Where To Buy Cheap Bitcoin? Here!

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where to buy cheap bitcoin

Where can you buy Bitcoin cheaply ?

A very good question, because the prices differ considerably per broker.

By choosing the cheaper option, you quickly save a few hundred US dollars per coin.

At the time of writing, there is a difference of 350 $ between the cheapest and most expensive provider ...

And that purely because of the difference in trading costs, which the platforms put in their own pocket ...

The cheapest and best at the moment are Bitvavo & Litebit .

And the best thing is, both are just Dutch reliable companies.

In this article:


We start with Bitvavo . This is the cheapest crypto broker & exchange . They once started as an exchange, but now also a broker. This means that you can go there for various investment strategies:

Buying and selling again in the long term where you can store the crypto coins for free and very safely on the cold wallets is a good option. But on the exchange you can also trade very well and quickly and if you find this interesting you can also trade well.

Just a few features at a glance: to begin with, Bitvavo works with extremely low costs. These differ per coin, but buy out below 0.25%. This makes them the cheapest. You don't even pay any trading costs for the first 1000 $. They also offer more than 50 coins with which they also have one of the largest portfolios.

You can pay / buy in 8 different ways, including iDeal, which is of course an advantage as a Dutch party. VISA, Mastercard, SEPA (Instant), GiroPay, SoFort and ePs are also possible. Whatever you like.

The company has existed since 2018 and is located in Amsterdam. They want to make them accessible to everyone, in particular through more transparency about costs and therefore the lowest possible costs. That seems to work well.

Which is nice because a few years ago it was often still a mystery what you actually paid in trading costs on a platform, especially in the early years of crypto when you could often only buy via vague platforms from South Korea.


One of the first brokers and for a long time the most popular in NL is Litebit . All in all, the best crypto broker in the Netherlands. At one point they were overtaken by price fighters, but have now also fallen so far in price that they are the cheapest after Bitvavo . At least with regard to Bitcoin.

The difference is that Litebit is purely a broker (so does not have an exchange) and invests much more in customer service. This way you can chat 24/7 and also call during office hours, just in Dutch. With that they can help you well and quickly. The platform is also much clearer and more suitable for beginners . Who only want to buy and sell, but not necessarily the more complicated trade.

In addition to the online platform, Litebit also has an excellent app that we can really recommend. Plus, they have one of the greatest variety of altcoins that you can buy and keep for free in their self-hosted wallets.

You can also buy Bitcoin and other coins at Litebit with iDEAL, Bancontact, GiroPay / Sofort, SEPA and Creditcard. You can also pay on the platform with LiteBit credits . You have to buy these first and always have a value of 1 $. The advantage of these credits is that you no longer pay transaction costs and can buy new coins very quickly with direct processing without recalculation.

Litebit is also a Dutch company that has existed since 2013 and is located in Rotterdam under 2525 Ventures. They are not only one of the largest platforms / brokers in NL but in Europe in number of customers. In terms of trading volume, they have fallen behind in recent years, but they are simply not an exchange.

What about other providers?

There are now countless providers in the crypto market. Bitcoin Master, Bitonic, SATOS, BTC Direct and so on. But all price comparisons show that these parties are all a lot more expensive than the aforementioned Bitvavo and Litebit .

What determines the Bitcoin price?

As with everything, it is about scarcity , or supply and demand. If many people want the currency, the rate goes up and vice versa. However, that is only the basis, because it also concerns trading costs that the brokers charge.

And that is precisely where the big differences lie. they can vary from 0.25% to 2% and that makes a lot of difference for your purchase price and therefore for the possible return / profit you can make. Do not forget that you do not only pay these costs when purchasing your Bitcoins, but also again when selling ...

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin?

Given the current price of the coin and the predictions for its future value (see below), it does seem smart to get in, but that is not financial advice! You should only invest with money that you can afford to lose and your coins can also become worth less.

That said, more famous analysts think Bitcoin's value should rise dramatically in the coming months and years, like the Stock-to-Flow model (S2F) for example. But those predictions vary widely on the exact number.

What is the prediction of the Bitcoin value?

So-called connoisseurs and experts predict future prices from 100,000 $ in 2021 to a million US dollars in 2024/2025! That's all because the number of Bitcoins is finite, there will never be more than 21 million. And because more and more people are interested in this currency and crypto in general, the demand will only increase. The result: the price can actually only go up.

The only thing that can happen is that governments will ban the currency or that an alternative currency will become more popular. But given that people have already invested billions in it and the currency has become more widely accepted, even by large investment companies, for example, that chance can actually be called minimal. Bitcoin is called all digital gold, a synonym for a safe investment.