Is Panelclix Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Are you thinking about registering yourself with PanelClix NL or PanelClix BE ?

Smart that you have a look at this article first!

Our site is all about all kinds of methods to earn money online, such as by completing paid surveys , for money or coupons .

And we can tell you that Panelclix is ​​the very best research panel in the Netherlands & Belgium in our opinion. The number 1 in our Top 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands !

(NB: if you live in Belgium, check out our top list of the best Belgian survey sites .)

Below you can read why this is the case, including an assessment of all aspects and a review of reliability. In any case, we believe that you are yourself

In this article:

  1. Pros and cons
  2. About Panelclix
  3. How does it work?
  4. How much can you earn?
  5. Is Panelclix reliable?
  6. Conclusion

Plus and minus and

Sign-up bonus of $ 2.55;

Highest reward per completed survey;

Fees are immediately credited to your balance;

Earned points are worth more as your balance increases (see below);

You will not receive an invitation by email for all surveys. This is because Panelclix has so many members (because they are simply the best) that surveys fill up quickly. But if you log in regularly to see if a survey is ready to be completed, you will see that this is often the case! Not a downside, but more of a point of interest / tip to earn more.

About Panelclix

Panelclix itself is a survey site, or research panel. It is part of Euroclix, which was originally a savings program, but now also a cashback site and therefore a research panel. They have existed under the management of iFlavours Ltd since 1999 and were one of the very first in this industry in the Netherlands. Since they still exist, are profitable and have the most active members, it is a sign that it is a successful company that provides value to its members.

They achieved that success all by themselves. Experiences that you can find online with this site are almost all positive and so is our own experience. Reliability is the most important thing for Panelclix and there is a nice, friendly and Dutch customer service. Compared to competitors, they perform better on almost all points. For example, they have higher rewards per survey, the reward is paid immediately and deposited into your account much faster. It is also unique that your balance is worth more and more the more you have saved. You can read this further on. And you already receive a registration bonus upon registration, which is not the case with other sites.

How does it work?

As with all survey sites you can make money by completing research. These are almost always online questionnaires and you can create them on your laptop, tablet or telephone. In it you give your opinion on various matters such as advertisements, new product ideas, politics and much more. Sometimes you can also try out a new product at home or there is a survey by telephone.

These surveys are used by companies to improve their marketing or products and services. Because this pays off, companies are also willing to pay you for it. A win-win situation.

Registering with Panelclix is ​​free and without obligation. How old do you have to be for Panelclix? The minimum age for Panelclix is ​​16 years. There are no other requirements. As soon as you are registered you will immediately receive 150 clix as a starting bonus ($ 2.55).

Then we recommend that you fill in all profile characteristics. Not only will you immediately receive 200 clix for that, but it also ensures that you are invited to the right surveys. You do not want to receive invitations to questionnaires that do not fit within the target group. Then you will often be thrown out of the investigation after a few questions and you will still not receive any compensation. So fill in the characteristics and adjust them periodically if necessary. You will be paid for that once a year!

You will receive the invitations for the surveys by e-mail, and you can then decide for yourself whether or not you have the time and desire to participate. You can know for yourself, there is no obligation. BUT: at Panelclix you are not automatically invited to all surveys. Therefore, check the website regularly to see if a new study is available, then you will earn more money.

Before you start a survey you will always see how much the reimbursement is. That is fair, because then you know in advance how much you will earn with it. Immediately after completing the questionnaire, the reimbursement will be credited to your balance. You save this balance up to a minimum of $ 10, after which you can have it transferred to your own bank account. But as you can see later, it is smart to keep saving before you cash out.

How much can you earn?

You can certainly earn a lot if you regularly check the website yourself whether studies are available. There are often studies with a reward of 50-150 clix, but sometimes up to 500 clix! That is $ 8.50 in one go. That is why you can easily earn a hundred US dollars per month. Especially when you combine it with other survey sites from our Top 10 reliable & best survey sites in the Netherlands .

Another advantage that we mentioned earlier is that your saved clix will become worth more as soon as your balance increases. For example, you can cash out 1000 clix for 10 US dollars (1 cent per click), or with a bonus of up to 70% if you have patience! Other research panels don't have that!

Is Panelclix reliable?

We had already briefly touched on it, but it is precisely the reliability that is the biggest reason that Panelclix has become and remained so successful. We have made numerous transfers ourselves and the balance has always arrived on our account without any problems. In addition, the payment is arranged very quickly, because it is often already transferred within 4 working days!

We also experience that when you participate in questionnaires that the reimbursement is almost always immediately credited to your balance. The technology behind this site is therefore well organized. Panelclix is ​​also so friendly that they pay the rewards to the members even before they have received them themselves from the companies they are conducting the research for. This is certainly not always the case with many of the competitors. Clearly an example that at Panelclix it is mainly about the members, and not just about making money. So the answer to the question of whether Panelclix is ​​reliable: Definitely!


This is of course a winner if you have already read the article. Panelclix NL / Panelclix BE is by far the best research panel in the Netherlands and we recommend that you register immediately. You will receive the highest reimbursements, and therefore the most earnings. The site is very reliable and pays out quickly. You even get a sign-up bonus of $ 2.55 and that is not the case with any other panel.