Borrow money easily without hassle or fuss

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borrow money easily without hassle

Applying for a loan can be complicated.

There is a lot of hassle involved in closing!

But there are providers and loan types that are a lot easier.

No hassle or fuss.

We are happy to present them to you.

In this article:

Mini loan (small amount)

We also call this an emergency loan or flash loan. It is mainly intended to be able to bridge a fixed period for a limited amount of money until, for example, your holiday pay is paid or your next salary is there. It is always a small amount between $ 100 and $ 2,000. More is not possible by the way.

This has the advantage that the provider also has far fewer requirements because there is less risk than with a credit of, for example, tens of thousands of US dollars. The largest party in this field is Money Now , they are active worldwide, including in the Netherlands. The only other party in the Netherlands is Saldodipje , by the way with exactly the same interest rates and conditions.

These are the benefits:

  • no BKR review / check
  • no pay slip or documents needed except ID card / passport
  • if you do not have your own guarantor, you can have an external guarantor appointed as a service
  • easy to apply online, everything filled in in 7 minutes, also on your mobile
  • after approval, the money is often in your account within 24 hours!

In addition to these advantages, we would also like to emphasize that the short maturities of 1-4 months also reduce interest costs, although at 7-9% it is apparently high in percentage.

For example, you pay a total of $ 7 in interest for borrowing $ 600 with a term of 45 days.

Compare loan interest rates yourself

If you want to borrow more money, you have to look further at a personal loan or revolving credit. Then you can borrow up to $ 75,000 from most parties. At least $ 2,500 or regularly even $ 5,000, but how do you know which one to choose?

With the advent of comparison sites, it has become increasingly easier for individuals and consumers to compare prices and find the best deal. For subscriptions for internet, TV and calling, your health insurance and travel insurance, for example, but also for the cheapest loan!

So you are not tied to your own bank at all, but can easily get good credit anywhere via the internet. By putting all providers together, you can save a lot on your costs / interest.

In the overview above you will find live the best loan interest of the moment with a Top 5 providers. This is continuously adjusted to the last known positions. You can click through for more information and close immediately, or make a more extensive comparison via 'all loan rates'.

You can specifically choose a loan type, for example a personal loan or revolving credit , but also choose a specific purpose for your loan. Think of a loan for a car or a renovation. That can all make a difference to the interest!

Let an expert do the work

Especially if you need a larger amount, it is very important that you make a good choice. That can save you a lot of money in the long term! The interest plays an important role in this, but it also depends on several factors.

In addition, there are also different types of loans with all kinds of advantages and disadvantages that you should carefully weigh and see if it suits your situation or goal. Loans are complex financial products for a reason. That is why it may be wise not to want to find out everything yourself, but to engage an expert who will find the most advantageous loan for you.

Credit Group USA is an excellent option for: a Dutch specialist who has been doing this for years. They will also find the best solution for you with BKR registration. In any case, you can request a quote for free and without obligation, it will cost you nothing and you can compare nicely with the outcome of your own comparison.

Borrowing alternatives

Borrowing money is the easiest way to get money quickly, but not necessarily the best . Borrowing money costs money, you have probably heard that before? We would also like to point out that you can also obtain financial resources in other ways.

Earning money via the internet, for example, can earn you several hundred euros, without much effort! In this article, we'll give you 44 reliable options you can start and earn with today. Then you will not have it in your bank account today or tomorrow, not no, but if you can afford that time, it will also save you interest.

If you are constantly short of money, then it is a good plan to see if you can save somewhere, so that you do not run out of money again and again. Take our money saver test . In it we ask you 15 simple yes / no questions with which you can save up to $ 10,000 on an annual basis!

You can also save for a large purchase for example. Then read our article getting more out of your savings so that you reach your savings goal faster. Do you want more return than a savings account? Then you can start investing. You can invest well with little money !

Just think of CFD Trading with which you can make up to 30 times as much return as with 'traditional shares'. It is also still a great option to make money with cryptocurrency , such as Bitcoin and Ripple.