)

Is SAMSAM reliable?

For the time being, there are only positive reactions and reviews, and no complaints at all! That is probably also because their communication in advance, so before you join, is very open and honest.

And again: they really do their best to make the studies fun and that makes them a forerunner in this market.

So we cannot test whether the payment of rewards is going well, because they do not have one. normally this is one of the most important points we look at with paid survey sites.


Our final verdict is that SAMSAM is above all a promising panel for the future. We believe they want to and can become one of the best in the industry. So sign up to experience what they do differently.