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We do not use cookies to make this website work properly. This is not necessary at all! What we do do is analyze the behavior of our visitors. As soon as you have arrived on our site, this will take effect. This means that we use Google Analytics to check which pages you visit and how long you are on a page, for example. In this tool, your IP address and your device type are usually also automatically noted. However, we have chosen not to do this and have your IP address anonymized. This is not necessary for our objectives, because we will not bombard you with remarketing or advertisements.

We therefore do not process privacy-sensitive data. In addition, as prescribed by the AVG / GDPR, we have concluded a processor agreement with Google for the processing of data in Google Analytics and Gmail.

We take your privacy very seriously. We do not ask you for your personal information or anything like it. This is only the case if you want to contact us via the contact form , because we ask for an e-mail address. This is only to be able to reply to you. This e-mail address will not be stored, used for commercial purposes and certainly not shared with others. All created messages go directly to our email address of Gmail and your data is sent encrypted because we use an SSL certificate (shown by the https at the beginning of our web pages and the green lock).

We will delete your email and data as soon as we have answered them. You can also ask us to do this via the contact form. The sole purpose of the contact form is that you can ask us your question so that we can provide you with an answer.