Is I-Say Reliable? Reviews and Experiences

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Do you want to earn money by completing surveys ?

And therefore become a member of Ipsos I-Say NL / I-Say Belgium ?

But first want to be sure whether that is a good idea ?

Then you have come to the right page!

If you do not want to read the entire review to get an answer, then here is a spoiler alert : Ipsos I-say IS in our top 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands and Belgium ...!

We therefore recommend that you register yourself with this site. Extra tip : they also have a second panel in Belgium, namely .

In this review we also provide a total assessment based on not only our own experiences, but we also include other reviews about the reliability plus the complaints and comments that we have received.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

  The questionnaires are easy and pleasant to complete and do not take too long;

Reimbursement you receive is fine, by which we mean the number of points per each survey you complete;

You can cash out in both coupons and cash via PayPal credit. From PayPal it will be in your bank account within a few days or you can immediately spend it at webshops.

  It would be nice to be able to complete a little more surveys, now there are not very many so your earnings are less in total.

Background information

I-Say is part of Ipsos, a global market research company headquartered in Paris. They have been around since 1975 and in the 1990s, through many acquisitions, they are one of the 3 largest research companies in the world with over 18,000 employees worldwide in more than 90 countries.

I-Say is an important part of the company as they are the ones who manage the online panel through which they can conduct investigations. This platform is not only active in the Netherlands & Belgium, but also in Australia, for example.

ipsos logo

Ipsos logo

How does it work?

As with most survey sites, you will earn money by completing surveys. Sometimes, however, it may also be the case that you can test products, although there is often a questionnaire after it.

You can make them on your laptop but also on your tablet or phone. You share your opinion on all kinds of subjects. These can be brands, products, advertisements, but also political issues.

The results of the studies are mainly used by commercial companies to keep improving their marketing or products and services. Because this pays off enough, they are also willing to pay I-Say for it. And because they want their members to keep up (and give an honest answer), they (you, for example) are also a reward. So everyone wins.

Participating in I-Say costs you nothing and is without any obligations. As soon as you are registered, it is smart to first complete your profile with all personal characteristics . With this information about, for example, your age, gender, but also family and marital status, you ensure that you only receive invitations for surveys where you fall into the target group .

It is quite annoying when you continuously receive invitations for surveys where you do not belong to the target group. You do not know that beforehand, but if you start filling in in good spirits, you will often be expelled from the survey after a few control questions and you will not receive any compensation. So fill in the characteristics and keep them periodically up to date.

You will receive the invitations for questionnaires by e-mail. Whether or not you want to or cannot participate at that time, you have to decide for yourself. Again: there is no obligation. But if you don't participate, you won't earn any points. Of course you have to do something for that.

Before you start an investigation you will always be informed what you can earn with it. That is nice because then you know what you are doing. There is also always an indication of how long it will take approximately. This way you know whether you have enough time, and whether you think the reward is enough.

Immediately after you have finished you will receive the reward into the account and as soon as you have enough points you can order a gift voucher. I-Say is one of the sites where you can take surveys for coupons . This will be in your letterbox within a few weeks.

You can also choose to have it paid out via PayPal credit. That takes a few days and you can use it immediately from your PayPal account to pay at web shops. You can also transfer it from PayPal to your bank account in a few days if you prefer.

How much do you earn?

You understand that you will earn more when you participate more often and give your opinion. If you do not participate at all, then you have no income. If you participate in everything, we think you can certainly earn a nice amount.

Especially when you combine it with the other panels from the Top 10 best survey panels. If you participate with all of them, you can just grab or take along $ 500 per month .

Is I-Say reliable?

To be fair, you read different opinions on the internet. Also negative. But on average, these are sufficient.

Our own experiences are only positive and that is the only thing we can really control. Therefore, we believe that this website is reliable. The balance is properly tracked and updated quickly. We have never seen anything go wrong with the payment of the rewards.

Final verdict

You can probably fill it in yourself, but we definitely recommend that you register with I-Say . Not necessarily as the first panel, by the way, because although they are in our Top 10 , they occupy seventh place again.

So start out primarily with the other 6. As you earn more money if the quality is higher. And on top of that, you can earn money at many of those other sites that goes to your bank account.

But if you really want to register yourself with as many good panels as possible because you really want to earn a lot, and have enough time for that, then you should especially use I-Say . Because you can also spend VVV coupons on fun and useful things in many places.