About us: Dr Mike Hinze

About us: money genius

Hi, we are Dr Mike Hinze. No, we're not going to claim we're a genius , but we just thought it was a beautiful name :-)

We do write about money , and with good reason: money worries are one of the most important stressors in today's society. And stress is very bad for your health and happiness. We think that is a shame because there are actually quite a lot of ways to deal smartly with money matters. But you can't think of all that yourself, of course. That is why we collect all kinds of tips and useful information about the following topics on our site:

1. Make money

2. Save money

Borrow money

4. Investing Money

5. Save money

We would like to make it clear that we are not a recognized financial advisor, even though we have experience in the financial and banking sector. This means that we do not want to give substantive advice about financial products. Think insurance, loans, mortgages, and so on. We are happy to refer you to sites that can do this.

Are you missing something, such as important information that is not on our site, or a review of a website that has scammed you? let us know!

To make money

There are countless ways to make money online ... There are countless people looking for ways to make money online ... There are also countless websites that want to take advantage of that by promising you mountains of gold, but actually just wanting to make money FROM you, not FOR you.

That is why we only describe ways that are reliable on this site. Which we have tested ourselves. And we write reviews about our experiences from all kinds of different sites that claim that you can earn money. Unsalted and honest, because that will help you.

Save money

If you are worried about money, you would like to cut back. So that you can at least continue to pay for the important things. Limiting expenses is often easier than achieving a higher income. But unfortunately many people are often the first to eliminate the things that make life a little more pleasant. Sin!

There are quite a few ways to save money where you just have to leave something. And so you can still go to the cinema that night. We have listed these ways for you.

Borrow money

Borrowing money, costs money. So you really have to think about it carefully before you start on this. We list the basic information for you and refer you to websites that can tell you more about the content.

To invest money

You should only invest or invest if you have money "left over", which you can do without. In the traditional way by buying shares or trading Binary Options .

Save money

It is very wise to have a piggy bank. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but you can also absorb a financial setback. For example if your car or washing machine breaks down. But also let your money work for you a little bit! A higher interest rate or better conditions will ultimately save you a lot of money!

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