Is Factsnapp Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Can you make good money at ?

Yes absolutely!

And are they also reliable?

Yes , they are not just in the Top 10 Best Reliable Survey Sites !

You can read why that is the case in the review / rating below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

   Best reward per question completed from all survey panels! (10 euro cents)

   Nice app to easily participate on your phone or tablet;

   Nice short surveys that can be completed quickly, max 6 questions;

They only just exist, so wait and see how many studies are available per week and thus how much you really earn.

   For the attentive reader: the maximum compensation per survey is therefore 60 cents

What is Factsnapp? is the sister of Panelwizard Direct . And that is already a good sign because this has been one of the best survey sites in the Netherlands for years! And one of the highest paying of them all. Factsnapp, however, wants to take a slightly different and more modern approach, which is why they also started independently in 2018.

Their philosophy and vision is that nowadays there is an increasing need for speed. So short and concise research, and certainly no lengthy questionnaires! We hope that this ultimately means that there will be a lot of surveys so that you can earn a lot. That remains to be seen.

They are also part of Kien Research, the market research agency behind the panel that specializes in quantitative research. They consider quality to be the most important thing there is for their panel members and also customers. Those customers give them an 8.2 for the service!

Hallmarks and memberships

Like PanelWizard, quality is one of the most important things for Factsnapp. To endorse this, they are ISO certified on several points:

  • ISO20252 (market research)
  • ISO26362 (the quality of the panel)

In addition, they are members of the following industry organizations:

  • MOA

In short, this means that they meet all kinds of different quality marks for correct research but also for the security of your data!

How does this panel work?

Registration costs you nothing of course. It only takes a few minutes to create your account and that is completely without obligations. This means that participation is without obligation, but we will come back to that in a moment.

After registering, we recommend that you immediately enter all personal data ( profile characteristics ) as far as possible. Based on this information, Factsnapp can ensure that you only receive surveys that are actually intended for you.

If this does not go well, you will receive invitations for surveys that may not be for your target group and you will still be expelled from the survey after a few questions, without compensation. Without the time and effort, and Factsnapp can't do much about that if you don't give them all the information!

After registering you can start earning your first money. You will automatically receive invitations to participate in surveys via email. The app is also very nice, because then you just get a signal on the phone. And via the app you can also fill in immediately, so just quickly earn extra in between.

The examinations are a maximum of 6 questions, which means that you can get through it in a minute or so. You can make them on any device with internet: laptop / desktop computer / telephone / smartphone / tablet / iPad and so on.

Participation is never mandatory. The invitation always states how long it will take to fill in, so you can make a good decision. And you also understand that you don't earn anything if you don't participate.

After completing a survey, you will immediately receive the reward in your account. You don't have to wait for that. The only pity after that about this panel is that you cannot request a payment yourself, but that Factsnapp itself has determined that they transfer your balance to your bank account twice a year.

How much will you earn?

We can not really estimate this properly yet because they have only just started and, according to their own words, are still carrying out few studies. That is also correct, but we hope that this will soon become more! Because potentially you seem to be able to earn very well with this!

Is Factsnapp reliable?

Here we will rely on our experiences with Panelwizard, because it is the same company. As we have already described, of all survey sites they meet the most different quality marks, certifications and industry requirements. that's a nice feeling, also for privacy security of course.

As a result, we dare to anticipate that the payments and keeping track of your balance will go without errors and you can always welcome your hard-earned euros to the bank account. If you think otherwise, please let us know! But for now we put a tick on reliability :-)

The Advice

Just sign up! Because Factsnapp meets almost all quality requirements, and they reward well. So even if they are short researches, they are still very worthwhile because the fee per question / time that you spend is very high!

It is therefore a matter of time that they also end up in our Top 10 with the best paid survey sites in the Netherlands . We would like to wait until they are completely up and running so that we can honestly assess how many studies you can expect per week / month. Because only then can we say something meaningful about the earning potential of this promising panel.