How do you save the fastest? Well like this:

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how do you save the fastest

Nice and nice that save,

Could it be a little faster ?

Because it is of course motivating to come up with a savings goal,

But you have to reach it sometime, and preferably a little quickly !

We only live once right?

In this article:

1. Let your savings do it yourself

The most important thing to do if you want to save faster is to open a good savings account. We mean one with the highest possible interest! This is because your balance grows automatically , without you having to do anything for it. If you take an account with an unnecessarily low interest rate, then you are in fact missing out on free money!

In the overview above you will find the highest savings interest rates at the moment. Yes really now, realtime / live ! You can click directly to the providers and apply online. Via “all loan rates” you can compare even more specifically on, for example, internet savings or savings with additional conditions and deposits.

We encourage you to take a good look at it, because with a few more conditions you often get a much better interest deal! But then you have to be okay with the limitations. For example, it works well to lock up your money for a while, such as 5 or 10 years, but that has to fit your picture.

Speaking of deposits, because these are called accounts where your money is held for longer, which you can also open very well outside the Netherlands. Then you are still protected by the deposit guarantee system up to 100,000 US dollars, but you often get an exponentially better interest rate.

Read about this in our article the highest deposit interest in Europe . This can give you a lot of extra return.

2. Free up more money

Of course you are not going to make big strides with interest alone. After all, you only receive interest on money that you first have to deposit yourself… No, you will have to set aside most of your savings yourself. By the way, by agreeing to make monthly additional payments for a minimum amount you can often get a higher interest!

But how do you ensure that every month you have as much as possible with which you can save at all? The answer on paper is very simple: You have to keep as much of it as possible after your income has come in. But in practice that is of course not that easy because you also have to pay for your life.

You can influence the amount of money you have available for your savings account in two ways . 1) you increase your income, or 2) you decrease your expenses. Again easier said than done, isn't it? That's why we're going to give you some more tips about this:

3. Limit expenses

We start with saving. This is the most direct thing you can do. And also the most logical first step, because it prevents unnecessary money from disappearing from your wallet.

We have written many tips about this, where the starting point should always be to not necessarily have to leave something. We will therefore not advise you to do less fun things, to buy less expensive groceries, not to go on vacation, etc.

No, we prefer that you save on other things so that you can, and perhaps more often , enjoy the things that make life pleasant. An extensive dinner, a day out with the children or a night at the cinema.

Our tips are therefore mainly about doing more with less money . Then you will automatically spend less money and you will therefore have more money left . In total we have so many smart tips that you can save 10,000 US dollars per year with it.

But you don't have to look them up all separately. Just take our money saving test , in which you go through all the cost items of an average Dutch family in a number of short questions and you are always presented with a number of ways to reduce them.

Or do you already know which costs you want to reduce? Great, take a look at our overview page with saving tips . There you will find all the tips per category, such as saving on energy or saving on car costs to give a few examples.

4. Increase income

Reducing costs is a good first step, but with extra income you can achieve much more . But how are you going to do that, ask your boss for a raise? Take a second job, such as a paper route early in the morning before you go to your full-time office job?

No dude, you can easily earn money via the internet ! Reliable, simple and fast. Even without any knowledge, risk or investment . And with that you can bring in a few hundred US dollars a month or much more. And you can start with it even today.

We are talking about, for example, completing surveys for money or earning money with your social media . And it pays to use the multiple methods side by side at the same time, because then you only earn more.

Methods such as affiliate marketing and starting your own website require a little more time, because you usually do not start earning (a lot) immediately, but in the short term the potential here is unlimited . Enough people have already become their own boss or even millionaires through that way!

5. Savings challenge

Completely motivated after reading this article? Then we might have an even better challenge for you, literally… take part in our savings challenge ! With that we will push you to really save as much as possible and go to the limit.