4 x Saving Money for Car Tips

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save for your dream car

The car of your dreams , what a great thing to save for!

But a car is a major investment, you may need $ 50,000 ...

How do you get that done? And preferably it does not take too long.

We have some good tips for you.

In this article:

Savings goal: how much money do you need?

The first step towards your dream car is determining what you need to be able to buy it. The exact amount + when you want to achieve this has repercussions on the other points and tips that we will discuss below.

In the end you can get any amount saved, if you only have enough time ... but in ten years you may have another dream car or the car you want now will not even be made anymore! So our advice is mainly about how to reach your savings goal faster.

Choose the best account (and interest)

The first thing is to choose the right form of savings. On the one hand, you naturally want the highest interest, because then you save faster, but on the other hand you have to be able to withdraw the money when you go to buy the car. So you shouldn't fix it (too long).

In the overview above you can see live / real-time the best interest rates for a normal savings account at the moment. If you click on “all interest rates”, you can also compare internet savings and deposits on savings interest. They often offer an even higher percentage, but pay close attention to the conditions! A deposit can have a (too) long term in which you cannot withdraw the money, and other types of savings accounts will charge a fine if you take money from it in the first few years.

Tip: within Europe / the EU you can easily save online at banks in other countries with extra good interest. You can always fall back on the international deposit guarantee system that protects you up to $ 100,000. You do not run any risk up to that amount, because even if the bank falls, you will get your money back from the government. So you do not have to be wary of an account in, say, Latvia, just grab that high interest!

Tips for saving faster

If you want to save more, you simply have to make sure that you have more money that you can put aside. So you want to make sure that as much as possible is left in your account at the end of the month, after you have paid all your bills. You do this by earning extra or reducing your costs.

Earning extra money on the internet

The most direct way to save faster is to make more money. But how do you go about that, if it had been that simple you would have known. Or not? Because it is indeed very simple to make money via the internet. Just a few hundred US dollars a month!

For example, by completing surveys for money , or through cashback shopping or online savings programs . Basically all free money! Doesn't even have to take you a lot of time. Read all the good methods in the article making money on the internet . We also apply these ways and have tested all the sites we recommend for you.

Save on expenses

Another option is to cut back so that you have more to put aside. You will be surprised how much money you are now spending unnecessarily! And especially how quickly you can make up for this. Use our money saving test for this , in which we guide you step by step through all the costs of a normal Dutch household.

Each time we tell you how you can reduce this costs and we immediately refer you to the organization or website where you can arrange this immediately. It could have happened right? In total we give you tips that keep more than $ 10,000 per year in your wallet!

Borrow or save for a car?

A question that we see more often. There are many people who do not have the patience or time to save for a car, but simply take out a loan for it. Nothing wrong with that, but do you realize that that car will actually only cost you more! Of course you also pay interest .. On the other hand, you will have your new cart at the door much earlier!

Please note that taking out a loan directly from the dealer / car seller is actually almost always more expensive than taking out a loan online yourself. You can also choose to borrow partly for the rest to use your savings, of course, that saves a bit of the costs, but it also takes a little less time to achieve the goal.

Suppose you are indeed going to borrow (partly), then you have to choose the right type of loan. In the overview above you always see the best loan interest at the moment. If you click on “all loan rates” you can even compare loans specifically for a car. That way you know for sure that you have the best deal. In principle, this is always a personal loan because of the benefits and properties of that product.

Would you rather have an expert take a look with you when applying for the right loan, or getting the best (lowest) interest? Then you can call in the help of Credit Spotter . They have been experts in taking out the most suitable loan in the Netherlands for many years. Requesting a quote will cost you nothing anyway! Then you can always put it next to your own comparison for checking.