Investing with Little Money: Already works with 10 US dollars!

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10 US dollars is not much money to invest

Investing is not only for the big boys.

You do not need a lot of capital to be able to invest smartly.

Most investors, and especially beginners, do not have much to invest.

But even with little money, even with your change, you can get started, already with 10 US dollars . We will explain how you can best do this.

In this article:

Investing in Peer-to-Peer credit

Have you ever heard of this before. It is often referred to as P2P credits or loans for short. Investing in it actually means that you lend your money to other individuals for a nice interest rate. So you are going to play for the bank. This is not done just like that, but via special platforms that bring investors together with people looking for a loan.

The advantage is that the loan interest is many times higher than the savings interest. In the Netherlands, for example, you get a 4% return through Lender and Spender , which is fine of course. And abroad it can be even crazier with more than 12% via Mintos . And then there is even a buyback guarantee from the platform to protect you against defaulters. You can also participate from 10 US dollars at Mintos. At Lender and Spender it is a bit higher with 200 US dollars.

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Real estate

Yes really, you can invest very well in real estate with little money . You wouldn't have thought so? In the past you had to purchase an actual building to participate in this interesting world, but nowadays you can do this via online platforms, a bit like P2P as discussed above.

As a kind of crowdfunding you buy part of a property that is being offered. The platform has often already ensured that there are tenants and also takes over all kinds of other things from you. That will only save you headaches.

You can often achieve higher returns abroad, just look at a possible return of 12% at Estateguru . You can participate from 50 US dollars. But you can also invest in real estate in the Netherlands via the Exporo platform, although the investment starts higher at 1000 US dollars ...

Make 30 times the return

Nowadays you see several of those hip apps on TV. Everyone can easily invest nowadays. But the problem here is that with investing you always remain dependent on your investment, where do you make a return. And whether this is 5% or 15%, if you start with a few bucks, it just won't get you anywhere.

That's where our first tip comes in: read up on CFD Trading (contract-for-difference trading). This is because you can use a so-called leverage effect so that you can make 30x as much return on a certain starting capital. In other words, if you put in 10 US dollars you can make the profit as if you had 300 US dollars. $ 100 becomes $ 3000 and so on.

Please note that this is a very fast and more difficult form of investing. The advantage is that you can first practice it for free with fake money. Moreover, with CFD Trading you never actually buy / own the underlying asset. And you can even invest in a very diverse range of values: stocks, options, forex (exchange rates), crypto coins (bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, etc.), commodities (oil, gold, etc.) and indices to name a few.

The Cryptocurrency Advantage

With CFD Trading you can therefore invest in crypto coins as we have mentioned above, but you can also invest directly in them. Perhaps with small amounts! There are many different of these digital coins where you might know the Bitcoin.

Now this one may scare you a bit because it was worth more than $ 20,000 a while ago and therefore made the news a lot, but there are also quite a few coins that you can buy for a few dimes . And because the price fluctuations here are quite intense, you can also profit a lot from them.

We do recommend that you do this through a Dutch company and not some trader via the internet who appears to be based in Korea or, say, Singapore, because then you are much less protected. So use Litebit , you can buy many different coins here, just with iDEAL, and everything is also customer service in Dutch. Very safe and reliable .

Increase your assets

So far we have given you two good ways to make a good profit with a limited amount, so little money / investment. But of course it still helps if you have more power ! That is why we would like to point out the fact that nowadays you can earn extra money via the internet.

Because if you don't know yet: earning a few hundred euros extra per month is possible for everyone! In an article about making money on the internet , we discuss 6 reliable ways that you can apply. Use this to increase your capital so that you can invest with more weight. We think the best options are filling out surveys for money and certainly earning with cashback websites .

Free up more money

You should always invest with money that you have "left over". In other words: it can happen that you lose your investment, or part of it. And that shouldn't matter to the extent that you can still pay for everything. Because then you run too much risk, you don't want to be evicted from your home. So good to have insight into your financial scope.

But then you can also be smart to lower your costs so that you have more money to invest with. And let that be the case: we can give you a lot of tips about that too! How to save money on your fixed costs, for example, without having to give anything for it.

In total, our tips can earn you $ 10,000 per year , and we have collected them all for you per category in this overview with saving tips. Especially useful if you have an idea on which you would like to / could save. If you don't have that now, take our handy money-saving test , where you can find out with just 15 short yes / no questions what you can still save. And always a direct link to the place or website to arrange it immediately!

Free practice with CFD trading

Lots of information, huh? And then we are not even substantively explaining how investing works, what all investment methods entail, all concepts, strategies and so on. It is also quite complicated in the world of investing and it will probably take you years to fully master it.

But you don't have to . You can also experience for yourself whether investing can be something for you! Not with little investment, but even without investment! Create a free demo account and just experience what it is like to get started by investing with fake money on the real prices.

If you like this and even go very well, you can always convert this account to an account with real money. But then as a beginner you are at least protected against losing money in the beginning. You can say that is tuition fee, but it is a shame and it can be prevented in this way.