Which Cryptocurrency Will Rise in 2021, and Fast!

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2021 was a very important year for the crypto market.

It was the year of the Bitcoin Halving .

And that is a major event and major increases are expected.

Not only for that crypto coin, but also for all so-called altcoins.

So if you also want to take advantage of the increases, then you should remember these Top 5:

In this article:

1. Bitcoin

Everyone knows this crypto coin, because it is the first ever . The creator of crypto created this coin, followed by many more. This is still by far the largest coin of all with not only the greatest value per coin, but also the largest market share in total value.

But why should you buy this coin, why will it rise in 2021? Well there is a very big event coming up, namely the so-called Halving . This takes place about every 4 years. Without a very technical story, it means that only a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins will come into circulation. This has been happening gradually for years, and with each halving, the rate at which new Bitcoins are born is cut in half.

People can 'find' those baby coins for free. This is called 'mining'. However, this is a complicated process that requires a lot of computing power and power. That costs money, but the proceeds are the new bitcoins. However, they have to sell them immediately in order to pay costs and continue mining.

After the halving, however, they can only find half of Bitcoins. This means that much fewer coins will be offered for sale. And because the demand is only increasing, so will the price.

The previous times in 2016 and 2012, the price kept going up about x 10 . It is therefore expected that the exchange rate will go to 100,000 US dollars in 2021 after the halving. Some even think of much more, up to 1 million! See below a graph with expectations.

The price will not rise so fast in one day, but over a period of a few months. However, it is wise to buy now at the lowest possible price, so that you achieve maximum profit.

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Bitcoin also has a major impact on the entire crypto market . You see that many other currencies go along in the rises and falls. That is why we expect that the major players will show the same picture, as was the case the previous times. But there are more signs:

2. Ripple

The Ripple is perhaps the most important alternative to the Bitcoin, and is also used by many large companies such as American Express and the Seventies bank. The reason is that this coin is specially designed to be used by international organizations and governments to transfer money quickly. This makes it less anonymous than Bitcoin.

That anonymity and independence is actually the very reason that cryptocoins were ever created. That is why many crypto fans are not really happy with the Ripple, but the large institutions are. They can easily use it and still comply with legislation. And because they do this with very large amounts , Ripple has yet become the third largest crypto currency in the world based on market share.

Especially because it is becoming increasingly interesting for companies to work with crypto, and especially with the underlying technology of blockchain, it is expected that the Ripple will rise sharply. Partly because they will follow the Bitcoin price, but also because large investors are increasingly finding the crypto market better.

As soon as another crisis arises on the regular stock exchanges, and it is imminent, the crypto exchange is a very interesting alternative for institutional investors. Think of pension funds, investment funds, etc. And they have a lot of money!

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Pay attention! there is currently a lawsuit about this Coin filed by the SEC, say the American AFM. The outcome of this can be decisive for these types of coins.

3. Ethereum

This coin is actually even bigger than the Ripple. So the second largest in the world. The nice thing about this organization is that their blockchain is not only used for their own currency, the Ethereum, but can also be used by others to start their own currency.

The coin and technology are very similar to the Bitcoin, but there is no limit on the number of coins that will ever come into circulation. The price increase here will therefore not necessarily come from greater tightness due to pressure on supply and demand, but mainly because they always seem to follow the price of Bitcoin tightly.

That is not surprising, because many investors in the crypto market spread their investments over several coins. We recommend that too. And then the No. 2 Ethereum is a good choice, because the size of the market value gives you a bit more security and stability .

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4. Lumens / Stellar

This coin, of which everyone is mistaken in the name, is a very interesting one to add to your crypto wallet. The name is actually Lumens, and the blockchain network is called Stellar. And the abbreviation for the currency is XLM… confusing.

What is very clear is that the technology of this coin is excellent . It was founded by the original founder of Ripple, but an improvement on that. And because the price is still very low, it can rise extremely fast !

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5. Bitcoin Cash

This is an improved version of the Bitcoin, with a not so original name ... and whether the technology is really better, many people wonder, but it is a major player in the crypto market.

They are in fact a fork of the original Bitcoin, when two camps emerged in the discussion of how to further develop / improve Bitcoin. No one has been able to substantiate who was right now, but after the so-called 'hard fork; they went their separate ways in 2018.

Still, it's funny to see that the value of the new currency Bitcoin Cash still very value and changes of its big brother continues to follow. It is precisely for this reason that we expect a good year for this currency in 2021.

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