How Much Money Needed to Start Investing?

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Okay you want to get started with investing, where do you start?

Because there are so many things you can put / invest your money in!

And what amount do you need at least?

We can't even tell you that much !

Let's explain to you all ...

In this article:

What can you invest in?

Let's start with the basics first: what types of investment are there? The traditional way is that of shares on the 'normal stock exchange', but even there you see the most exotic terms passing by nowadays.

The main difference between all these things you can put your money into is the amount of risk they entail. Because it is great that you can make a profit with it, but you can also lose money with it!

Below you will find a short list with the most important forms, sorted from high to low risk of losing your investment or part thereof:

  1. Binary options (prohibited in the EU)
  2. CFD Trade or Turbos
  3. Options
  5. Funds
  6. Bonds
  7. Savings account

What works with a small amount?

But what works for investing with little money ? Because certainly as a novice investor you often do not have much to invest with. Certainly do not do that with your savings or an inheritance or something like that, you really invest with money that you can lose in the worst case without it being “really bad”. By this we mean that you can still pay the rent / mortgage and the important things. So there should be no major financial consequences .

But then it must feel like you arrive with change? Especially because the “big guys” can shift hundreds of thousands of US dollars at a time. But that doesn't matter. With CFD Trading you can get much more out of your bet through a so-called leverage effect . This way you can increase this to a factor of thirty. This may mean that with $ 100 you can make the same profit as if you had bought $ 3000 of the same share! But beware that also applies to the possible loss. So educate yourself in this way of trading. Another advantage is that the minimum investment at a time is only $ 10, although this differs per instrument on which you invest.


What can also work with a limited amount is to immerse yourself in the world of crypto coins. Such as bitcoin, ripple and ethereum. But now there are countless many of this type of digital currency and the advantage is that the value is often so low per coin that you can easily start with it and make a lot of return! (Often already a few cents or dimes.) The rates are in fact quite erratic and you can benefit greatly from that.

But then you have to know what you are doing and where you can purchase these coins, because that all goes through an online road environment without any control from government bodies (that was the whole point to start with these types of coins). Read more on our page about making money with cryptocurrency . It is not as difficult as it may seem! Can easily be done via a Dutch party with explanation and customer service in Dutch.

Determine yourself or invest with help

How much money you need to be able to start investing also depends on whether you are going to do it yourself or have it done for you by a professional. Please note that in the latter case you often have to deposit a monthly amount and a minimum starting amount. After all, someone is going to work with your money on the stock market and people like that earn quite a nice salary.

The costs of this service are therefore often relatively high, but do not forget that smart decisions are often made. There is always risk, as is evident from the conditions of this type of investment account. You can still lose all your money.

If you are going to invest yourself, choose Bink Bank . They have been voted the best investment platform / broker for years and a total of 15 times with good service and explanation, and low costs. You also receive $ 200 transaction credit for free! Request the free information package.

Practice investing with CFD

The most important tip that we give beginners as soon as they want to start investing is that you should practice first! No matter how well you read yourself in, you can never fully prepare yourself and you will probably do something wrong or make a wrong assessment.

That does not matter because people learn by doing, but it is nice if you do not have to pay tuition fees for this. That is why it is best to practice for a while with a free demo account . You can do this with fake money so you can't lose anything.

You can create such an account without costs or obligations. You can always convert this to a real account later if it turns out that you are doing well :-)

Increase your investment by accumulating capital

It is of course nice that you can increase your possible return with smart investment, but then your profit will always largely depend on your original investment. It is therefore very wise to use everything to increase that investment, so your capital.

In these modern times that is actually still very easy by earning money on the internet . We have tested reliable and effective ways for you to get started right away. This can even earn you hundreds of euros per month! Without any risk. Think of completing surveys for money or earning online with savings programs where you already receive a reward for reading emails and clicking on links.

But you can also take it bigger and become a real internet entrepreneur. Start your own website or earn great commissions as an affiliate marketer . You can also earn money in many ways through social media. Whatever form suits you, in this category, with a little good will and luck, you can just stop working for your boss, or even become rich! There are plenty of millionaires to cite as an example.