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We have some bad news for you: There is no such thing as making money fast / getting rich quick!

Websites that claim this is possible ... they lie! Often they start over CFD Trading or investing in Cryto , Forex or binary options .

Yes, there is a chance of making a return, but it is very small. This cannot be called "making money": 95% of people actually lose (Source: AFM). Some lucky ones make big profits.

Make Money Blog

11 x Earning Money Without Risk

09/02/2021 - As soon as you start Googling ways to make money you will be overloaded with all kinds of great stories, advertisements and self-proclaimed experts. Cool stories from a jet ski or luxury apartment in Bali. But there are often more hooks and eyes than meets the eye. Think of start-up costs or investment. In this article you will find what works and does not have the danger of only costing you money.

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5 x Earning money with Bitcoin

08/01/2021 - There it is again, the Bitcoin. A few years ago you heard everyone about it and now it's the same song again. Can I also earn money from that? We give you the methods that are possible in this and one of them will suit you.

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Earning Money with Domain Names Trading

02/12/2021 - A domain can be worth money without even having a website on it. Yes really, domain names have been sold for tens of millions! And while you can already register it for 1 US dollar ... this obviously offers a good chance of making money.

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Websites Testing for Money (side job / home work)

09/10/2021 - How many websites do you visit every day? Did you know that by doing exactly that you can also make great money? Indeed, websites test. Just see how you like a site and click around a bit, and it deserves excellent too.

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6 x Earning money with TikTok

09/16/2021 - One of the newest and fastest growing social media out there, an app called TikTok. You can only share videos and films and especially young people love it. And you can also simply earn money on it.

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Making a lot of money with Euroclix: Tips

03/09/2021 - We are regularly lyrical about Euroclix and Panelclix, but how do you make sure that you earn as much money as possible with these programs? We give you our tips about this in this valuable article.

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10 x Online Passive Income Generation / Accumulation

05/08/2021 - Don't have to do anything and watch the money flow into your bank account. That is a beautiful dream, isn't it? Can also become reality with the tips we give you in this article. And anyone can do it.

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10 x Earning money in the evenings (evening work)

11/07/2021 - Do you have a daytime job that you want to earn some money in addition to? Or perhaps a busy household with children or a full-time study? Then use the evenings in a fun and easy way for an extra income.

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Become Financially Independent as Soon As Possible

03/06/2021 - Do you no longer want to have to work or worry about being able to pay the bills? And like a little quick? Well with these steps you will accelerate the pace of achieving that goal: become financially independent.

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The Road to Financial Independence: Strategy

05/05/2021 - For many people a dream, for few a reality: financial independence. And yet anyone can become this to some degree or even completely, at least more than they are now. That's what our tips are about, they give you a concrete strategy and plan of action.

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Earn 3 x Free Gift Voucher / Credit

12/04/2021 - The largest webshop in the Netherlands, and the store for all of us. You buy some sometimes too, right? Right. How cool is it that we are going to tell you that you can earn gift cards from them, and quite simple too? Quick read!

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4 x Earning Paypal Credit (cash money)

07/03/2021 - PayPal is a handy digital wallet. You can not only deposit money on it and pay with it online, but you can even earn money on it! We give you some reliable options with which you can do that.

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Earn Money By Lending It Out

11/02/2021 - Have you saved money and are you actually getting too little interest on it? Alternatively, you can borrow it and get much higher interest there! Up to 19% ... Read how this works and where you can do this, because it is quite lucrative. Play for the bank yourself.

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Earn 1000 US dollars in 1 Week? No Tricks Needed!

03/01/2021 - One thousand US dollars is a lot of money. You really can't earn that within 7 days? Or is it?! Unfortunately there are many monkey sandwiches about this on the internet, in this article you will find the truth. It is possible ... but not just like that.

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6 x How to Make Good Money Without a Boss

24/12/2019 - There are plenty of ways to get money, but almost all of them are salaried employees. Is it also possible without a boss? And can you earn well? Without the risk of investing? Yes, that's possible!

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10 x Earning Money without Investing / Making a Deposit

12/13/2019 - There are a lot of different ways to make money online. Reliable or not, many of them require an investment first. Such as CFD Trading and Cryptocurrency for example. But there are also predictable risk-free ways that don't require it.

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Earn $ 10 Every Day? Egg!

09/12/2019 - A tenner, that does not necessarily seem like a lot of money. But to earn that every day seems more difficult. But that's not true! In fact, it's super easy. We present you six ways that always work.

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Fill in surveys as an extra income / job

02/11/2019 - Looking for a nice side job that you can easily fit into a busy life? Then this is the perfect option for you! You can earn money this way wherever and whenever you want, and participating in the surveys is fun and educational too.

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Earn money with Peer to Peer Lending

05/10/2019 - It looks a bit like crowdfunding, and actually it is also basically the same: you as a private individual can play for the bank and lend money. And then ask a nice interest that you earn passive money! But with this method that can go up to 19% (!) So fast reading.

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10 x Earning Money in your Free Time

08/09/2019 - Do you have some time off from your job or school? Top! We especially think doing fun things. But sometimes it is also nice to do something useful instead of wasting your time doing useless things. Useful such as making money, for example, is easier than you think!

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Earn Money within 10 Minutes

02/08/2019 - Get an income in no time? In just a few minutes that you can count on two hands? It is not impossible, but you have to understand that it is not very simple. But we give you some great options for getting this done.

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10 x Answering Questions for Money

29/07/2019 - Have you ever had to fill in a questionnaire? For school or your work? One finds it boring, the other likes to think about certain topics. But what if you just get paid for it? Yes then everyone finds it interesting. We will tell you where to do this.

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THE Best Affiliate Network in the Netherlands

20/07/2019 - Affiliate marketing is one of the better, if not ultimate, ways to make money via the internet. But it is not easy, especially in the beginning it seems impossible. That is why it is important that you work with the best resources and partners. In this article you can read which network is best to join.

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Earn money 4 x Viewing / Evaluating Advertisements

15/06/2019 - No hey! Not to the commercial again ... the movie just got exciting! Always annoying, right those spots? Not always, because you can also earn money by looking at it. And especially by giving your opinion about it. We tell you how this works and where you need to be to get started today.

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6 x Safe & Reliable Home Work (Good Experiences)

27/05/2019 - Many people would like to work from home, to earn some extra money or really serious amounts. But packing or administrative work is not really fun and nowadays more difficult to find. That could be more fun! We give you 6 better ways that you can do on your computer (or phone) on the couch.

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4 x Earning money with Click / Read Ads

18/05/2019 - Nowadays you can no longer open your eyes without seeing an advertisement. Especially on the internet you will be thrown to death with it. So much so that we actually don't even see them consciously anymore. But it can be valuable to check them out, because you can get money for that.

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Fill out a survey for LOL ?!

02/05/2019 - If you enjoy taking part in surveys, then we have good news: you can also earn money with this! In this article, we'll explain how and why, plus an overview of the best sites where you can do this.

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10 x Earning Money Clicking Banners

04/16/2019 - We also find all those banners on sites like annoying, especially if you click on them by accident ... but what if that click could make you money? You really can! We explain in this blog how you can apply that, very simple and you can start today.

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Paid Participate in Research for Money

02/03/2019 - You can earn money by participating in medical research, for example as a volunteer testing medicines at home. But there are also quite a few disadvantages and risks involved. It can be much easier! There are also other types of research that generate income.

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10 x Earning Money Reading / Clicking Emails

04/02/2019 - Email doesn't always have the best association. It seems that it costs you too much pointless time at work, it drives you crazy on your phone, you seem to get spam in private. But this electronic mail can also provide you with a nice extra income!

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Get paid 10 x for your Opinion

07/01/2019 - Your opinion is worth money! You just have to give it. About everything, nice and simple via an app on your smartphone or tablet, even when it suits you. How this is possible? We will explain it to you step by step in this article, and we will even show you where you can do this best and how you can already earn with it today!

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Earn money quickly and easily

13/12/2018 - It may seem like two extremes that are mutually exclusive. Fast money and easy money, you can't do both at the same time, right? Or is it ?! You will find out in this article. What are the options, what is possible and what is not possible? You will score with these tips in any case, so click quickly to start reading.

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Free Surveys for Coupons

04/12/2018 - Of course it is great that you can earn money by participating in online surveys, but can you also complete surveys and then get paid in receipts? Some people prefer a gift voucher! Yes you can, we list the best 7 sites for this where you can go.

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Paid Fill Out Surveys & Taxes what about that?

05/11/2018 - Nice that you can earn a lot of money by completing surveys, but should you not actually pay tax on it? In this article we explain how the tax authorities think about this and how you should deal with it. Do you have to pay taxes, and if so how much ?!

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Complete Surveys for Money in Belgium

10/10/2018 - You usually see references to the best survey sites in the Netherlands, but what are the best paid panels in Belgium? Because as a Belgian you cannot participate in those Dutch sites! We have the answer for you with a separate Top 10 for only Belgian interested parties.

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10 x Earning money with Testing Products

25/09/2018 - Have you ever tested a product? And were you allowed to keep it for free? As long as you told us what you thought of it? Your opinion is also worth money! Yes, you can also get paid for trying items, depending on the fact that you are allowed to have them. You can read how this works in this article.

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Earn 10 x Easy & Slim Money from your Lazy Chair

11/09/2018 - Okay you can also sit on a nice comfortable sofa of course, but the easy chair is really just a metaphor ... we just mean by saying that you and actually everyone with access to the internet is very easy can make money! We describe ten ways in which this can be done. You can start right away.

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10 x Earning money with your Phone / Mobile / Smartphone

11/08/2018 - You are probably on your phone sometimes to kill time, on the train or when you are bored, right? Then know that you could also earn money at the same time! Because that is also possible on that handy device. We give you 10 handy ways how you can do that easily. From earning extra to a big income.

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Top 10 Making Money Online behind your PC / Computer

02/08/2018 - Do you ever waste time on your laptop? And you think, can't I do something useful that also leaves me money? Well you can! In this article we give you a Top 10 of our favorites. Take advantage of it immediately and start today, good luck and you're welcome :-)

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Earn money as a Respondent with Paid Market Research

01/08/2018 - Becoming a respondent is a pleasant way to earn some extra money. Especially since many surveys are now done remotely via online surveys or other ways of market research via the internet. So you can get to work in your own time, wherever you have WiFi or 3G / 4G. In this article, we'll give you tips on how to get started.

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10 x Making Extra Money - The Best Online Ways

15/07/2018 - In addition to your full-time job or in the evenings, you might want to earn some extra money. To do fun things, to be able to pay bills or just to have a nest egg. No matter the reason, we'll give you the 10 best ways to do this online.

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Earn 10 x Extra Money - from Home with Internet

25/06/2018 - Having an extra pocket money can be very pleasant. Sometimes to be able to pay the bills, sometimes really as a bonus to do fun things. But how do you manage that in your busy life these days? We come up with 10 options, of which you should try at least 8 ;-)

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Earn more money? 10 Tips how this can be done easily online

10/06/2018 - Wil does not want more money now. But you have to earn money before you can spend it. How do you ensure that your income goes up? In this article we give you 10 practical suggestions for this. Anyone can apply this, and thus credit extra earnings to their account. Every month.

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8 Ideas for Making Money Without a Job

14/05/2018 - Temporarily unemployed or looking for a job for a while? Then we understand that you are still looking for ways to generate something of an income. You still have to be able to pay the costs, the sun will rise for nothing! That is why we come up with 8 ideas on which you can also earn money without work, even from your armchair via the internet!

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3 Smart Ways of Getting Rich Quick Without Working

10/04/2018 - Are you also looking for your own million-dollar idea that will make you filthy rich? Chances are this idea will never come to mind ... sorry if this message makes you sad, but making money really does go better if you work hard. However, we have promised 3 smart ways for you that can make you rich as well! Then you don't have to search anymore ;-)

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4 x Make money with Tumblr. Blog

31/03/2018 - Tumblr is a social media, but not quite as you are used to. It is more of a platform where you can blog. Doesn't matter, you can still make good money with it! Maybe it is, because you can post much longer messages and articles with which you can provide more information and make it easier to find.

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4 x Earn Money Fast with Snapchat

10/03/2018 - Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media. They already belong to the Top 2 in the Netherlands, which even puts them above Twitter! You can earn money quickly with these messages that disappear quickly. How that works? We will explain that to you in this article. We give you 4 ways that everyone can use with extra tips on how to use them to the maximum.

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5 x creative Earning money with Pinterest

02/03/2018 - In this article, we'll teach you five creative ways you can start making money through Pinterest today. Your bulletin board or mood board with your pins and pins can yield more than pocket money! Paid likes, such as with other social media, are unfortunately not possible because Pinterest has abolished the like button, but then there are plenty of other ways left with which you can earn nice earnings!

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6 Smart Ways of Making Money with Instagram

26/02/2018 - Instagram is an increasingly popular social media. With nearly a billion members, it is already one of the largest. This means that there are opportunities to save money. This can be done by selling your photos, but also with smart ways such as affiliate marketing and getting sponsored. We will at least teach you which 6 ways work best and which are easy for you to apply.

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4 x handy Earning money with Twitter

22/02/2018 - This article is about how you can make money with Twitter. Yes, your Tweets can be worth money! With our tips we explain the best ways how you can easily get this done. #gratiszakcentje # become rich? All four methods can be applied by anyone today on the Twitter account that you probably already have. So what are you waiting for?

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4 Creative Ways of Making Money with Linkedin

19/02/2018 - Linkedin is one of the larger social media. It is primarily intended as a business network. This means that you can reach a very specific target group that already had a commercial reason to register as a user. The more opportunities there are to gain a financial advantage from it and thus to earn money with it. We explain four creative ways to you.

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Making Money with Social Media - 5 Best Ways

13/02/2018 - Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. It makes it really easy to keep in touch with our friends and family, and to easily share all kinds of things. Moments, opinions, but also creative excesses. But these free channels also offer an opportunity to earn money, because you can reach a lot of people with them! We present you the 4 best ways.

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Top 5 Best Ways of Making Money with Youtube

05/02/2018 - When you think of those who have become rich on the internet, many people are the first to come forward with a few well-known Youtubers, such as vloggers EnzoKnol and Pewdiepie. However, you will be surprised how incredibly easy it is to start with this yourself. Yes, you too can still earn money with Youtube today! We present with our tips the best 5 ways to do this, to get you on your way quickly.

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4 Tips to Earn Extra Money Simply via the Internet

01/02/2018 - Earning money simply sounds like a utopia. Surely our parents have always taught us that money does not grow on a tree? So it can't be simple, or can it? We're not going to tell you that we are going to make you filthy rich with the greatest of ease, but there are a few ways that it is relatively easy to bring in a few cents. Even a few hundred US dollars a month is actually quite easy.

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4 x Earn a lot of money in a short time - without a diploma

29/01/2018 - Do you want to earn a lot of money in a short time? So do not earn a little extra, but really bring in mountains of euros? Then we want to warn you first ... there are ways to do this, but there is always a certain risk involved. You will not get rich without taking any risks. But this also means that you can lose a lot of money if you don't do what you do again. So read this article and our tips carefully!

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6 x Reliable Earning Free Money on the Internet

22/01/2018 - In this blog you can read the best tips on how to earn money directly on the internet. You probably don't know many of these ways yet! Reliable online homework, no games or illegal hassle. You don't even need money to start with, just a good dose of motivation and an email address and social media account are enough to earn extra earnings. You can even start with that today.

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7 x Online Home Work - Earning Money from Home

14/01/2018 - Do you sometimes sit at home on the couch, and do you feel the need to spend your time more useful? For example, are you looking for ways to make money from home? Good news, you can! We call this online home working. Via the internet there are more than enough ways to generate extra earnings in addition to your job, study or household. Nice from your armchair or on the couch. You only need a device with internet and an email address.

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Earn money online as a student quickly and easily

11/01/2018 - As a student you don't have much time to earn money, but you are still often in need of it. Especially now that your student grant is no longer a gift and you are also entitled to it for a shorter period of time, it is no longer possible to party for a few years as our parents did. Working during your studies is also not ideal, but fortunately there are ways to earn money from home via the internet. You can read in this article which online methods are most suitable for students!

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