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Are you considering subscribing to Valued Opinions ?

Maybe that's not such a good idea at all ...

So read this review first!

Valued Opinions is incidentally OR in our top 10 best survey sites , but not very high ...

Below you can read why they belong in the top ten on the basis of an assessment / review of the important features and reliability.

But be sure to sign up for it, as with several of these ten because then you will earn more!

In this review:

Negatives and pros

   There are many complaints that too few studies are available to earn anything;

   You will only receive reimbursements in gift or vouchers, so no cash to your bank account;

Moreover, the fees per questionnaire are not very high when you consider the time it takes to complete the questionnaires.

Background information is a survey site / research panel. It's part of Research Now and they focus on online market research. Research Now is said to be the largest online survey company in the world. In other words: on the basis of the surveys that their members complete, they can analyze all kinds of issues.

Obviously issues that their clients want to answer. These are mainly large companies that research their brands, products and services around the world. Topics may include environmental issues, block busters (movies), fashion trends, or your favorite foods.

Because they are a large party, they are also members of a number of industry associations:

  1. The Marketing Research Association (MRA)
  2. The Market Research Society (MRS)

How does it work?

As with almost all survey sites, you can earn money by participating in research. In short: completing surveys and questionnaires. You can complete this on a laptop but also on a tablet or telephone. In it you give your opinion on various matters as we have already mentioned. Sometimes you can also try out a new product at home or there is a survey by telephone. But that doesn't happen often.

These surveys are used by companies to improve their marketing or products and services. Because this pays off, companies are also willing to pay you for it. A win-win situation. Of course, the companies do not pay you directly, but via the panel, which also keep their share of it.

Registering with ValuedMening is free and without obligations. Once you are registered, it is advisable to fill in your profile completely (also known as profile characteristics ). With that information about, for example, your preferences and living situation, you ensure that you only receive invitations for research that are actually intended for you.

It is very annoying when you receive invitations for questionnaires where you do not fit within the target group . Then you will often be thrown out of the questionnaire after a few initial questions and you will not receive any reward. So fill in the characteristics and keep them up to date from time to time.

You will receive the invitations for the surveys in your e-mail. Whether you want to or can participate at that time is up to you, because again: there is no obligation. But then you don't earn anything, we assume you understand it ...

Before you start the survey you will always see how much the reward will be. That is so transparent, because then you know in advance how much you will earn with it. Immediately after completing the investigation, the fee will be added to your account. You save this balance up to at least $ 10, after which you can exchange it for gift vouchers from or the National Entertainment Card. You can also save for longer if you wish.

How much can you earn?

That just depends on how often you respond to the invitations. What you only earn if you actually give your opinion. The reward varies per questionnaire.

The problem is that you do not have a lot of studies available, so the potential to really earn a nice amount is not there.

Now we recommend enrolling in multiple research panels anyway if you want to earn more, but we already know 10 that are better anyway, so get started.

Is Valued Opinions Reliable?

Our own experience is actually fine, but you read a lot of reviews on the internet that scares you a bit. Receipts that do not arrive, few studies, many studies that you cannot complete because you do not fit into the target group and a bad or no response from customer service. Yet all points that do detract from the reliability.


Hey you're still here ... why? I think you could have figured out what the conclusion of this article was going to be, right? Or have you not read correctly? Or maybe you just scrolled down to get the conclusion? Doesn't matter, here it comes again short and sweet:

Although it is not a disaster if you register yourself on, it is much smarter to register with other panels . And yes, we always recommend that you sign up to multiple survey sites because then you also earn more, but since there are 10 considerably better anyway, you should start with that. Then you already take $ 500 per month. If you want more, it is entirely up to you to look further, but please read the entire text.