This way you save a ton in 5 steps

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tons of money

A ton, or $ 100,000, - ... One hundred thousand US dollars.

That's a lot of money. Just try to save that together.

You would think that will take a while?

But with these tips it just becomes realistic (er).

In this article:

1. Open a good savings account

Many people don't think about this step and just use their normal savings account with their current bank. Nothing wrong with that, just get there probably by far not the best possible interest rate on your savings.

And that is a shame. Interest is free return , free extra balance that you do not have to do anything for. And because you spend a ton of money saving for a while, a (few) percent difference in savings interest on that number will make a considerable difference. And what to think if you have that ton! Then you'd rather get a higher interest on savings, right?

Opening an account with another bank or internet provider is also one of our tips from the article to save as much money as possible . You are less inclined to use your savings elsewhere because you do not see it every time you open your internet banking (app).

Anyway, below you see the best savings interest rates of the moment. This overview is live / real-time and is therefore continuously updated with all providers in the Netherlands and Europe. Via the link you can get more information about the account and open it online immediately.

Via “all savings interest” you can also compare even better on, for example, accounts with additional conditions, internet savings, saving for a child or deposits. You often get a higher interest on that. The highest interest is also the highest deposit interest in Europe . (in Europe you have up to a ton of deposit guarantee protection).

2. Provide more income

Well you opened that account, or you will soon. Time to get as much money as possible, because that ton will not blow . The fastest profit is here to start earning more. Sounds logical right?

But you have to go to your boss to ask for a raise? Small chance that this will suddenly succeed. Or should you take a second job in the evenings and weekends, or go for a paper route in the morning before work? No, it is not.

Anyone can make money through the internet these days . Super easy. In this article you will find 6 ways that are reliable and will provide you with guaranteed monthly extra earnings. A few hundred US dollars a month, and then you don't even have to think about it!

There is no risk as with investing, no technical knowledge such as programming websites, no investment or investment. And if you combine several ways or are just very good or can and want to put in a lot of time, you can even make it your job.

3. Free yourself from debt

Debts and loans such as a mortgage, for example, are a hindrance to your leg . They cost you a lot of money in payments and especially interest. And always a higher interest than you will receive on your savings. Time to get rid of it first.

Transferring can also be an idea. With the current low interest rates, refinancing your mortgage can often be interesting and save a lot. Through you can get free financial advice this. Switching loans to a lower interest rate can also always be interesting, see below the lowest loan interest rates at the moment.

4. Reduce your costs and expenses

Earning more already helps a lot, but then it is a shame if you spend it unnecessarily on wrong things again. Or paying too much for things that you can get much cheaper with the same quality! No, we are not saying that you should sit on a stick and never leave the house again. Savings can also be smarter than that.

That is why we have written many articles with all kinds of tips about this. You don't have to go through all of them because that has now become quite a book. Just take our money saving test . This saves you up to over 10,000 US dollars annually in 15 simple yes / no questions.

The best way to save is cashback . In short, this concept means that you can get up to 15% discount at over 2500 web shops in NL. On top of the current promotions and offers… sounds too good to be true? Read our article earn / save money with cashback . It's free and no strings attached to try.

5. Make your money work for you

A good savings account is important because you get better interest there. But with the current low interest rates, these are often not even enough. At least, you can get a better return than savings interest, but that means that you have to invest or invest with it. There is always some risk involved, but at the same time it can also yield much more. Up to 10 times as much.

Read about this our article the best ways of investing / investing money . In it we give you all kinds of options increasing in terms of return and risk. You can always choose the options that suit you / best suit your preferences.

What we would like to warn you about in CFD trading . This is a very difficult and at the same time risky way of investing. You can profit from price increases up to 30 times as hard with so-called leverage effects. Sounds cool, because with an investment of 100 US dollars you make a profit as if you had invested 3000 US dollars. But if the exchange rate falls, it will go down just as fast… bottom line, about 80% of people lose money with this.