5 x Investing with a Small Capital / Budget

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invest with a small capital budget

Would you like to invest?

In order to make a return on money that otherwise is doing nothing in your savings account?

But is your budget relatively small ?

No problem, there are plenty of options left.

They already work from just 1 US dollar .

In this article:

1. Real estate

You probably didn't expect them here? You would think that you need a lot of capital to be able to invest in real estate. After all, this traditionally means that you buy and rent out a real estate. Think of a house, office building, but also a garage or piece of land. The rent is the return that you make, and thereby the possible increase in value of the building and / or land. But to do this you need to have tens of thousands of US dollars to tons.

That is no longer the case. There are several options for investing in real estate with little money . You can get started with just 50 US dollars . It actually works a bit in the same way as crowdfunding where you invest via a platform with several people. The platform also arranges everything and gives you a return that varies from 5% to 12%

2. Consumer credits

This is also a kind of crowdfunding construction, where there are platforms where you can invest your money in loans to consumers, i.e. private individuals. This is often also referred to as Peer-to-Peer investing. So you actually become a kind of bank and charge interest on the loans you issue. And that return increases from 4% in the Netherlands to 19% in other countries in Europe. Look in our article investing in consumer credit which platforms are recommended.

The advantage of the platforms that focus on this is that they offer the possibility to spread your money over a large number of loans, which reduces the risk. And besides, you sign a contract with the people to whom your money is lent, so even if someone does not repay, the platform will make a payment arrangement or start a collection procedure. You will receive any extra interest or fines as an extra return. They even go so far as to take the entire risk and give you money back guarantees .

Minimum investment on the different platforms varies, but investing is possible from 1 US dollar . With 200 US dollars you can actually go anywhere.

3. Making the house more sustainable

You don't necessarily have to invest in someone else's business to make money from it. You can also very well invest your money in your own home to make your home more energy-efficient. This not only lowers your energy bill, but is also positive for the value of your home.

Small adjustments such as draft strips, energy-efficient lamps, (shower) taps and radiator foil will cost you ten euros but will yield a lot of profit. Larger modifications such as solar panels and insulation also have a quick payback period of about 8 years. That sounds long , but in fact your return is 12%. Just look at getting that into your savings account!

Interesting? Request quotations without obligation, it will cost you nothing and then you can see if you think it is a good idea:

Do you want to start small first? Look for smart energy-saving products in this energy-saving shop.

4. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. Investing in this has yielded a good return for years. If the first crypto coin Bitcoin in 2010 cost you even more 8 cents, it now yields more than 8000 US dollars. The value of the coins does fluctuate faster than the stock markets, but if you look at it in the long term, the prices rise enormously . Years ago, if you'd put in a hundred US dollars, you'd be a millionaire now ...

There are many people who think that there is a lot more in store. Especially since very few people have crypto coins. Moreover, many people expect that this will replace paper money in the future. They even predict values ​​that are 100 times higher than current prices.

If you want to know more, read our articles Promising crypto coins with a future and which Cryptocurrency will rise . And if you eventually decide to indeed purchase some coins, go to the best crypto broker & best crypto app in the Netherlands: Litebit .

This is a Dutch company, not a vague foreign exchange, one of the first and largest in our country with excellent service and a wide range of coins that you can keep in your own secure and also free wallets in the same tool.

Also useful if you have little money by the way, because for example Bitcoin you can already invest in with 30 US dollars. No you do not have to buy whole coins.

5. Increase your budget / capital

As a rule, you only invest or invest with free capital, or money that you can spare . Because there is always a risk involved. And the greater the risk, the higher the possible return as a rule.

Now you can specifically look for methods that are already accessible with little capital, such as the options that we have listed for you above. But of course you can also ensure that your budget with which you invest is increased .

That sounds very easy to say of course, but in reality it is really simple too! Because it simply means that you have to keep more money. And you do that by either earning more, or by spending less.

But that is not easy, is it? Yes, because earning more does not mean that you have to ask your boss for a raise or take a second job next to it. Earning money via the internet offers plenty of reliable options that also yield enough.

And we have described more than 10,000 US dollars in saving tips in our blogs, and that is on an annual basis. Keeping so much extra money in your wallet every year, can you imagine? Now do not search all our blogs, in the money saving test you will find everything clearly.