Lending Money with Interest as a Private Person

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lend money with interest

Do you want to make a good return on your savings or assets?

Then you can do this by lending it!

At interest, of course ...

This can be done via special platforms.

To companies or to individuals.

And with 4 - 16% profit on an annual basis, that is a lot more attractive than your savings account ...

We present you the options.

In this article:

How does it work?

Lending money to companies or other private individuals with interest is of course not just possible. You want this to be properly arranged and that you do not suddenly not get it back and lose your money. After all, it is a way of investing and you want some certainty. For example, that the person or company to which you temporarily give your money is creditworthy.

That is why special platforms have been created that bring together supply and demand as a kind of intermediary or broker. On the one hand, investors who want to lend their money in exchange for a return, on the other hand, can be individuals and entrepreneurs who are looking for a loan.

We call these platforms peer-to-peer platforms (P2P), because they bring peers together without the intervention of banks or lenders. However, these platforms do take all kinds of tasks off the hands of the investing party: for example, they check the creditworthiness of the applicants for loans and, in the event of late repayment or non-payment, also ensure a payment arrangement or collection procedure .

And because the platform just as the investors would benefit from the loans indeed be repaid well they have all sorts of pleasant conditions and regulations to protect investors. More on that later.

Another advantage of the platforms is that you, as an investing party, can nicely divide your investment over several loans . This is smart for your risk spreading. Some platforms do this for you automatically, with others you can determine this yourself.

To start with, you create an account with the platform and deposit an amount of money there. With most you can participate from 100 US dollars and with some even from $ 1, - After that you can start lending this money. Just like all loans, they are then repaid to you in installments via the account + the interest due.

You can choose to invest this immediately so that you continue to earn money. Most platforms also offer a functionality with which you can automate this so that you no longer even have to look at it continuously. That's passive money making!

As soon as your payments come in, you can of course also transfer them to your own bank account. This often takes place within 1 to 2 working days. If you unexpectedly need something. Additional top-up deposits are also quickly arranged.


As you may know, the savings interest is currently very low, but the loan interest is always a lot higher. This also means that with a loan you can earn much more in return than on your savings account. That makes it an interesting alternative to saving. In the Netherlands you make about a profit of 4% on an annual basis or slightly above.

If you look beyond national borders, it can get much crazier! The interest rates on loans abroad are even higher. With that you can just make 12% or even 16% profit ! And then you also stay within the EU .

Providers / platforms

More and more P2P platforms have emerged in recent years. Because of the high efficiency, this is in great demand! Because there is a lot of difference in return between investing within the Netherlands or abroad , we have sorted out the best platform for you for both options. After all, there is also a difference with regard to the risks. We therefore leave it to you which option suits you best. It can also be smart to spread your investment across different platforms.

Within NL

No. 1 is Lender & Spender

  • NL platform - loans in the Netherlands
  • 4% return on an annual basis
  • Automatic spread of deposits
  • Create a free account
  • Investing is possible from 100 US dollars
  • Automatically reinvest all payments

In Europe

No. 1 is Mintos

  • English platform - loans in UK, Denmark Spain & Poland.
  • 12 - 16% profit in a year
  • You determine the spread of your investment yourself
  • Register online for free
  • Deposit from $ 1, -
  • Immediately reinvest payments automatically


It is important to distinguish between investing and investing in this case. When investing, for example in shares or funds, the value fluctuates. By this we mean the prices fall and fall. This often depends on the economy. So you can win and lose on the course.

P2P lending, however , does not have this . You have an agreement with the borrowing party that you will get your money back with a certain interest rate. If that party remains in default, you can still enforce that you get your money back. After all, it is a contract to which they must adhere.

However, this does not happen automatically. At Lender & Spender, however, you stay within the Netherlands and you can therefore make use of Dutch law. The platform even ensures that a payment arrangement is made where necessary. Any fines that the borrowing party has to pay is an extra profit for you because you will receive them as compensation for paying back later. If no payment is made at all, the platform even provides a collection procedure. The risk is therefore not 0, but relatively low. Especially because they always spread your investment as much as possible.

Outside the Netherlands, platforms such as Mintos have a number of guarantees for investors. This is because otherwise they have far too much risk and they cannot get to investors. In this way they guarantee that they will make an advance payment in case of late payment. And if someone cannot pay back at all, your original investment will be returned.

However, the real risk lies in the possible bankruptcy of the platform itself. Lender & Spender has therefore placed the loans in a separate Ltd so that you can still get your money back after bankruptcy. The loans will then simply continue until the end date.

Outside NL, however, this is a bit more difficult to estimate. The returns are also much higher so that is a compensation, but make sure you don't invest money here that you cannot lose under any circumstances. It is smart here to also vary and spread between multiple platforms. The advantage here is that you can participate at a much lower amount than in NL at Lender & Spender . For example, with Mintos you can participate from 10 US dollars and with other platforms often from 100 US dollars.

What do you invest in?

The platforms have several types of loans that they issue. This can differ per platform. In the end it doesn't matter much to you, you would think, but that is not true . Private loans (consumer loans), for example, are easier to reclaim than a business loan where the company goes bankrupt and therefore cannot repay.

Loans with collateral such as real estate also have more security, because you can then appropriate and sell the underlying asset. Such as an office building that was bought with the loan, you can sell it again and then you simply have your money back.

The platforms are very open in which they invest, and with some you can even choose which types of loans you want to invest in or not. You can also choose between the persons or companies in question.

Frequently seen loan goals are:

  • Mini exercises
  • Personal loans
  • Auto loans
  • Business loans
  • Mortgages
  • Real estate loans