10 Best Long Term Crypto Coins

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Which crypto coins can you best buy that will become worth more in the long term ?

Excellent question! We will try to answer that for you.

But before we do that, make sure you buy your coins and keep them with a good and reliable party.

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Now on to the coins that we see flourishing in the long term, which you can buy and keep at the above brokers.

In this article:

Long-term criteria

Before we mention the names of coins that are interesting, it is first important to determine what exactly you should pay attention to when buying cryptocurrency for the long term. After all, there are several strategies to make money with cryptocurrency. For example, you can trade in it in the short term, stake coins to earn interest and mine coins.

However, these are all quite complicated processes for which you have to be a real (IT) expert or invest a lot. But purely buying coins and holding them for a long time is a method that requires little work and can also yield a lot. Just ask the people who bought their first Bitcoin a few years ago ...

Keep in mind that crypto also has many rogue practices, and there have been many coins that turned out to be nothing more than a ponzi scheme or a lot of hot air that made many people lose their money. Be well informed and never just buy unknown coins without a reliable party behind it.

The first important thing to look at is the usefulness of the currency. What does the currency do, and what does the company behind it want to achieve? What is their mission? Is the technology and the blockchain good? Difficult questions to research for yourself, but what often helps is that coins that many people have already invested in are often the better technologies. That is the second signal, a large market share within the crypto market.

The fact that many people already invest in it also means that the currency is less likely to lose a lot of value, because the exchange rate will be less erratic . The latter is good for point 3, to what extent is actually invested in a currency? Is the currency accessible through (stock exchange) funds and thus for the general public ?

All may sound complicated, but read the notes to the 10 coins in which we invest, then the penny will probably fall.

Top 10 crypto coins

1. Bitcoin / BTC

You cannot ignore this coin. The very first crypto coin. This has become so normal to invest in that the value has increased enormously. And also in terms of market share it is by far the largest of all. It has often been referred to as the digital gold.

And you probably know that investing in gold is always a good idea for the long term. That also applies to the Bitcoin. Because there is only a maximum number of Bitcoins and more will never come. This means that the supply is limited, but at the same time more and more people will want to buy the coin. And that drives up the price enormously.

Many analysts expect the currency to rise to around $ 10,000 in 2021, $ 300,000 in 2024 and even to $ 1 million in the years to come. That seems a huge exaggeration now, but don't forget that you could still buy these coins for 300 US dollars in 2016!

2. Bitcoin Cash / BCH

The little brother of the Bitcoin, or rather some sort of conjoined twins. Namely, it is a fork of Bitcoin with a slightly different technological choice. And you can see that the rate of this coin closely follows that of the big brother. So if that of the Bitcoin is going to rise, it will happily participate.

And if in the future the technological choice turns out to be better for usability, it may well rise faster too. But that remains to be seen of course.

3. Litecoin / LTC

Once designed to be an improvement on Bitcoin, especially when it comes to payment speed and lower transaction costs. And thus a more useful currency for private individuals. It is not without reason that there are already larger authorities that allow you to pay with this currency, such as the large site Pornhub. You can say whatever you want, but that certainly ensures a large audience!

4. Ripple / XRP

This is the number 2 cryptocurrency when it comes to market share. In addition, their vision / mission is great: their goal is mainly to facilitate international transactions. In other words, between different countries, something that is still very slow and cumbersome. Major brands such as Bank Seventies bank and Mastercard are already customers and not just like that.

Their blockchain is arguably the fastest and most scalable with just seconds to transfer money around the world. Other coins can easily take minutes or hours. This makes it a very interesting story in the future and if their mission succeeds it will probably be the biggest coin of all. And it can now be bought for less than 1 US dollar, even less than 25 cents.

Update, note: there is currently an indictment against Ripple from the SEC, the financial watchdog in the US about the nature of the financial properties of the XRP whether it can be seen as a currency. This will be taken to court in February 2021, perhaps smart to wait and see.

5. Stellar / XLM

The technological better and newer version of Ripple. In fact, developed by the original founder of Ripple. Are they going to conquer the world with this? In any case, large technology companies such as IBM are already working with this currency.

6. Ethereum / ETH

The cool thing about this party is that the blockchain has been opened up for other companies to use it for their own crypto coins. It is worth a lot and therefore one of the largest coins in terms of market share.

For example, many DeFi (decentralized finance platforms) work via their blockchain and that is why it is widely used. Thus, they have a smart and important position in this world where many other currencies depend on them.

7. Stratis / STRAT

They have a similar strategy to Ethereum with a blockchain on which other companies can run their own blockchain. Smart, and especially because they also focus on the business with which they win large and long-term contracts.


A currency that has a specific objective: to become the digital payment method for entertainment platforms and social media such as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, etc. A very interesting consumer market, of course, where people have long been used to paying digitally. And because they are an independent party, unlike Facebook's Libra, for example, they get less nagging with (American) governments.

9. Cardano / ADA

This is a bit of the same story as Stellar versus Ripple. Because Cardano was conceived as a technologically better little brother by the former founding of Ethereum. With better scalability and a technologically better blockchain 3.0 A currency to keep an eye on.

10. ARK

A coin with a wonderful mission to make crypto available to the general public. Of course, that's what it's all about in the long run: replacing normal money with cryptocurrency. But their technology is also very interesting because with the ARK you can connect other blockchains with each other.