Invest with Small Amounts such as 100 US dollars

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is 100 US dollars a small amount to invest?

Do you want to invest, but you do not have large assets?

That does n't matter at all !

You don't need large amounts at all to make a good profit.

This is also possible with a small amount.

There are a number of smart ways to do this that we would like to share with you.

In this article:

P2P platforms

This is an ideal way of investing with little money, not only because you can already participate with a small investment of 10 US dollars , but because you can also spread that investment over several investments for even smaller amounts.

The concept of investing in P2P credits means that you can lend your money to private individuals via special platforms such as Mintos . And transferring a return of just 12% because loan interest rates abroad are much cheaper. You can also stay within the limits with the platform Lender & Spender , but then your return is slightly less high at 4% but still attractive.

mintos returns compared

Investing in real estate

As you can see in the comparison above, real estate also scores well. But how can you do that with little money, so you can never buy a property? That's right, but there are also special platforms for which you buy a property with many people as a kind of crowdfunding.

The advantage is that the platforms also arrange for tenants to come, usually there are already there in advance. Participation can often start from 50 US dollars and yields are fine at 6-12% . Read more in our article investing in real estate with little money .

Invest with 30 times your stake

Okay, let's explain that calmly… because you can make 30 times as much return on your investment! If you compare it with the “normal stocks”. Or rather: you can make the same profit as if you had invested thirty times as much. So with an investment of $ 100 make a profit as if you had $ 3,000.

This is possible with CFD Trading . CFD stands for Contract For Difference. Briefly explained, it means that you do not have to buy the stock yourself on the stock exchange, but you can trade or the price. You can use a so-called leverage effect with which you can profit up to 30 times as hard from price increases.

This ensures that you can make a lot more significant earnings with smaller amounts. But don't let that fool you , the other way around it is just as good that you will also be hit harder by a fall in the price. So you have to know what you are doing!

With CFD Trading you can trade on all kinds of instruments. Shares on the stock exchange, but also on commodities such as oil and gold, or Crypto such as Bitcoin.

Don't forget Crypto!

Speaking of the Bitcoin, this is just one of the many digital coins in circulation. We also call this crypto currency. In 2017 there was a lot of hype about this and then the price rose enormously. To then fall again just as hard, by the way… but that does not mean that you should not invest in it.

In fact, due to the small value of coins such as Ripple and Ethereum for example, which does not have to cost thousands of euros like a Bitcoin, you can get in with little money. And because the price fluctuations can be strong, there is also considerable benefit to do more.

But we already hear you think, buying crypto coins is still very difficult, then you have to have a special 'wallet' and that goes through those vague Korean websites ... No! In the Netherlands you have a very good batch of Litebit , you can easily get most coins with Dutch language and customer service. Understandable and reliable.

Binary options

What you should never get involved with is binary options! You should not want to. Why not? Well they are now even banned within the EU . And not without reason.

Binary options were the most loss-making investment products to ever exist. Especially because it actually seemed like a kind of gambling, where you only have to bet on whether a stock or price was going to rise or fall over a certain period.

As if you were betting on black or red with roulette . And if you were right you got an 85% profit, if you lost you would of course lose everything. The problem is that about 95% of investors lost all their money with this in no time.

Yes of course you could earn money very quickly, because the duration could already be one minute. And with a maximum bet of 1000 US dollars you could earn $ 850 in one minute ! Not surprising that this made people lose their minds .

So don't. If you still want to take the risk to make a lot of profit in a short time, you can use CFD trading as described above. That is a bit more responsible.

To the stock exchange

In addition to CFD and Crypto, you can always invest in traditional stocks, funds and options. That is a long-term strategy, so it is best to put in some change from time to time via an investment account. Then that will automatically be a nice amount in a few years.

It is best to choose Binck Bank as a broker to start investing. They have already been chosen as the best in the Netherlands 15 times, including in recent years. Good explanation, training and service at low costs. You will also receive $ 200 in transaction credit. Request the free information folder.

Free practice with investing

Do you want to try a free first or whether investing is something for you? Good point, we recommend that to every beginner! Can you use fake money to see if you can do it a bit, and if your strategy works. You can start CFD Trading with a free demo account. You can invest in all kinds of things and you run no risk. Later you can always transfer your account to real money ...

Get more money to invest with

Of course it is always better to start investing with more capital because you can then also make more profit in an absolute sense, but on the other hand you should only invest with money that you can afford to lose ! You can lose your stake or part of it, investments can be worth less ...

Earning extra online

To get more money you can easily earn money via the internet . Yet just a few hundred euros per month without too much hassle or effort. Filling out surveys for money, for example, or else affiliate marketing where you advertise their products for companies through your website or social media. You get hefty commissions for that.

Save costs

Another option is to make sure that you can “spare more money”. This by reducing your costs so that more financial resources are released for other things. With our save money test you can go through 15 simple yes / no questions where possible savings can be made.

By the way, we don't just stick to tips in that test, you can click through immediately to arrange the savings. In total, this can save you more than $ 10,000 per year , which is a considerable investment!