Is Toluna Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Toluna logo / is one of the most famous research panels in Netherlands / Belgium where you can make money.

But is registering yourself really wise ? HELL YES!

You will see that Toluna is one of the better , after Panelclix, the number 2 in the Top 10 of the best paid survey sites !

Yes sorry now we will reveal the rest of this article a bit, but do you want to know more why Toluna is so highly rated and what the rating is of all the important features of this website? Then read on.

In this review:

Negatives and pros

   A lot of surveys to make every day, that deserves nice and fast;

   Excellent compensation per completed survey, which is credited immediately afterwards;

   Good app available with which you can participate even more easily;

   You can redeem your earnings on the Toluna reward page. You can choose a gift, vouchers, or a transfer to your bank account (from $ 30)

   It happens a bit too often to us that we receive an invitation for a questionnaire where after a few questions we turn out not to fall into the target group. Then you are still not allowed to participate ...

About Toluna

Toluna is part of a larger company with a similar name: Toluna Group. Simply explained: The Toluna Group is the research agency, is the website that has a community / panel with 60,000 members on whom they actually conduct the research.

They do the research for large reputable companies, brands, public organizations such as governments, PR agencies and even for individual people / researchers. They use your mind to improve their products and services. Sometimes you can even determine whether a new product idea really comes onto the market, or whether an advertisement actually appears on TV. How cool is that?

How Toluna works

Registering yourself at Toluna is free. And not only does it cost nothing, it also has no obligations. However, the fact that it is without obligation does not mean that you are done with that.

We do recommend that you complete your profile as much as possible after registering. With all the formation you can fill in, you ensure that Toluna can only send you studies that are really intended for you as far as possible.

If this goes wrong, you will see that you do not fall into the target group and after a few questions will be expelled from the questionnaire. A waste of your time and a disappointment too. So mainly fill in and check regularly if everything is still correct.

After you have registered completely, you will automatically receive invitations by e-mail or app to participate in paid surveys. You can also log in to Toluna to see which studies are available to participate in. Moreover, with a login you also see more possibilities to earn money, and you can participate in Polls and Battles or start them yourself (see below).

You are not obliged to participate in studies. Each invitation states how long they will take and what the fee is for completing them. You can decide for yourself whether you have the time and desire at that moment, and whether you think it is worth the reward.

You can fill it in on your computer (desktop or laptop) but usually also on a tablet or telephone (smartphone). Keep in mind that you can only earn points by participating ...

You can then cash in the points you earn with the surveys on the Toluna reward page. There you can have your hard-earned balance paid out in all kinds of different ways. Gifts, gift certificates from web shops such as and a payment to your bank account.

Please note that your points are only temporary and that you do not wait too long to redeem / cash your earnings. Good to know: if you want to calculate in money, 120,000 points are the same as $ 30, which means that 4000 points equals $ 1 (a normal survey will earn you 1200-1600 points).

Polls, Thumbs It or Battles

You can also conduct your own mini-studies at Toluna. This can be done by asking a question to other members. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Poll: a question with a few fixed answers.
  2. Thumbs It: a question with the answer "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" (Top of Flop).
  3. Battle: let people choose from two things that you want to compare

The funny thing is that you can easily share these results on your website or blog.

How much do you earn with it?

Most surveys are as mentioned 1200 or 1600 points, sometimes you also have larger surveys for a higher reward. Especially because you can do so many studies, the earning potential is also great.

We think that with a little effort and good will you can just earn $ 50 per month. And if you also participate well with the other panels that you can find in the Top 10 survey sites in the Netherlands, you can expect an income / extra income of $ 300 to $ 500 per month.

Is Toluna Reliable?

Short answer: yes! Why? The website is modern and works well, there is always a quick and correct check that your balance is correct and your earned rewards are added up immediately.

Also, the payouts are fast and never wrong in our experience. That this runs smoothly is really very important, after all your hard work you don't want to have to nag customer service about your well-deserved reward.

Final verdict

Toluna is a very good website where you can earn good money by completing surveys. You can make this on almost any device, as long as it has internet. You can exchange your earned points for gifts, vouchers and money, the first rewards are possible from a low amount.

Because the fee per survey is fine and you also have a lot of questionnaires to complete, you can earn a lot quickly. The site works well, the app is nice, why are you still reading this? Just become a member! You will only enjoy that :-)

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