Highest Deposit Interest in Europe

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highest deposit interest in europe

Do you want to improve your savings?

In other words, do you want to get a maximum interest on it?

And doesn't it matter to lock it up for a period?

Then a deposit is the perfect solution!

And within Europe you are always insured of your money up to $ 100,000, so there is no risk .

In this article:

Finding the highest interest

You can easily find, compare and close deposits online yourself. The overview below shows the best interest rates at the moment. So the highest… this is live / realtime. Pay attention! These are the regular interest rates / regular savings accounts. Via the button “all loan interest” you can click through to an overview with the latest deposit interest. You can then easily request and open the relevant account online.

You will see that there are a lot of deposits from other countries. We will explain below why they offer better interest rates. In any case, don't let this deter you, you are always protected by the European Deposit Guarantee System. We will also explain this further below, but in any case it means that you can never lose your money up to 100,000 US dollars .

Why is interest higher abroad?

In many countries the interest is higher than in NL . Consider, for example, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy and the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. But how is that possible? The answer is simple.

In these countries ALL interest rates are higher. So also the interest on a loan, mortgage, etc. That means that the banks can also earn more with the money they have. So it is no problem for them to also pay a higher interest to their savers.

In the Netherlands, for example, the maximum loan interest is set by the AFM at 14% (12% credit fee + 2% statutory interest). Lenders such as banks are not allowed to ask for more. In the above countries, however, this can easily be 20% and on short-term loans even 50% or higher!

These are often also countries with emerging economies. The investment climate is therefore more favorable, so that more profit and return can also be made on investments and investments. The same principle therefore applies here: the bank makes more profit, and can therefore also pay more interest to savers to obtain money that they can lend again.

Save platform Raisin

Easy online savings in Europe is made easy by Raisin. This platform gives you easy access to multiple banks where you can usually get the highest deposit rates in Europe, currently: BFF Banking Group, BlueOrange Bank, Euram Bank, Inbank, J&T Banka, Alior Bank and COOP Bank.

You can use this for free and manage your savings clearly at several banks in several countries. You only have to register once and go through the identification process. You can then compare all deposit rates and open them without further steps or paperwork.

Joining starts a deposit of 2,000 US dollars and 5,000 US dollars you get from ascending a sign up bonus of up to 100 US dollars. You can choose from deposits of 6 months to 10 years with a fixed term. You can decide for yourself how you distribute your money.

Advantages & disadvantages deposit

A deposit is a savings account where you and for predetermined time securing money. Because this gives the bank certainty that they will have access to the money during that time, they give a much higher interest for it. This makes this a risk-free way to make a return on your savings, even without doing anything for it.

European Deposit Guarantee Scheme

As long as you stay in Europe with your savings and keep it in an account of a recognized bank, you fall under the protection of the deposit guarantee scheme. Although the name suggests otherwise, this is not a joint scheme of the EU or something similar, but all countries / members have their own guarantee scheme.

These are all very similar, however, because agreements have been made about them. This way you are always protected up to a maximum of one hundred thousand US dollars ($ 100,000). This means that you will get your money back if the bank unexpectedly goes bankrupt. And then you also get it within max. 20 days.

This amount is per account holder. If you have the account in two names, you will get double back if you have that much money. It also applies per bank. So if you have several accounts in one long, you will receive that fee for each account (per holder) and not in total the maximum 100,000 US dollars.

We can therefore say that saving within Europe is very safe . These strict regulations were created as a result of, among other things, the Icesave affair. In addition, many Dutch people had savings deposits with this Icelandic bank that went bankrupt. Until then, the warranty was a lot lower at 20,000 US dollars. It was also so low within the Netherlands.

The scheme is overseen by the national banks (such as the DNB in ​​NL) and this means that banks must always have a certain amount of money available in case they go bankrupt. This way they cannot get into money problems like in the case of a bank run. This also happened at the Agree Bank in 2009. Despite the bankruptcy, anyone with a savings balance of up to 100,000 could be repaid.