6 x Saving while studying

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save while studying

It may sound a bit utopian to think about a well-stocked savings account,

While still in the lecture halls and the student did not have much money!

But it can be very smart to start working on this now.

Because then you start your working life with a flying start.

And you can buy your first house much easier and sooner once you have a starter job.

In this article:

1. Open a good savings account

If you really take saving seriously , you open a separate account for this. This has several advantages over your existing savings account with your regular bank that is linked to your checking account.

For example, it is very likely that you can get a higher interest elsewhere. And with that, without doing anything, you get more return on it. Even though the savings interest is low, every percentage point you can win is just free money . We will discuss further benefits later.

First, we'll show you where you can get the best savings interest deal right now . You can see that in the overview below. Via the links you can directly request the bill or find more information.

Via “all savings interest” you can find even more interest rates for specific types of savings. Think of internet savings, savings with conditions and deposits. It just depends on your preferences and savings goals which type of account suits you best. For example, with deposits you have to secure your money for a certain period of time in exchange for higher interest. If you are saving to use it again in a few years, this is a good option.

2. Tips to save as much as possible

There are many tips to save as much money as possible . We will stick to the most important ones in this article. By the way, a large part of that is only discipline . Because putting money aside is one thing, then staying away from it is quite another.

That is why the separate account is also useful, because then it is less easy to put it back to your current account in your internet banking app. And then you don't see the balance passing by that often.

Conditions also help with this. As mentioned before, you will receive more interest if you secure it. But there are more options, such as a minimum monthly deposit or a withdrawal penalty. We do not recommend a savings insurance policy if you are going to delve into the different types of savings, as this is a risky product.

But otherwise, saving is mainly about having as much as possible with which to save. The trick is to keep as much money as possible after all your costs.

3. Borrowing or working?

So this immediately involves an important choice. As a student, are you going to borrow a lot so that you can fully focus in the lecture halls, or are you still going to work next to it? We would say to always do something next to it.

You should also really enjoy your student days and not only alternate between study books and a job, but unauthorized borrowing is also not convenient. Nowadays this is even a problem if you want to buy a house. You do not want to live in a student room for years after your studies, do you? So try to find a balance.

4. Smart extra earnings

But you can also earn extra money during your studies in an intelligent way. You don't have to stand behind the bar or fill compartments in the supermarket. And you don't have to spend all day talking to screaming angry customers in a call center for minimum wages.

Earning money online as a student is a very attractive way to earn good extra income via the internet. In this article, we'll give you some options that are guaranteed to work. There are plenty of companies that will pay you to do simple tasks from home on your laptop or phone. Like filling out surveys for money , which is fun too.

Certainly if you do your best, and also combine several ways that we recommend you, you can easily score a few hundred US dollars per month.

5. Staying at home or living in a room?

Earlier we discussed the choice between borrowing and working, but your living situation is also important. Because going to rooms simply costs a lot of money, and you sit for free with your parents. Do you have to stay there until you graduate?

Well, this is of course a very personal choice, but as far as we are concerned, you should not miss out on living in rooms. This is a great experience that will leave you with many friends. Moreover, it is often a necessity because you are going to study in a completely different city or region.

But that is of course not necessary from day 1. It can be very wise to stay at home for the first year so that you can dedicate your 110% to pass your propaedeutic year . If it is inside, you can then leave home relaxed with a lot less stress and pressure, and your parents will think so too!

6. Save money smartly

So you do not have to skimp on your room, because that is an experience that cannot be expressed in money. But that does not mean that you can still make sure that you spend a little less in a convenient way. In other words: that you have more of the money you earn after you have paid your room rent and parties.

We have 8000 US dollars worth of tips for saving money as a student for you. That makes good progress, right? Eight thousand a year then hey, not every month… that would be something.

And it is all advice where you do not have to live on student oats, or knock on the door of your mother every day to be allowed to eat. That is also a bit cheap.

No, think of choosing the cheapest telephone, health insurance, housing allowance (sometimes also possible for students), saving on groceries and how you always get an extra discount at all webshops where you probably already shop. Yes, extra discount on top of current promotions and offers.

We call this earning cashback . And this saves you up to 15% on every order at all major web shops you can think of, from Bol.com to Zalando, HEMA to AliExpress and everything in between. You can start with this for free today . So don't miss out on that free money .