10 Tips to Save More Money

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more money saving tips

Do you also want more balance on your savings account?

Because that feels good, right?

As a security, or maybe you save for something.

But is it not getting along?

No problem, here are 10 great tips!

In this article:

1. Earning extra

If you want to be able to save more, the most direct way to do that is simply to have more money left at the end of the month. Then you will have to increase your income.

Now we assume that you cannot (too often) continue to ask your boss for a salary increase and that you cannot switch to another job too often for a higher salary. Is a bit crazy about your CV.

So you have to get money in a different way. And did you know that this is actually not that difficult at all? There are plenty of options for this via the internet, making money online is becoming a fairly big concept these days, something also known as working from home.

In our article on extra income you will find the 6 best ways in which you can do this, including direct references to the reliable sites where you can get started right away. What are you going to do?

Think of completing paid surveys , online savings programs , earning cashback and affiliate marketing . With all these tips you can grab hundreds of euros per month, some have even made their work!

2. Lower your expenses

You can also save more money by reducing your expenses. Saving costs can even take less effort than having to earn. But what are good manners for this and where do you start?

We can help you here too. In our handy money saving test you go through a checklist on the basis of 15 simple yes / no questions after which you know exactly where you can save money. And we will immediately send you to the correct settings where you can arrange this, simply via the same laptop or phone on which you are currently reading this.

3. Save windfalls

You will of course receive your standard income every month. Your wages and any allowances. But often you also get extras. This can be part of your job, or sometimes a really unexpected gift . Think of a tax refund, holiday pay, bonuses, tips, 13th month, profit distribution and bills that turn out to be very bad, like those of the energy company.

Instead of putting it directly in your household money, after which it disappears unnoticed, it can help to immediately put this money aside . In principle you did not expect it, so in theory you should not miss it, right?

4. Avoid setbacks

Windfalls are beautiful, setbacks are also very annoying . So always try to prevent it as much as possible, which is often at the expense of your savings account. So do not set the monthly amount for your energy bill too low, for example, and do not request surcharges or a provisional tax refund if there is a chance that you will have to pay it (back) later.

In this area, it is also important to properly maintain all your appliances, home and car, so that you do not suddenly run into even higher costs. Keeping everything tidy regularly can prevent you from suddenly having a super high MOT or having to buy a completely new washing machine. Also, don't drive too fast because fines are a shame.

5. Save automatically

Saving unnoticed can help if you forget otherwise or spend your money too quickly or easily. Because if it is not on your checking account, you cannot spend it “accidentally” . So create an automatic transfer right after you get your salary so you don't even get a chance to squander it! At some point you will not even notice it anymore.

6. Go for the highest interest

Great once you have savings, but that is what it says on that account. In fact, it only becomes worth less as long as you don't do anything with it. So make sure you get good interest.

You can find out where you can get the best interest in our savings interest comparator . This way you make sure that your money works a little for you.

7. Get more out of your savings

But to be fair, the interest is so low nowadays (at the time of writing the highest interest is not a 1% ...) that inflation still causes your money to actually be worth less . So it is smart to look at other options to get the most out of your assets.

Investing is an option here, for example in shares. Then choose the best investment account in NL at Binck Bank , with low costs and good service & training (thus voted best broker 15 times in various elections).

But CFD Trading is also a good option or Cryptocurrency . Alternatively, you can also use the money to invest in your own home. And then really to make it worth more, or to make it more sustainable.

The latter concern, incidentally, often also for an increase in value and you can often do with subsidies. Request a free and non-binding quote for solar panels , cavity wall insulation and floor insulation . This will also save you money on your heating and energy costs.

8. Don't save too much

That sounds crazy, doesn't it? Maybe it is a far cry from your bed show, but if you also save more than $ 30,000 (2018) or $ 30,360 (2019) per person (so as a tax partner you can have double), then you suddenly have to pay wealth tax, also known as capital gains tax.

And since this can add up to 1.61% tax, which is many times higher than the interest that you are now likely to receive on your savings account, it actually means that your money is rapidly losing value! Then it is better to come up with an alternative to this balance, as we described above.

9. Keep it fun

What you shouldn't do is be too hard on yourself. Because then saving will be difficult and there will automatically come a moment when you think to yourself: “Never mind” . And once that happens, the end is gone.

Allow yourself to jump out of the band every now and then, for example to enjoy a luxurious dinner. You only live once, of course.

10. Come up with a goal

To maintain your motivation, it can also help to link a goal to your saving behavior. What amount will reach you and what are you going to use?

A new car? A world trip? Pay off your mortgage in full? Buying a holiday home? You can't come up with it that bad, but it does help you to have a visual aim. Every time you wonder why you actually do it all, this immediately comes to the surface.