10 Promising Crypto Coins with a Future

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Do you want to invest in crypto?

Then you prefer to do that with those who are future- proof and increase in value.

Of course you cannot predict everything and results from the past do not guarantee the future,

but a number of things such as adoption, market capitalization, market share and technology do give a good indication .

On that basis also a top 10 coins that are interesting in our opinion. A mix of established names and new currencies with an optimistic outlook.

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In this article:

1. Bitcoin

We cannot ignore this, the original crypto coin. Still the biggest too, in both price and market share. In addition, the coin is already in an advanced stage of reaching its maximum number of 21 million coins. After that, no new coins are added. That basically means that the supply can no longer increase while the demand does, and so the price goes up.

Experts predict up to 1 million per coin within a few years. 2021 is also an interesting year for the BTC, because a so-called Halving is on its way again. This resulted in huge price increases the previous times. By the way, you see that the entire crypto market is affected by the exchange rate fluctuations of the Bitcoin, other coins usually follow them neatly.

2. Bitcoin Cash

This is a spin-off from the original Bitcoins, where a different technological solution has been chosen to improve the speed of the blockchain. This went through a so-called "hard fork" split. This currency also has its own halves and, according to experts, this value will increase considerably.

3. Ripple

A strange duck in the bee actually, because Ripple is not necessarily set up in a decentralized manner, but is made for large companies and governments. According to the die hard crypto lovers not "real crypto". But their focus on large companies does ensure faster adoption and larger investments. For example, large banks and credit card companies already do a lot of business with Ripple. It is not without reason that this currency is the number 2 in the world in terms of market capitalization.

Update: Please note, there is a lawsuit about this currency currently filed by the SEC, the American version of the AFM that we know in the Netherlands. This can affect the future.

4. XLM

There is quite a bit of confusion about this coin, and then about the name. Because he is often called Stellar, but that is the name of the blockchain. The currency is actually called Lumens, but the abbreviation is often used. Regardless, this coin is the little brother of the Ripple, created by the original founder of the Ripple. However, it must be the technologically better version and also set up more decentralized. Large companies like IBM are already working with it, we think enough says.

5. Ethereum

Also a great currency in terms of value and market share. In addition, they have been smart enough to offer their network / blockchain so that other companies can develop their own cryptocoins on it. This gives them a unique position in this market, where their technology is decisive for other currencies and therefore many companies.

6. Litecoin

This is a literal 'light version' of the Bitcoin with as much speed as possible and as little transaction costs as possible. In fact, transactions now cost almost nothing. Of course more people and companies have tried this, but this currency is catching on and is now worth quite a bit. It is especially interesting for private individuals to arrange their finances, but can also work for industries and trade for good scalability.

7. Cardano

This is the technologically enhanced little brother of the Ethereum. Incidentally, also from its founder. It can be made much more scalable because less costs are required for energy and hardware. So interesting.

8. Tron

This coin wants to become the payment method on platforms such as iTunes, YouTube and the Google Play Store, and similar entertainment sites / apps. That makes it interesting because this is an existing market where people are already prepared to pay digitally. Just ask Facebook who actually thought they had the same plan with Libra ... Only TRON has a lot of very good privacy protections and because they already exist, they don't have to go to the American congress.

9. ARK

Mainly intended for consumers, ie the general public. Because adoption is still very low in this target group, this market can only grow bizarrely. And technologically it gives the possibility to connect blockchains together, which can also become very interesting. Several reasons to invest in this currency.

10. Stratis

This currency is fully committed to business, and actually a bit like Ethereum does by making the blockchain available to companies. Only organizations at Stratis can set up their own blockchain to that of Stratis. And then it is not only about coins, but also the underlying technology.

For reflection

There are of course many more crypto coins on the market. So much so that it is easy to lose track. But beware, many coins just disappear again. With that a lot of money is being diverted and you do not want that to happen with your money. That is why in our Top 10 only names that are either established or have good founders and / or technology.

When investing / investing, it is always smart to spread your money over several instruments, and in this case over several coins. So do that. Keep in mind that actually all coins do follow the rate of the Bitcoin to some extent. And because the adoption of crypto coins in general is still low, this remains an interesting market to put your money in.

But even then: only invest with money that you can actually “miss”. It can always go wrong due to unforeseen issues such as a crisis, whether it is a banking crisis, a mortgage crisis, a coronavirus crisis or a stock market crash ...