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best savings account with highest interest

When you open a savings account, the interest you get on it is perhaps the most important point to look at.

Because the interest on savings ensures that your money does not lose value as a result of inflation. And once the interest rate exceeds inflation, your money becomes worth even more.

But there are more characteristics to take into account, such as the type of savings and conditions.

We give you the most important points to choose the right account, including an overview of the highest interest rates at the moment!

In this article:

1. Compare interest

You can easily compare interest rates yourself. We keep them constantly for you! In the overview below you always see live the best interest deals of the moment. This overview is real-time. You can click directly to the providers for more information and take out directly online.

If you click on “all loan interest”, you can also start a more targeted comparison for, for example, a certain type of savings such as saving for a child or only comparing deposits against each other. More on that below, why this is important to consider as well.

2. Savings forms

The way in which you save can make a lot of difference in the interest you receive, but also affect the options and flexibility. As soon as there are more conditions with a savings account, you usually get a higher interest. The most famous form of this is a deposit, in which you basically lock your money for a predetermined period of time. You cannot record it then. The longer this period, the higher the interest.

But there are more things to consider: are you saving for a child? Do you pay withdrawal fees? Do you have a monthly contribution? Is it not an account but a savings insurance? Does the account / institution fall under the deposit guarantee scheme, or from the Netherlands or European?

So do not just focus on the interest and read the rules carefully. Even the small rules ... To highlight the savings insurance, for example: you get a good interest here, but it is not an account that you can access. If the insured person dies in the meantime, there will be no benefits and the money will have disappeared ...

3. Foreign savings account

You will see in the comparison that there are not only Dutch banks among them, but also those abroad. Now you have the certainty in the Netherlands that you will always get back up to $ 100,000 in savings in the event of bankruptcy of the bank where you save. Either you are the first creditor to the bankruptcy trustee, or the government will pay you back.

In fact, all countries outside the Netherlands have the same regulations , but you have to submit the requirement in that country. Countries where interest rates are currently high also offer you that certainty, from Portugal and the Czech Republic, to Estonia and Latvia. Basically the entire EU.

4. Tips for saving more

Great, you have now found the best savings account! But now it is time to get a nice balance on that as well… maybe you already have a considerable amount that you can transfer, but saving more is always good, right? You can only have it on hand.

We have also written an article in which we give tips on how to save more . Read this through, you will be surprised how easy it can be to save more without much hassle. Even without having to consciously give up on things! Just make some smart choices and you're done.

5. Alternatives to saving

Saving gives you a safe place for your money, but due to the low interest rates, the risk is very high that your money will lose value due to inflation. Maybe you want to put your money to work so that you make a good return? You can also make money work for you.

Be sure to read our article 7 alternatives to saving , in which we give you some great options for doing this. There is probably one that suits your preferences or goals. It varies from realizing smart savings to investing.

6. How much should you save?

You save for several reasons. This way you can save for a big cause, such as a dream vacation, a boat or car that you would like to have in X years. But basically, saving is also very good for a financial buffer . For when your washing machine breaks down, or your car ... it's nice that you can replace / repair it. Nibud has a buffer calculator , it will scare you how much is actually recommended to have on hand. Soon tens of thousands of euros for a family!

Please note that your savings, also abroad, count towards your assets. This from Box 3 with your tax return. As soon as this capital exceeds roughly $ 30,000, you will have to pay capital gains tax. Incidentally, this may be twice as much as a partner. But even then, if you come up and you have to pay, that is of course a shame. And the tax authorities really show no mercy… Then you can think again about the alternatives for saving money described above.