3 x Best Broker Netherlands for Online Investing

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best broker online netherlands

Are you looking for the best online broker?

As an experienced or perhaps a novice investor?

In both cases you have come to the right article. We have investigated this on the basis of reviews and experiences, and also looked at the Consumentenbond and important award ceremonies.

We present you the numbers 1 in three categories.

Disclaimer: Investing has risks. You can lose your investment.

In this article:

16 times best broker binck bank

1. Best broker for stocks, options and funds (ETF)

Number 1: Binck Bank .

We are talking about the best website for the most common asset classes to invest in. Actually a bit of the traditional investment methods: think of stocks, funds, turbos, bonds, options and ETFs (trackers).

For this assessment we looked at the following aspects:

  1. Costs . This concerns the total cost, including both the transaction costs and service costs and all other things you pay for.
  2. Ease of use of the tool. Does it work well and is everything easy to manage? Both the online portal and the mobile app play a role in this.
  3. Investment options : What can you invest in, and in which countries / on which stock exchanges?
  4. Support: such as education, education & service. Learning to invest is quite complicated and with the proliferation of new terms and resources this is getting more and more difficult. That is why you must be well supported in this.
  5. Won awards and recognitions by, among others, the consumer association. Not only our own experiences are important, but also those of other investors, both private and business.

The good thing is that Binck Bank is more than satisfactory in all areas. There are quite a few competitors who only want to score on the low price (for example DeGiro), however the other points are just as important, if not more crucial! Quality takes precedence over price, because otherwise this could have a negative effect on your investments. For example, if you make a wrong decision due to a bad portal or explanation, it can cost you dearly!

To back up our recommendation, you just have to look at all the awards that Binck has in its trophy cabinet:

  • Best online asset manager (2x)
  • Best online broker & internet broker (15x since 2008)
  • Most advantageous party (the Consumers' Association)
  • Best option for online investing
  • Most user-friendly investment platform
  • Highest score on customer satisfaction
  • The best customer service
  • Number 1 in the “ good and cheap investment” category (the Consumers' Association)

Binck therefore shows that it excels on all fronts. They are rightfully a specialist investment bank and because they are independent of the major banks, they determine themselves what they do. They always aim for the best value for the customer. In it, they offer tailor-made products: the ones that we recommend to you in particular are Self Investing and Fund Coach:

Self-Investing allows you to invest yourself in the leading stock exchanges worldwide at low costs. This via one of the best platforms with extensive training and education to help you as well as possible.

Fundcoach is specific to fund investing and has a good spread in funds and ETFs. As a result, you run less risk. The costs are also advantageous, because from a monthly deposit (periodic investing) of only $ 20, you pay $ 0 transaction costs !

litebit.eu best platform for crypto investing

2. Best crypto broker

Winner: LiteBit

Crypto (currency or currency) is a strongly emerging market for investors. The concept is based on the idea of ​​Blockchain. There is not one central database or owner of the market, but everyone in a peer-to-peer system.

You don't have to remember them all, read more on our page making money with cryptocurrency . In any case, it comes down to the fact that with this system, regular governments and stock exchanges are not necessary. This means no banks to be able to make transactions. The security lies in the fact that information about transactions and balances is stored in several places.

Yet there is still a risk of hacking and thus the loss of digital coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. This happened relatively often in the early years because many (inexperienced) investors started trading and did not yet know how to handle their safety. Nowadays, however, this is a lot more difficult and you can often get a safe storage place for free from most traders.

Another topic with crypto is the lack of market transparency. This is open and accessible all over the world and, as mentioned earlier, there is no central body and certainly no regulation. When the coins came up, you could only go to foreign brokers far away in Asia, such as Korea and the Middle East. Nowadays there are also ordinary Dutch players with good platforms, but also explanation, help and service in your own language.

That is also one of the biggest advantages why we recommend LiteBit.eu . You can also buy a large number of types of coins (currently 60 currencies) and for a large part they also offer a wallets (storage place for the coins) that they have in-house. So that is very safe. Customer service is located in Rotterdam and is available 24/7. An additional advantage of their Dutch identity is that you can pay with iDeal when you buy currency, and payment to your bank account even happens several times a day for when you start selling again.

Knowing more? Then read our article in which we explain why LiteBit is exactly the best crypto broker / exchange .

plus500 best platform for cfd trading

3. CFD trading

Suggestion: Plus500.nl

CFD is also such a strongly rising market. This abbreviation stands for Contracts for Difference. Learn more about this way of investing in our in-depth article on CFD Trading . Here you will learn what it entails exactly and how it works. In short, it means that you do not buy an underlying asset, as you do with, for example, a share, but trade on the price of that share. This gives the advantage that you can actually invest in everything, from stock markets to commodities and currencies (FOREX).

We used roughly the same method for this form of investing as in the first category, where Binck was the winner for traditional stock market investing. But there is more emphasis on risk management : by this we mean that there must be extremely good explanation and support.

The reason for this is that CFD is an extra sensitive way of investing due to a so-called leverage effect. You can make 30 times as much profit as with normal shares, but at the same time also suffer more losses. You must be able to deal with that yourself, of course, but the information must also be extra good.

A big plus for Plus500 is that they provide a free practice account where you can first practice this way of investing. You shouldn't just skip that step.

They are also a very large broker in this market internationally, very strict with government regulations and their main focus is your safety. They offer a very nice app. And they offer all this for small spreads and 0 commission . Indeed, most of the services they offer are free ...