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Jouw- is a good survey site?

Or is it better not to start?

The answer is very positive from us!

It is with good reason that this panel is in our Top 10 best paid surveys in Belgium .

So we think it's worth it.

You can read why we think this in the review below, including a clear assessment of all important aspects.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Good site with sufficient number of surveys;

Excellent reward per completed questionnaire;

Only for Belgium / Belgians, not active in NL;

Pay out in coupons but not in cash.

About Your Opinion

The website uw- and the underlying panel of members is part of Research Now, the largest online market research institution in the world at the moment. They were founded in 1999 and have millions of members around the world. To be precise, 60,000,000 panelists in more than 45 countries.

They conduct their surveys for more than 5800 customers. Often companies and institutions that want to know their consumers look at their organization, products, services or marketing communications. All with the aim to improve this, based on your opinion, among other things.

Because there is such a large organization behind it, you can also trust that your data is safe. They meet all the important criteria of industry organizations such as Esomar.

How does this panel work?

You can register via the website and is free of charge. And it is not only free but also without obligation . So there are no obligations. This means that you are never obliged to participate in a survey, but you can always know for yourself.

Each time you receive an invitation to participate in a study, you can therefore consider this yourself . That is why you always get to see in advance how long the questionnaire takes to complete and what the reward is for it.

Before you get started, however, we recommend that you fill in the profile characteristics in your account as much as possible. This ensures that, as far as possible, you only receive invitations for surveys where you also belong to the target group .

If you do not fill this in, it may happen more often that you will receive the wrong invitations. Then during the investigation you will often be forced to stop and you will not receive any reward. A waste of your time and effort.

After completing the surveys, you will immediately be awarded the reimbursement and credited to the balance of your account. As soon as you have earned a balance of $ 10, you can redeem this through a number of different rewards. Possible ways to cash out your earnings are payouts in: Ticket compliments, gift voucher, App store / iTunes gift card, Decathlon e-gift card.

How many can you earn?

Note that this is not an unambiguous answer. It just depends on how much time you have to participate in all the surveys, and it also depends on whether you fall into the target group of many or few of these surveys.

Even then we dare to claim that you could certainly earn $ 100 per year . Those are some nice gift vouchers, right? In addition, combine Your Opinion by signing up to even more panels from our list of best paid survey panels in Belgium and you can increase this amount to the same amount on a monthly basis or even a multiple thereof!

Is this site reliable?

It is good to first tell us what reliable means to us. As far as we are concerned, reliability is evident from a number of things, which we summarize in 2 characteristics:

Firstly, the rewards for surveys made must always be awarded accurately and quickly. Second, the balance in your account must always be properly maintained and paid out quickly and without errors in the chosen fee.

In the case of Your Opinion, we have nothing to criticize in both areas because as a member we have never had any problems with this.


It is clear that we are fans of Your Opinion . A good site, with good pay and good reliability. Again a pity that you can only participate in this panel in Belgium. So if you are Belgian, please register!

If you are Dutch, don't worry, we have plenty of alternatives for you in our Top 10 best survey sites .