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mini loan without a credit check guarantee

Lenders lend money, but of course want a certain guarantee that they will also get it back with interest.

They are not charities, they just want to make a profit.

So they check your income, BKR registration (credit check), or demand a guarantee.

But you can also take out a loan without a (personal) guarantor ...

With a mini loan via Money Now , this is up to $ 2000 - all not necessary!

In this article:

Why Money Now

You will notice that in this article we recommend Money Now as a party for your mini loan. Not many parties do this in the Netherlands at all. There have been many small and unreliable companies, but fortunately the AFM has drawn up good rules for this. The only other party that still exists is Savings Hand .

Money Now has been providing this type of financial services since 2005 in 23 countries worldwide and is also simply a listed company on the German DAX in Frankfurt. They are specialists in this and have already served more than 2 million customers. This makes them the market leader in Europe, the largest and reliable.

Calculation examples

To show you what a mini loan costs at Money, here are a few examples:

Mini loan (100 to 800 US dollars): You only need a small amount and borrow 200 US dollars. Then you pay this back after 30 days and you pay interest at 0.99 US dollars

Plus loan (600 to 2000 US dollars): You still need a slightly more substantial amount and borrow 1500 US dollars. You pay back in 3 installments of 31 days each with exactly the same amount. The interest is then a total of 17.36 US dollar. You can also extend the term by choosing 4 terms of 31 days and the interest will be 21.70 in total

Do you still need more money? Then a mini loan is not possible. Then use our loan comparator to find the best loan interest up to 75,000 US dollars.

lend me money!


There are a lot of advantages to a mini loan (see the other features section below). As mentioned earlier, there is no check of your income or possible BKR entry. That is why a guarantee is required. The most advantageous option is a Personal Guarantor . So that you find someone who guarantees you, if you are not able to pay back. You must then show a copy of his or her bank statement.

If that is not possible, or you don't know anyone who wants to do this for you, you can always go for the External Guarantor . Then one will be arranged for you by Money Now , but please note this does cost money! That way you can simply take out a loan without a guarantor.

Credit check (BKR test)

A mini loan is actually the only way to borrow money without checking whether you are creditworthy / whether you have a registration at the BKR in Tiel. They even say very nicely that everyone can make a financial mistake, and deserves a second chance, but of course it also plays a lot that with an amount between $ 100 and $ 2,000 the risk for the lender is reasonable. is limited . That is why they dare to give you a loan without these checks.

This is of course a pretty nice feature because nowadays you quickly have a BKR registration on your pants , even see a telephone subscription or student debt with nowadays already a loan. With a phone this is from 250 US dollars on installment ... Of course this is all meant to protect the consumer from getting into money trouble, but maybe it is a bit of a blow?

Other characteristics

To explain the mini loan / flash loan properly, here are the other advantages / disadvantages at a glance:

  • No documents required to apply for the loan. So no pay slip or other paperwork.
  • All you need to show is proof of identification . This means a passport, driver's license or ID card.
  • So no hassle or hassle in the application process, you don't have to wait long for approval or a BKR assessment.
  • Quick applications are therefore possible. If you do your best, it can be out the door in as little as 7 minutes .
  • If the application has been approved, the money will usually be in your account within 24 hours and you can therefore already spend it.
  • The loans have a short term . This means that you have to pay it off quickly. The advantage of this is that the effective interest that you pay below the line is lower than a longer term. After all, you pay interest for each time that you have access to the money. See the calculation examples above.

For your consideration

It is important to keep in mind / to remember that a mini loan is actually intended to bridge a short period . This is evident from the short term, of course, but we would like to emphasize it: you must be able to pay back after those 30-62 days!

When is this loan suitable ? For example, if you know that in a few weeks you will receive a salary, a bonus, holiday pay, an inheritance, etc., but already want to have some money. For example, you may now go on vacation and want to buy a nice camera, new diving equipment, skis / snowboard and so on. Or your car / washing machine / dryer / refrigerator is broken and you have to replace it now!

You can also opt for more regular loan forms such as a personal loan or revolving credit . But then this is not possible without all the effort of papers, documents, payslip, BKR check, etc. And that is also only possible for higher amounts from 2500 US dollars and with a longer term so that you effectively have more costs in interest. Most lenders do not even offer credits under $ 5000.

You can also choose not to borrow. There are plenty of alternatives to borrowing. Think of saving more, for example, or earning extra money yourself / earning money via the internet . The latter can also give you enough income, as filling in surveys for money can quickly earn you a few hundred euros without much thinking and it is fun too!

In any case, always remember that borrowing money also costs money, even if it still seems so little. Other options are often cheaper. Only borrow money if it is responsible and you will not get into trouble as a result. Make sure you can keep making ends meet and don't run out of money.