Borrow money quickly without BKR Testing

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borrow money quickly without BKR

Are you looking for a way to borrow money quickly?

But without BKR testing ?

Without difficult questions?

Not filling in too many difficult papers?

Can! Read on…

In this article:

How can you borrow money quickly?

There are several ways to borrow money urgently, it all depends on the amount you need. But also what you need it for and whether you have collateral can determine the type of loan you can get. The period within which you must dispose of the amount also plays a role.

Up to a (small) amount of $ 2,000, you can take out a so-called flash credit or mini loan via Money Now or Savings Hand . The only providers for this in NL, with exactly the same conditions.

This is a loan with a limited amount (hence a mini loan) and a short term between 15 days and 124 days. The options here depend on the amount of the loan you need. Mainly meant to bridge a small period, though. Keep in mind that your phone breaks and you can already replace it, so you don't have to wait for your next salary.

Advantages are that no BKR testing is involved and the application process only takes a few minutes. No hassle and without payslip / documents. The shorter duration also ensures that the costs do not become too high. Despite the fact that the interest is 7% - 9%, again depending on your chosen credit and term.

Suppose you borrow 400 US dollars, you pay this back in 1 month and it costs you $ 1.97 in interest.

If you borrow 1200 US dollars with a term of 62 days, the total interest is $ 10.54 where you pay off in 2 equal installments. With this amount, you can also opt for a term of 93 or 124 days with still the same terms of 31 days each, but the interest will then be $ 13.95 or $ 17.36 respectively.

Where can I borrow money quickly?

There are many parties where you can borrow money, and as mentioned, Money Now is one of them. And not just any, that's why we recommend them. They are a major international player that has long been active in providing these products. They are active throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Russia. Clear conditions and reliable, under the supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets.

If you want to borrow more money than a mini loan , you can compare providers via the interest overview below (up to $ 75,000). You see the lowest interest rates at the moment. Click through to the provider for more information and to close, or click on “all loan rates” to make a more extensive comparison.

(For either a personal loan or revolving credit specific to the desired amount.)

How quickly can I borrow money?

Via Money Now the money may already be in your account within 24 hours ! That is one of the fastest parties, by the way. As soon as it concerns larger amounts (and therefore more control is involved) it often takes longer. That is not surprising, of course, because the lending party is also at risk. As mentioned, the application process at Money Now only takes 5 minutes and you do not need a payslip or BKR.

Borrowing alternatives quickly

Make money fast

Borrowing is an option to quickly access financial resources, but not the only one! It seems like an easy solution, but keep in mind that borrowing also costs money, namely the interest you pay, however little it seems to be. It can also be interesting to see if you can make money quickly . Please note that you will not get a lot of money within 1 hour or 24 hours, because then we would all have been rich for a long time, don't you think?

Invest quickly online

It can go much faster with investing! However, we do not see this as a way of “making money” because with investments you also take the risk of losing (part of) your investment. Still, here are ways to make good profit if you know what you are doing. But wait ... investing is for the long term, right?

It is if you invest in shares in the traditional way, for example. But you can make 30 times as much profit with your investment through the so-called leverage of CFD trading . This means that with $ 200, you can make the same profit as if you invested with $ 6,000. Please note that the risk also increases. So read up with our tips! most important: you can practice CFD trading for free with a demo account ;-)


Do you want to borrow money for a (large) purchase that can also keep you waiting? Then there is a more economical option with saving. This will not cost you money, but will earn you interest! Especially if you take a good savings account with the highest savings interest. See our savings interest comparator for the highest interest rates at the moment. Click on “all interest rates” to more specifically compare savings accounts, children's savings accounts, deposits or savings with conditions.

Save / cut back

Are you looking for a loan because you are in need of money? Then you might be better off looking for a permanent solution for the money that you are short of instead of the temporary solution of a loan, which may only make your problems worse.

With our money saving test you can test to what extent you can reduce costs / costs in order to save more money. In just 15 questions you will find out what you can still save, up to $ 10,000 per year! And you don't have to put in a lot of effort or leave things behind.

Earning extra via the internet

Or read our article about earning extra online . Anyone can earn a few hundred euros extra per month via the internet without too much effort. Think of completing surveys for money or earning by reading / clicking emails. It will surprise you easy it is but also how much it can still yield you.