6 x Fun Savings: this way it won't be a hassle

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Saving money quickly starts to feel like an obligation. Something that hinders you .

As soon as you get that feeling, you will see that it becomes more difficult to save enough.

It's going to be against you .

And that is a shame, because a filled savings account is extremely valuable.

That is why we give you all kinds of tips in this article to make it more fun !

In this article:

1. Savings account with the highest interest

The best thing about saving is to see that you get a return on it in the form of savings interest. This way you can see your capital grow without doing anything! Then it is nice to have the best possible interest, because that amount is also higher. Nowadays you can easily compare interest rates, use the overview below.

This is because the latest status of the top 5 interest rates is always live . You can immediately surf to the providers for more information or to open the account immediately. You can also click through to “all savings interest” to compare more specifically on, for example, only deposits or internet savings. Taking out online is very easy and arranged in no time.

2. Save for your dreams ...

The most obvious way to make saving more enjoyable is by attaching a specific and concrete goal to it. If you know what you are saving for, it also becomes tangible and easier to work towards your goal.

So save yourself for a cool holiday (world trip) or your dream car, make this clear to yourself to remind you every time why you keep all that money aside (and not now spend on things that might to be?).

Stick a photo of your savings goal on the fridge, or set the background of your laptop or tablet to a beautiful photo of a landscape in the country you want to visit so badly. You always have the anticipation for what you work so hard for!

It helps to open a separate account for each goal. Then you can see exactly how far you are from each individual goal. At most banks you can do this very easily in internet banking!

3. But also for a buffer

Of course you have to save to realize your dreams, but don't forget that it is very important to have a buffer for unforeseen costs . Think of your washing machine that breaks, or even something much more expensive such as your car or boiler! That can run into the tens of thousands of euros.

You can enter a buffer calculator via Nibud. You will be shocked by the outcome of how much you should actually have in your savings account with a family. You can fill it in via this link . Only takes a few minutes but is very enlightening

But saving for a buffer isn't fun at all, is it? Well, actually! It gives you a lot of peace of mind to know that you are well prepared for everything. Certainly even when things unfortunately go wrong, then you immediately know: we can have this.

4. Save for your child

This is actually a combination of the two pieces above. Saving for your child is kind of a necessity because they simply cost money, especially when she goes to college. On the other hand, isn't it the best thing in the world if your child can help make his or her wishes come true? That is even better than your own dream!

Indeed, it is great to be able to say to your child: "don't worry about your driver's license, it has already been saved!" Or to be able to give a nice amount at the first house and at a wedding. This gives them a flying start to build their own life and finances.

Here too it is smart to save in a separate account. Be sure to read our article best savings account to save for a child . Also via the widget above with the highest interest rates at the moment, you can click through “all interest rates” to a specific savings account for children.

5. Keep track of your savings balances

What also works well is to see the fruits of your labor. So keep track of the balances of your savings account (s) so that you can see how they grow over time. If that doesn't make you feel good, then we don't know anymore!

It works especially well here to make it visual, for example a simple graph in Excel. Although many banks also have certain functionalities for this in the apps. You also often see a level of how much interest you have already accrued this year in the meantime, so you know a little bit about what to expect with the payment thereof.

6. Challenge yourself to put aside as much as possible

Are you enthusiastic about keeping track of your balance and the growth you see? Then this is a good one for you too! To really challenge yourself, we also have a cool savings challenge for you! With this we help you not only to save, but to actually do as much as possible!

Of course we give all kinds of tips in the challenge to help you. This way you save more and you reach your goals earlier. And that works best in the end, if you already achieve 1 goal, you are extra motivated to also achieve the next.

That's why some additional tips so quickly at the end: keep your goals realistic . We also want to become a millionaire, but that is not really feasible. Ultimately, that will only demotivate you more instead of motivate you.