5 x Saving Money with a Small Budget / Income

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save with a small budget or income

If you don't receive much money in the month,

then you cannot just put something aside in your savings account.

Yet you can still build up a nice piggy bank.

We give you tips how.

And everyone can apply it today!

In this article:

1. Have more money left over

You normally save with the money that you have left over at the end of the month, after all costs have been paid. But with a somewhat lower income, that is of course just a little less broad. Because there is less available to love at all! And yet you can still work on that.

There are quite a few ways in which you can spend less money and even do more with less. We are happy to write on this site about the subject of “saving money”. We have now collected so many tips that you can potentially save as much as $ 10,000 on an annual basis. So that's a nice piggy bank!

But you really don't have to go through all our blog articles to find out for yourself what all those tips are. Then you will be busy for a few days, namely ... No, we have summarized everything very conveniently in two different ways:

1. If you already know where you want to save, it is best to use this overview page with all our saving tips . There they are ordered by category. For example, saving on energy or saving on car costs, etc. There will then be several advice and then you can decide for yourself which one you prefer to apply.

2. But if you do not yet know what you want to save on, but you want to make a big difference, you can take our money saving test . In this you go through a checklist in which you are guided step by step through all the costs that an average family / household in the Netherlands has to pay. And of course we will immediately indicate how you can reduce it. Including link to the website or organization to arrange it immediately.

2. Earning extra budget

Now that you have taken a critical look at your expenses and costs, it is time for the next step. Saving already helps, of course, but on the other hand you can also try to ensure that more money comes in . Because even then you will have more available to save with. But that seems such an impossible task, because do you have to ask your boss for a raise or something?

No, it is not! At least, you can certainly try it. But you can also take matters into your own hands ! It is super simple to earn money online yourself. You just need the internet, and it works on your phone, laptop, tablet and computer. You can even start today.

Via the link above you will see that we recommend 6 reliable ways to do this. They vary in difficulty and therefore also in how much you earn with them. This ranges from a few tens to a few hundred US dollars per month. Think of completing paid surveys or earning cashback . But if you really do your best, you can even make it your job! For example, by earning from affiliate marketing .

3. Make interest work for you

No matter how much you save, little or very much, it is always important to find a good savings account for that. And that is especially one with high interest . This ensures that your balance continues to increase automatically without you having to do anything.

In the overview below you can see live / real-time the best savings interest deals of the moment. You can click directly to the providers to read more information and to close online. These are providers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Via “all savings interest” you can even more specifically compare savings accounts on, for example, the conditions or only a certain type of account such as deposits or savings for a child.

When choosing the right account, think carefully about the conditions. For example, you get a lot more interest if you lock your money for a period, but then you cannot access it in the meantime. Or you pay a fine. That must be worth it. In addition, higher interest rates are often available abroad, such as Spain and the Baltic States. Then keep in mind that you are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme up to $ 100,000, but only within the EU!

4. Not saving but investing?

Savings accounts have a limited return. So a low interest rate. But you could alternatively make a higher profit by investing. Investing in P2P loans, for example, quickly yields 4% in the Netherlands , and up to 19% abroad. And you can do this from 1 US dollar, so with a small budget.

There is of course a risk here because otherwise it would not be investing, but it can be worthwhile to get more out of your money. That's how you make it work for you. But only do it with money you can spare! There are, by the way, even more alternatives to saving .

5. Do the savings challenge

Do you want to challenge yourself to really save as much as possible? For example, because you pursue a certain goal or just think it is a shame that your money disappears into unclear expenditure? Then take part in our savings challenge !

In principle, you will not start with more tips than above, but you will consciously always take steps to continuously increase the monthly amount that you save. Every month. This way you will see your savings increase faster and faster .