Where to Buy the Best Crypto Coins, Safely?

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where to buy crypto coins safely

So you are planning to buy crypto.

And you wonder where you can do this best .

Safe of course.

As far as we are concerned, we give you the two best options for this.

Those are Litebit & Bitvavo .

We explain why you should choose (one of) these.

In this article:

Best option

Okay, of course, we start with our number one: Litebit . This is one of the first Dutch brokers where you could buy crypto coins and in our opinion the best crypto broker in NL . That is why they have a lot of experience and have been able to invest in security and very good service for a long time.

Litebit is really a broker for buying and selling , it is not an exchange where you can trade. So if you want to buy crypto for a long-term strategy, you choose Litebit , if you want to day trade and do a lot of transactions, you better go for the lowest costs. That is Bitvavo .

If you further compare Litebit against the other brokers, it is striking that Litebit is not only one of the earlier ones in this market, but also that it is a Dutch company. That is pleasant and provides certain security.

They once had a relatively high cost because they were the undisputed market leader for a long time. However, now that there is more and more competition, they have lowered their prices several times. This means that they are now at a very acceptable level in terms of costs.

The biggest advantage of Litebit , however, is that they invest a lot in their customer service. You can simply call them on a Dutch number and they will also receive an answer in that language. Also via chat or email and that is super fast.

In addition, they have also put a lot of effort into good explanations of the platform, how transactions work and how costs are calculated. That makes them a good platform for the novice investor in crypto.

In conclusion, they have a nicely extensive portfolio of coins that you can buy, more than many competitors, and you can store them all in Litebit's own online wallets at no cost . You can do this via the internet, but they also have a very nice and beautiful app.

Payment can be made in several ways, but because it is a party in the Netherlands, it is also easy with iDeal , which is that easy. But if you prefer to opt for credit card Bancontact on a SEPA transfer, that is also possible.

Cheapest option

The party that you can choose better if you often want to buy / sell because you want to trade or at least want to be able to respond more often to price fluctuations, then you might better go for Bitvavo .

A great broker that has become more of an exchange with very low costs and often no costs at all for the first month. This makes them the cheapest crypto broker / exchange for Bitcoin and Altcoins .

But that also means that you miss some things compared to Litebit . That makes no difference at all because if you are no longer a beginner then you do not need customer service at all. The platform and the app are more basic, but the exchange does exactly what it should do.

The advantage here is that Bitvavo is a Dutch company. That feels better. Moreover, they have paid a lot of attention to security with so-called “cold wallets” . You just have to google what that means, but it does make it extra safe to keep your coins there. That is completely free, by the way.

Bitvavo's portfolio, like Litebit, is diverse, and they both offer coins that the other doesn't have. Both at least the most important and largest coins and both more than 50 different types.

Just like Litebit, you can easily pay at Bitvavo in many different ways, including iDeal. This makes it easier and safer. Credit card is not an option at the moment.

Security and reliability

As you may have read by now, security and trust in the company behind the platforms are especially important to us. You are going to store quite a bit of money with them and you want to know that this is in good hands, right?

In addition, crypto brokers and especially exchanges are sensitive to hacking. They are regularly attacked then more than once you see that investors have suddenly lost all their coins and never get it back.

Now Litebit and Bitvavo are very secure, but still it is not a bad idea to split your portfolio between both parties just to build in some extra security for yourself. So buy your coins 50/50 from both parties or see which coin you prefer to keep where.

What you can also do is buy an offline wallet for your crypto coins. That is 100% safe as long as you don't lose it! It looks a bit like a USB stick. But because it cannot be hacked because it is often not in your laptop (and therefore not accessible) it makes it a super safe option for a relatively small investment.

But which coins do you prefer to buy?

Okay, now you know where to buy crypto and where to store it safely. But which one should you buy? Which ones will increase in value in the future? Because that's what you do it for ...

We have written several articles about this, such as promising crypto coins for the future , the best cryptocurrency to invest in and which cryptocurrency will rise . All recommended to read through of course ;-)

But do your own research as well. New currencies are still being added, which in our view must be a reliable company behind the currency, a good business case in terms of the usefulness of the currency and the market share.

Realize that there have also been coins that no longer exist because their developers only wanted to scam people, or because the idea behind the currency was not so good and no companies actually wanted to use the currency.

As with all forms of investing and investing, it is therefore advisable to spread your money over several coins and only put money in it that you can miss. Your investment may become worth less.