6 x Saving money for a trip or vacation

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Are you going on a long trip or a long vacation?


Or do you finally want to make that world trip, but do you still have to save for it?

We will help you.

These tips will help you get on the plane as quickly as possible and with as much pocket money as possible!

Or on the train, boat, bicycle ... you know if you need to walk ... :-)

In this article:

1. Know your goal

Step 1 is to determine the goal. How much money do you need for your trip? Think of all costs here , from tickets to accommodation and food. And even if you go to work while on vacation, you also remember that setbacks can occur, so make sure you have a buffer.

Also important in addition to a desired amount: when should you have this together? Have you already booked, or do you still have to do so? When are you leaving? Or do you just want to pack your bags as soon as possible?

As soon as you have the amount and the deadline, you can also start working towards it. That helps to discipline yourself and to achieve the goal. And it is also motivating to see you getting closer!

2. Choose a good savings account

Before you actually start, we would like to recommend that you use a separate account for your travel money. And of course you open one with a high interest rate, so that you get more free returns ! Below you can see the highest savings interest rates at the moment. It is a real time / live overview. You can click directly to the providers to close.

Via “all savings interest” you can compare interest rates even more specifically for targeted forms of savings, such as savings accounts with additional conditions or deposits. The latter is only useful if your holiday / trip will take place in more than 1 or a few years, by the way.

3. Save faster

Okay, you know your goal and you've opened a good savings account. Time to collect a lot of money as soon as possible . But how are you going to pot that up? If it was that easy to raise a hefty amount you wouldn't have read this ...

You simply have to make sure that you can save more. So, that you keep as much as possible every month after you have made your expenses. So more room in your finances. And that works both ways: you either increase your income or you reduce your costs. That seems simple right?

For most of us this is unfortunately quite a hassle. That is why we are going to give you a lot of good tricks about that. Because it is actually quite easy… you just have to know where to start. That's why here are tips about it now!

4. Earn more

Whether you are a high school student, student, full-time employed or stay-at-home mother or father, anyone can make money on the internet . And no, we don't mean that you have to sell all your stuff via Marktplaats. You don't even need any special skills or talent. We have roughly collected 6 reliable ways for you to start today.

You can divide them into two categories. 3 easy ways and 3 slightly more challenging ways. With the first category you should think of completing surveys and online savings programs , with which you can generate a few hundred US dollars per month.

The other 3 ways are a bit less simple and require a little more work, but we have a lot more potential. This way you can earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing , so much so that you can make it your job.

And the funny thing is that even during your tour / vacation time you can still earn extra with these six methods. As long as you can go online via WiFi or something, it will be fine. Your phone will go with you in your backpack right ?!

5. Spend less

Another way to keep more is to lower your expenses . And there are really endless ways to do that. So much so that we really aren't going to ask to go through all of our blogs one by one. Because then you will miss your flight ...

No we made it easy for you. On our overview page with all our saving tips you can look up per category how you can save on those costs. This is especially useful if you already know what costs you incur / want to reduce.

If you are not yet sure where you want or can take profit, then you should take our money saving test . It consists of only 15 short questions that you answer with yes or no. You are then immediately pointed out how you can limit the various expenses of a normal Dutch family.

From loose publications to fixed costs, everything comes along. There are immediately links to the relevant authorities to arrange it directly , because the sooner you do that, the sooner you can save more.

Don't forget that you can also save a lot during your holiday. For example, you can always rent out your home during a longer trip and it can be smart to simply cancel other ongoing charges. While you're away, you don't need a car, and neither do your internet and TV.

6. Finally

We would like to warn you about the growing number of vague websites that promise you that you will become a millionaire in the shortest time by, for example, investing. Investing online in Cryptocurrency or CFD Trading is really not something you should walk away from in advance, but it is also not a way with which you will save an amount with certainty. Certainly not in the short term. So be careful who you believe.

We hope our tips will help you get out quickly. And if you want to: also to be able to stay away as long as possible. Anyway, enjoy it and have a nice trip / vacation! Don't forget to vaccinate and apply ;-)