10 Savings Ideas for Smart Savings

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smart saving ideas

Do you want to save smartly ?

Good plan that you look for advice!

Because you can probably get more out of it than you do now.

And then you have your savings goal in sight faster.

Just with a few ideas , tricks and rules of thumb for inspiration.

Here they come ...

In this article:

1. Interest, interest, interest!

Truly smart and intelligent saving always starts with a good savings account. And of course that is the one with the highest interest. Why? Well then you will get more return on your balance, which will automatically make it worth more . Without you having to do anything. In the overview below you will find the best savings interest rates at the moment (live / real-time).

Via the button “all savings interest” you can compare even more specifically, for example only deposits or internet savings. There you will also find higher interest rates than those you see in the table here, but then there are often conditions attached to it, such as a time to lock up your money, etc. You have to think carefully about that.

2. Come up with savings goal (s)

Especially since being able to agree to conditions has to do with your goal. If you need your money in 2 years' time, you should not lock it up for 5 years for a higher interest ... But that is not the only reason to carefully consider why you are saving.

With a good savings goal, or even several, you can very well visualize why you are doing it. That motivates. Saving requires quite a bit of discipline ! And if you can always remember that all your efforts will yield you that wonderful world trip in some time, then it will go a lot smoother. You will notice that with the other eight tips that are still to come.

3. Earning extra

How much you can save just depends on how much you earn. And when your boss to go ask a store because you want to buy your dream car a few years ... yeah. How do you think he will react?

But you can also easily provide some extra income yourself. Because now you can earn very good money through the internet . Without any knowledge or effort. Just an email address and a device with internet (telephone, tablet or laptop are all possible) and you can get started. Really just a few hundred euros per month, we give you some reliable methods.

4. Limit costs

But it goes beyond your earnings. In fact, even about how much you have left over at the end of the month ! Because only that can you transfer to the savings account.

So in addition to earning, you can also boost this amount by spending less. But how do you go about that? Well, read our tips on how to spend less money article.

In total we have collected more than $ 10,000 in tips on this site about saving / cutting back money. You can find this clearly on the collection page saving tips , or take our handy money saving test .

5. Take the windfalls

Sometimes it is financially unfortunate . You get money back from the tax authorities, your energy company, win a prize or receive an extra bonus.

Whatever it is, even a legacy, immediately set it aside . If you throw it on the big pile, you can be sure that you are using it up for groceries or the fixed costs and then that money disappears like snow in the sun.

6. Overcome setbacks

On the other hand, it can also go against the grain . The washing machine breaks down, the boiler or even worse: the car! And there must be a new one.

It is also good to save for this. Then you can absorb that blow. So provide a buffer for setbacks. Then you do not have to take out a loan for it, it only costs you extra money!

But also keeping your belongings well maintained, such as giving your car a service regularly and keeping your house tidy can also prevent larger jobs and thus costs. So do that.

Do not apply for too many surcharges or if you consciously set your monthly amount for gas and light a little higher, then the final invoices will always be better.

7. Save with a rhythm

We already talked about discipline above. You have to keep yourself in check to keep saving properly. It helps stability.

For example, you can automatically set a fixed amount to be transferred to your savings accounts every month. Can't you "forget" it either.

And who also do this the day after your salary is received. Then it is already an extra step to take it off again and spend it on something that is not necessary, or you do not spend it unnoticed!

8. Make your savings work for you

You have to choose the best possible interest for your savings, we already told you at point 1. But you can make even more profit on that amount, read our article 7 safe alternatives to saving .

You can get much more out of your savings and even a multiple of the interest, but you have to give something for that.

9. Don't save more than “necessary”.

That sounds crazy, doesn't it? But in reality it is. Because the moment you have more savings than roughly $ 30,000 per person (60k as a couple) then you have to pay wealth tax. Or rather, capital gains tax.

So do not save more than that amount if that is not necessary, because then it will cost you money. Then you better look at a number of options of the above-mentioned alternatives for saving.

10. Keep enjoying it

Perhaps this is the most important tip, although you might not think so right now. But especially if you have a high savings goal, you are not there just like that.

In order to maintain that long enough and to continue saving fun and enthusiastically, you also have to allow yourself to enjoy life.

So does eating out, going to the cinema or weekend getaway. Are you crazy you only live once. Tomorrow you will walk under a bus for the same money. We have given you plenty of other tips to save, you don't have to skimp!