Saving money as a Student

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Are you a student or pupil?

And do you have little money like many of your fellow sufferers?

But do you still want to be able to save some money?

That can be tricky indeed.

But no longer with the tips that we are going to teach you!

In this article:

1. Earning extra online

To save more money, you really just have to make sure that you have money left over every month. It's that simple, because you can transfer that amount to your savings account. But student life is quite expensive, and you often don't have much income .

Especially now that your student finance is also completely a loan, you also want to incur as little study delay as possible. Because a student debt turns out to be quite difficult with a mortgage application ... So standing behind the bar at the study association all night long or taking a gap year for a working holiday in Bali, for example, are not really an option.

That is why we would like to tell you that there is a very easy way to raise more money! You can easily earn extra via the internet. We have put together top 4 ways for you on our page about making money easily .

The great thing is that you can apply these methods on any device with internet, so you can even do some extra work via your smartphone on the train or bus to college! Our favorite, incidentally, is filling out surveys for money , which means you can easily grab a few hundred US dollars a month.

2. Free money: always a discount at 2000+ web shops

Earning extra is all well and good, but what about free money? Yes it really exists! There is a way in which you can get a refund on all your purchases at more than 2000 online stores. Yes - at all the big well-known names where you can now buy all your stuff such as, Wehkamp and Coolblue. Yes - in addition to valid promotions and offers. Yes - it costs you nothing and you can start right away!

In other words: if you don't do this, you are actually leaving money behind! We call this cashback shopping. You always get a discount at web shops and all you have to do is register with a cashback site, preferably the best in the Netherlands: Euroclix . They give the highest cashback discount and are the most reliable.

If you want to know exactly how it works and what other good cashback sites are, we would like to refer you to our page earn money with cashback . There you will find more information about the process and why you can actually get this money just like that. You will be surprised how simple it is, because you don't have to do anything! And it just earns you $ 1000 per year!

3. Spend less: smart money saving test

Okay, now you are already earning extra money via the internet and you also get free money in the form of cashback. But we are not there yet, because we have a total of $ 10,000 in tips for you to save on your costs!

Indeed, ten thousand US dollars a year, that's a nice amount, isn't it? That probably sounds like you have to put in a lot of effort and that it is quite difficult to get everything arranged, but it is not at all. At least not if you use our smart money saving test .

On the basis of 15 short yes / no questions , you will find out where you could all save money. And we immediately add the links to the websites where you can directly arrange that saving, because why wait? That will only cost you pennies!

4. Tips for saving more money

Those were 3 super useful tips to get you started. But we have a lot more information and options for you. This website is all about all kinds of ways to use money smarter.

That is why we would like to point out some interesting articles. Maybe you don't have the time to read all of this now, what you have an exam soon, or you should really start on your thesis. but we recommend that you do this soon!

10 tips to save more money, for example, gives just a little more specific saving tips. Also think of things like comparing savings interest and savings accounts and that at some point you also have to stop wanting to save too much. Because yes you can also save too much, then you better look at 7 Alternatives for saving money because then you get a lot more out of your money.

Earning money as a student delves just a little deeper into the subject of how students and pupils can earn extra online. Here we explain in more detail all the methods, how they work and what the advantages and disadvantages are. You can still decide for yourself which one you want to use. Of course we will tell you which ones will yield the most, but you also have to like it a bit because otherwise it will turn out to be difficult.

Saving money as a student does the same, but then reducing costs. Here we will specifically discuss a number of the larger costs that an average student has, and how you can do something about it. Just like in the money saving test, we always refer you directly to the place / website to arrange the savings immediately.