Is Opinion Country Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Are you considering signing up with Opinion Country?

Please read this review carefully first!

All our articles are about all kinds of methods of making money on the internet , including by completing paid surveys , for money or gift cards.

You will see that Opinion Country is the No. 3 in the Top 10 best survey sites in NL.

Below you can find out why we think this is the case, including an assessment of all the pros and cons and a well-considered review.

But it should be clear that registering is a good idea !

In this review:

Pros and cons

Lots of surveys available every day;

You will receive an invitation by e-mail for all surveys, so you can never miss one;

Fees are immediately credited to your balance;

Balance is quickly transferred to your bank account;

The reward per research is not very high (as with Panelclix ), but certainly sufficient.


Opinionland is part of Survey Sampling International and that company has been around for over 30 years. All they do is online market research, with which they are rightfully a specialist. They work with market research agencies together with large and small brands as well as direct manufacturers and other organizations.

The goal is to use their research to improve products and services that you use every day. Because they are active in several countries within and outside Europe, they are also good at mapping differences between cultures and geographic regions.

You are always the expert and specialist. The companies are looking for your opinion and that's why you get paid for it. It is also your chance to make a difference because by sharing your ming you can have an impact on the development of products, services and advertisements.

Opinionland also thinks about Charities, because for every study you make, they support one of your choice. That donation will transfer Opinionland and will not be at the expense of your earnings.

How does it work?

As with most research panels, you can earn money conducting online surveys on a variety of topics. From appliances to advertising, from healthcare to hobbies. You can easily enter this via any device that provides internet access, so on your laptop, tablet or phone. Sometimes you will also receive products at home so that you can try them out.

Registering with Opinion Country is free and without obligation . Once you are registered, we recommend that you fill in the profile characteristics first. This not only immediately earns you your first earnings, but it also ensures that you are invited to the right surveys.

You do not want to receive invitations for surveys for which you later turn out not to be the right target group . Then after just a few questions you will be thrown out of the questionnaire and you will still not receive a reward. So fill in those profile questions and keep them regularly up-to-date.

You will receive the invitation for all surveys in your e-mail, and you can then always know whether you will participate or not. Again, there is no obligation. Of course you only earn money if you participate, but that is logical.

Before you complete a questionnaire you will always see how much the reimbursement is. It's nice to know this in advance. You can also see how long the surveys will take, so that you can estimate whether you think it is worth the reward. Immediately after completing the survey, the reward will be added to your balance.

You save all fees up to a minimum of $ 10, after which you can exchange it for money via PayPal, but you can also opt for gift vouchers. You also automatically participate in a quarterly prize draw where you have a chance to win $ 2000, -

How much do you earn?

As long as you actively participate in many studies, there is plenty to get. We think you can expect at least $ 50 per month in your bank account. It could be even more, especially if you combine it with other survey sites from our Top 10 best surveys sites in the Netherlands.

An additional advantage of Opinion Country is that you can also have the money paid out in gift cards. Because you do not earn money with this that your bank account also comes, you do not have to pay tax from the tax authorities. That just saves you half!

Is Opinion Land reliable?

In our experience it is. We have requested multiple transfers ourselves and the money has always arrived at PayPal without any problems . Hence, always without any effort on our bank account. You can also use it directly from PayPal to pay for things online, which is completely safe.

It is also the case that if you participate in surveys, the reward is immediately allocated to your balance. The site therefore always works real-time.

Opinionland is therefore so good for the members that they pay them the compensation even before they have received it themselves from the organizations for which they themselves conduct the survey. This is certainly not always the case with many other panels. So the answer to the question whether Opinion Country is reliable: double and cross!

Final verdict

Opinion country is one of the better research panels in the Netherlands and we therefore recommend that you register without a doubt . You get the most studies available, and thus one of the best earnings. The portal is modern and everything works well and quickly. They are reliable and pay out quickly. That they also support charities is a nice bonus.