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Mobrog NL / Mobrog BE paid surveys ...

Should you want to register yourself there or not?

Our answer is direct: YES!

Why? IS in the Top 10 Best Paid Survey Sites . But not in the top 3 if we're honest.

So register first with those three agencies, but if you still have time to spare or simply want to earn more, you should register with Mobrog!

Below you can read a complete review with our assessment per aspect.

In this review:

complete surveys via panelclix

Pros and cons

Payment in cash via PayPal is possible from $ 5, -

The compensation per questionnaire completed is more than fine

Good mobile app available for your phone

Few surveys to make, so you don't earn much yet

If you receive an invitation, the survey is often closed again when you try to participate, sometimes even after completing several questions.

About Mobrog

Mobrog NL & Mobrog Belgium is part of the German market research institute Splendid Research GmbH. They conduct worldwide surveys over the internet and through their smartphone app.

They are affiliated with industry organizations such as ICC, ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA & ARF. They therefore comply with all international guidelines for conducting market research and monitoring your personal data. Also nice to know.

How does this panel work?

Basically the same as most other websites. You can register as a panel member for free and without obligation. We recommend that you immediately fill in as many of the profile questions as possible so that Mobrog can send you the correct surveys as much as possible.

If you do not fill this in completely, the chances are many times greater that you will receive surveys that are actually not intended for you. Have you often already invested time in it, but after a few questions you still have to stop without any reward because you do not fall into the target group . Mobrog cannot help that, but it is a waste of your time!

You will receive the invitations for the surveys by email or in the app on your phone. Try to respond quickly because a frequently heard complaint is that the investigations often close again and you cannot participate.

You will always see in advance how much you will earn with a participation and how long it will take. You can decide for yourself whether you want to participate because again: everything is without obligation. But then you don't earn anything if you don't participate of course ;-)

Immediately after participation, you will receive the reward in your account, which you can then transfer to your bank account via PayPal (for free). You can already pay out from $ 5, while at most other sites this is only possible from $ 10, which is quite positive.

How much do you earn on this panel?

Although the fee per survey is more than fine in itself, the problem appears to be mainly in the number of surveys you can conduct. Frequently heard complaints are that you often miss out if you want to participate in a questionnaire because they fill up very quickly. You also appear to receive more invitations than with other panels where you do not fall into the target group. In our experience that is very annoying.

But apart from the fact that it is not pleasant, it also means that you can earn less. And that makes this panel a little less interesting and falls outside the top 3 in our top 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands . While they score well on other points, but in the end it is mainly about the earning potential, right ?!

Are they reliable?

We cannot report many complaints about this as far as we are concerned. At least, we always pay attention to two fixed features, namely: 1) accurate crediting and tracking of rewards and balance in your account, and 2) quickly and without errors paying out earned money to, in this case, PayPal.

Both are going well in our experience (we have also registered as a regular member to test this of course). This does not have to be an obstacle to register and that is a nice bonus, despite the fact that you earn less with it than with other panels, you can in any case be sure that you will actually get your earnings!

Our Conclusion

You can fill that in by now… be sure to register Mobrog and the rest of the ten best reliable survey sites , it is simply a great site to make money with! So sign up and start earning extra.