5 x Investing / Investing with High Return

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Invest or invest that you prefer with a high return .

But where do you find that?

And how much certainty versus risk is involved?

We present you with the most important ways of this moment, including the returns you have achieved with them in recent years.

You have to decide for yourself which one suits your goals and preferences.

Spreading your investment over several (types of) investments and parties is a good idea anyway, so try out multiple methods.

In this article:

Crypto coins (165%)

165 percent, one hundred and sixty-five !? Where do we get that from? A study by GFK & RTL Z among Dutch investors in crypto coins, from which this number originated. Only 33% were at a loss at the time of the research and 20% more than doubled their investment with an average return of 165%

Not very surprising, because the value of Bitcoin, for example, the largest and first crypto coin, rose from 10 cents in 2013 to well over 10,000 dollars. That is another return. Analysts and experts even predict that the price will continue to rise to a ton in 2012 and even to a million in a few years in 2024 or 2025, say.

It remains to be seen whether this will happen and results both never guarantee the future, but the fundamental properties of especially Bitcoin with a maximum circulation of 21 million (supply) and a relatively small market / adoption that can only be done strongly. rise (demand) certainly predict a scarcity . And that can only result in one thing: a rise in the price.

Invest in cryptocurrency that you prefer via the best crypto broker and that is a Dutch party: Litebit . The alternative, the cheapest crypto broker & exchange , is also a nice Dutch initiative, namely Bitvavo . Are you wondering which coins you should invest in? Read our article about the best cryptocurrency to invest in .

P2P credit (16%)

P2P stands for peer to peer, or private to private. You invest here, as a private individual, in loans to, indeed, private individuals. So you are going to play for the bank and issue loans and we call that investing in P2P loans .

That is of course not possible just like that, there are special platforms that arrange all this and you can invest there. Within the Netherlands this is possible at Lender & Spender (minimum investment 200 $) and you earn an average return of 4% . That is much better than your savings account, but you can earn much more abroad because the loan interest rates are higher there. For example, via Mintos (minimum investment 10 $) you can lend money in countries such as Spain, England and Sweden and you get an average return of 12% that can increase with interest on interest to 16% or even more.

In addition, Mintos offers a buyback guarantee . This means that if a buyer of a loan lags behind in payment, the intermediate lender will repay your loan including the interest up to that moment. That is of course unique security and they can offer because they are simply gigantic and currently have 5.5 billion (!) In investments outstanding.

Lender & Spender also ensures a lot of security, because in the event of non-payment they provide a payment arrangement or, if necessary, direct debit. This risk is additionally already included in the 4% return. In addition, Lender & Spender ensures a maximum spread of your investment.

Mintos lets you spread your investments as you see fit and also offers an auto invest tool. You can automatically reinvest the payments that you receive, which means that you gain interest on interest and your return effectively increases without you having to worry about it.

Real estate (12%)

The real estate market used to be one for people who were already wealthy to start with, because otherwise how do you buy your first property. But nowadays, comparable platforms have also emerged for this, such as with P2P, so that you can participate with a small deposit . Investing in real estate with little money is therefore fine.

The aforementioned Mintos also offers real estate investments, but with specialist Estateguru you can also participate with a reasonably low amount of 50 $ with projects in countries such as Finland, Spain and the Baltic States. Both have a return of 12% .

Closer to home, Exporo is a good choice with projects in the Netherlands and Germany. The minimum investment is somewhat higher at 1000 US dollar and the return is slightly lower at 5-6% .

CFD trading (30x leverage)

A special way of investing is that of CFD trading , which is short for contract-for-difference. This allows you to invest in underlying securities without actually buying them. You can use leverage with a maximum effect of 30 x your stake.

This means that if you invested with 100 US dollars you can make the profit as if you had invested 3000 US dollars. So as a smaller investor you can also achieve much larger profits . But don't let that fool you, this is just as much the case at a loss. It is therefore a risky product.

The interesting thing is that you can invest in many different instruments , from indixes and shares to crypto, commodities such as gold and oil and even exchange rates (FOREX).

Investing on the stock market (6%)

Just old-fashioned investing on the stock market is not that bad either, that over the years gives a nice average return of 6% . If you educate yourself a bit and know what you are doing, you have it in your own hands to boost this a bit.

But then invest via the best investment platform in the Netherlands: that is Binck Bank . You can invest there yourself, have it invested and in a wide range of stock exchanges and instruments. From the major stock exchanges in, for example, London, Paris, Frankfurt to New York and from traditional stocks, bonds and options to ETFs.

It is important to choose a good platform / broker where you can work well-organized and, especially as a beginner, receive a lot of help and explanation. That way you make better decisions, fewer mistakes and can therefore achieve more returns. Moreover, Binck is also one of the cheapest brokers, so you pay less transaction costs than is often the case with your own bank.