4 x Earning Paypal Credit (cash money)

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PayPal is actually a free wallet.

You can deposit money on it, pay with it and transfer it back to your bank account.

And all for free without any obligations.

You can even earn money on it ...

We are happy to explain how that works, giving you 4 free ways.

In this article:

1. Complete paid surveys

This is actually the easiest way to boost your PayPal balance. In fact, it may be the easiest way to make money online! You don't really need anything except internet and an email address. Participation is free and without obligation , and at the best paid survey sites you not only get the best reward for each survey you have made, but often also a starting bonus immediately upon registration.

By the way, nowadays it is no longer a question of filling out endless questionnaires, there are also many more types of research introduced to make it more fun . Such as testing products at home or watching and evaluating videos such as new commercials. So you decide whether a product or advertisement will be put on the market!

There are also interactive forms of market research, such as live discussions or forum conversations. Even telephone surveys or on location can be possible if you are open to them. In short: it is varied and your opinion makes a difference .

And don't think that you earn little with this. Certainly at the best paying sites that we mentioned earlier, you can register yourself with several to earn more. Then you just end up on a few hundred US dollars a month . That is quite a nice extra income. And you can pay out via PayPal of course.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Sounds pretty exciting if you don't know this term yet. But making money with affiliate marketing is really nothing more than advertising other companies' products online, and they pay you if you succeed . You receive a commission with a sale, but sometimes also with a request for quotation, registration for a newsletter or even per click on your ad.

With special affiliate networks, everyone can register for free and without obligation , giving you direct access to 1600 campaigns and companies that you can work for. Preferably you use Daisycon , the best affiliate network in the Netherlands. And they pay you out via payPal if you want.

What can you do a promotion for? Well for all major energy suppliers, or web shops, or mobile phones, internet and TV subscriptions and so on. If you are a little good at this, it can even yield so much that it becomes a few thousand US dollars per month. Enough people have already been able to make their full-time work of this ...

3. Social media

Do you already have an account with Facebook? And Linkedin? But also with Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest? There are so many these days ... Takes a lot of time, but many people forget the immense possibilities of these networks. Because do you think that with these free profiles you can reach millions of people all over the world?

Affliate marketing is indeed an option, but you can do a lot more to make money through social media . Via this link we give you an explanation and you can also read specific explanations per network. The advantage of this way of earning online: everything you sell can easily be paid via your PayPal.

We also give you tips on how to tackle it. Because you have to get a lot of followers to actually earn something from it. But if you succeed ... and you become an influencer as it is nicely called, then you no longer have to work for a boss, let's put it this way.

4. Own website

You can easily add PayPal payment buttons to your website so that people can pay for things. So if you have or make something that you want to give to people for a fee: such as an e-book with 1000 tips to get your baby to sleep, or you make customized phone cases, Instagram filters, everything is possible.

A good example of how to assemble such a site easily and easily in MyWebsite of YourHosting . For a .nl website you only pay 1 US dollar for the domain and you get free software with which you can make a very good site including PayPal buttons. You can even build your own complete webshop with it.

In fact, it is so simple that you do not need any technical knowledge at all, just drag the pieces of text and images to the right place and choose from hundreds of pre-programmed standard templates, which you can then adjust according to your own wishes.

5. Other options

There are more reliable ways to make money on the internet , but not necessarily via PayPal credits. But then just money to your bank account or gift cards. Think of online savings programs, for example, where you receive a reward for reading emails, clicking on links and banners or playing games.

You can also play for the bank yourself by lending out your money at a nice interest rate. This in turn is called making money with P2P lending . Gives you a max interest / return of 19% (!) So can be very interesting.

Last but not least: earn cashback . Actually more like saving money, but that doesn't make it any less interesting: you get a free discount at thousands of web shops. Including all well-known names such as bol.com, coolbue, wehkamp, ​​aliexpress, etc. up to 15% on top of the current offers and promotions.

Which way you can do the best? That depends entirely on your situation and personal preferences and ambition. In any case, we recommend that you try out several. That is fine together and then you earn even more and you also have some variety.