Collaborate / Advertise


Our conditions & criteria

If you want to work together, we invite you to contact us via our contact form . We are always open to cooperation, as long as it has added value for our visitors.

So come up with a concrete proposal that really means something for people to be smarter with their money, not just to earn from our visitors. That cannot be reconciled with who we are, our vision and mission . We will not respond to requests that do not comply with this.

Therefore, we do NOT :

  • Post paid links. If you have a good site, we will automatically link to you.
  • Link exchange, not even ABC or what so-called SEO "specialists" still recommend these days.
  • Post guest blogs. We like to write our articles ourselves. Content that we receive is often simply not of good quality.
  • Refer to programs or parties that we do not support.
  • Advertise things that have nothing to do with the content they are shown on.

Our reviews

We write reviews as independently as possible, and in principle always based on our own experiences. Do you disagree with something in our written articles? Then we would like to hear a reasoned explanation as to why we should revise our opinion. We recognize it immediately when we are not right.

Would you like to be reviewed? Fine, but we can't promise in advance that it will be completely positive, so make sure you are sure. Again, we care about our visitors, and that they receive honest and unfiltered information.