5 x the Best Way of Investing & Investing Money

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best way to invest

Is there really the best way in which you invest or invest your money?

YES - there is.

Are you going to read THE GOLDEN TIP , which applies to everyone?

NO - it doesn't exist, sorry!

Which method is better than the other depends entirely on your preferences .

But also of your available money, how much risk you want to take, how much time you have before you want your investment back and many more factors.

What we will do is present the most important ways of investing to you, so that you can choose for yourself. So don't see the 5 ways below as a list from good to bad or something.

In addition, it is always advisable to only invest with money that you “can afford” and to spread this as much as possible.

In this article:

1. Investing on the stock market

Everyone knows the classic pictures of screaming people on Wallstreet. It doesn't get that crazy nowadays, because you can just invest from your laptop or telephone. And this traditional way of investing is still interesting.

After all, it remains the way of large companies to raise money. And thus an important way for investors to invest. Especially because more and more investment instruments are added to make it more interesting.

You used to only have stocks or bonds. Now you can also get started with funds, ETFs, futures, turbos and many more complicated things. Be well informed about this , because more possible profit is always more risk.

Therefore choose the best online broker for price and quality: Binck Bank . They also put a lot of effort into explaining and helping investors make the right choices, and in any case avoid mistakes. Because they cost you a lot of money.

2. Cryptocurrency

The market of Crypto coins, or cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency, is an increasingly large alternative to the regular exchange. You can also see that billions are already circulating in this world and that smaller investors also find their way more easily to these brokers.

This also means that coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other competitors are becoming more and more reliable in their rates and are often described as a safe haven when the normal exchanges are not doing well. A bit similar to bonds and gold is often written, whether this is also the case in practice remains to be proven.

The advantage here is that the transaction costs are low and on the basis of the underlying technology and low market adoption it can reasonably be predicted that the prices and values ​​will rise considerably . If you had invested a few tens in Bitcoin for a number of years, you would now have been a millionaire, for example, and that while only now very few people actually use that currency.

So predicting many people here in a few years again money 10 times or even 100 can reproduce. That is a bold statement, but it indicates the enthusiasm for these instruments.

If you want to put some money into crypto, and that is possible from a low amount, then you should preferably do so at the best crypto broker in the Netherlands . And that is without a doubt Litebit.eu because of not only the price but also the quality.

3. Investing in Real Estate

Now we hear you think, this is only for the big boys, right? Because how am I ever going to be able to buy a property and then rent it out? Because that is how investing in real estate works, right? No, that is no longer the only way.

You can already invest with 'only' 50 or 1000 US dollars. And the returns are really not bad at 4 - 12%. Smart platforms have emerged here that, like a kind of crowdfunding, bring all small investments together to be able to buy the desired property. Often they have already arranged the tenants.

Read more in our article 3x Investing in Real Estate with little money. There are plenty of options at home and abroad. And the advantage of real estate is that there is always an undervalue for your invested money. So what can be sold again if renting out, for example.

4. Contracts for Difference

This is the way of investing with the highest possible profit, but also the greatest risk profile. CFDs mean that you do not directly buy a share or other underlying asset, but actually bet on the prices. You can then strengthen this with leverage, which makes it seem like you are investing with much larger amounts.

The effect is that you can profit up to 30 times as hard from price increases. If you put in 100 US dollars, you will make a profit that is just as high as if you had done with 3000 US dollars. Sounds nice to play with the big boys like that, but don't forget that the loss is just as much faster with the same factor .

In practice, you see many people mistaken about this and especially let their emotions run free. They start counting themselves rich, stop making rational decisions and then things go wrong. Do you think you can? First read carefully on our page about CFD trading . Few people make a profit, but if they do that it is quite a lot ...

Invest in P2P Lending

P2P, short for peer-to-peer, means that you lend your money to other individuals. This is possible within NL or outside. The advantage of countries such as the UK and Spain, for example, is that you can charge a higher interest there. So you actually play for the bank.

You can do this via special platforms. In the Netherlands we recommend Lender & Spender with a return of 4% , while at FastInvest a company from England can even make up to 19% return. That is of course more than your savings account. And the nice thing is that you can participate from a low amount, sometimes from 1 US dollar.

The providers also state that the risk of this way of investing is low . The risk is really just completely different than when you compare it to investing, because if you put money into something that is traded, whether it be stocks or crypto coins, you are dealing with exchange rate movements .

In other words, they can become worth more or less, and how fast that goes depends on the instrument. More risk is therefore possibly more profit, but also more loss. However, that does not apply here because you are entering into a contract with someone who is legally required to repay the loan including the interest.

The P2P platforms monitor this and screen people who apply for a loan. If this still does not go well, they will call in a collection agency or arrange a refund settlement. That will cost you nothing . You are also protected by refund guarantees with platforms or they even exceed the deadline.

In addition, your investments are spread as much as possible over as many outstanding loans as possible so that it is also less noticeable if someone somewhere does not pay back.

Other options

Of course these are not the only ways of investing and / or investing. This way you can make sustainable investments, invest in real estate and much more. However, these are the ways that are most accessible to us and already give enough choice.

Please note that this article is not financial or investment advice, but merely a reflection of our opinion for informational purposes.