Smart Money Investing for Students

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invest money for students

Earlier we wrote an article on how you can earn money as a student .

But of course students can also invest!

This is not only for old rich people , you can also go a long way with your change!

Yes, a few tens or 100 US dollars already do the trick. We will explain below.

In this article:

Invest with little money

You don't need huge capital to start investing. Of course it helps, but you can't use what you don't have. You can start with a few cents or 10 US dollars ! It may sound crazy, but you cannot start investing early enough, because it is mainly a long-term strategy to make a profit.

The best investment broker in the Netherlands has been Binck Bank for years in various elections. They have excellent explanations and training to help you, while their costs are also very low. Request the free information package.

According to traditional investing in shares and funds, there are also other ways to profit from price fluctuations in the short term! And this is possible in all kinds of investment forms: shares, indices, currencies, options and so on. Below we give you two options that work well with a small deposit, but can yield good results. Please note, these also involve more risk than investing again through Binck .

Increase your profit by 3000%

No we're not kidding! No magic trick or magic bean too. You can really ensure that you can make 30 times as much profit with the same investment . Then it is so that if you invest, for example, 200 US dollars, you can in fact take the same profit as if you had invested $ 6000 in shares.

This can be done by using the so-called leverage effect that you can use if you invest via contract-for-difference. In short: CFD Trading . This is specifically intended to be able to trade with smaller amounts. Another additional advantage is that you never actually have to buy the underlying asset as with “traditional” investing in shares. It is important to mention that your loss can also be greater. Therefore, first read carefully about this way of trading.

Cryptos are still interesting

Many people now think that the crypto coins are a bit passé, such as the Bitcoin. But nothing is less true! Moreover, it is becoming easier to get in, because nowadays this can simply be done via Dutch parties, with explanation and customer service in your own familiar language.

The advantage of these coins is that there are many types of them, much more than the well-known Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. And the prices still fluctuate enough, even more than normal stocks. And so you can earn well from it. These exchange rate fluctuations are due to the limited value of the coins, you can already buy a lot for a few cents each.

You can read how to easily get started on our page about making money with cryptocurrency . Here we explain how it works and who is that reliable broker in NL that you can best work with.

Free practice with trading (CFD)

Investing can sometimes be scary, we understand that. That is why we would like to point out that with a free demo account via Plus500 you can just try out whether it is something for you. With fake money without any risk. Can you check if it feels good, if you are good at it, or even fine-tune your strategy! There are also plenty of tutorials that teach you how investing works !

This costs absolutely nothing and if you want you can later convert your account to real money. The advantage of this tool is that you can practice everything from cryptocurrencies to normal stocks and from indices to commodities and stocks. And if you don't like it, you just quit.

Increase your investment

Let's face it, the above tips are fantastic, but in the end it is nice to be able to increase your investment. This will automatically increase your return in an absolute sense. The more weight you can put into the fight, the more you will get out of it in potential. So you have to increase your investment capital, and to put it very simply there are two ways:

Earning extra

Earn some extra money to use it again for investing. It's simpler than you think! There are plenty of ways to earn extra online, such as completing surveys or online savings programs . Check out all the options in our article on making extra money . You can just bring in $ 300 per month!


Everyone can keep more money in his or her wallet, and no you don't have to be crooked for that! Whether that is difficult? No, with our handy save test to get there within 15 short yes / no questions already behind which you can save, and you can immediately click through to arrange it. Give it a try!

Investing versus earning

Just as important to mention (and therefore for you to remember): investing money is absolutely not the same as making money. There is always a risk that you can lose your investment or part of it when investing. (So ​​always invest with money that you "can afford". Make sure that you can still afford your books and tuition fees, and certainly your student room!) If you are willing to take this risk, then the reward is also a potential. much greater profit.

If you are not, however, we recommend that you rather read how you can earn money without risk. There are plenty of reliable ways to do this (read our article making money on the internet ) with really good returns ranging from a few tens per month to hundreds of euros or even a complete income!