Borrow money urgently without paperwork

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borrow money urgently without paperwork

Do you have to get money in a hurry ?

Borrowing an amount can be a great solution,

but it is nice if there is a little pace in the whole process.

No time to fill in tons of documents & papers! Which can…

In this article:

Emergency credit up to $ 2000

The type of loan that you can get into your account with the fastest speed is a so-called emergency credit. This is sometimes called a flash loan or mini loan . That name comes from the maximum amount that you can get this way, namely $ 2000, - Applications are also going fast.

The reason this is the maximum height is that it limits the risk for the provider. In return, it does provide a lot of advantages, especially the best and largest party that provides this service ( Money Now ). The only other providers at the moment, with exactly the same conditions, is Savings Hand .

This way you can get this way of borrowing approved with only your passport or ID card. No further documentation is required! No pay slip, no long and difficult forms and paperwork, no endless fill-in-the-blank exercise. Not even a check if you have a negative BKR registration. This makes application simple and without rushing already arranged in 5 to 7 minutes !

You don't even need a personal guarantor. Because if you can't find it, you can have it arranged. In addition, it is also an advantage that these types of loans have a limited term of 15 days to 124 days, say 4 months. This means that you pay less interest in an absolute sense.

Suppose you borrow $ 1,000, then the term is 45 days. After that period, you pay back the amount plus interest of $ 11.50 to be exact.

If you borrow more, for example $ 1,500, you can choose the term from options of 62, 93 or 124 days. You always pay back in equal installments of 31 days. The interest is then $ 13.02 or $ 17.36 or $ 21.70 depending on the term

Compare and take out interest online yourself

Still need a higher amount? Then you will have to realize that you cannot just get a sum of money in a hurry. You will then have to submit an application and also meet more conditions, such as the BKR check and income determination. It remains important that you compare interest rates well between providers, so that you have the lowest. That always saves you a lot of money!

In the overview below you can see live the 5 best loan rates of the moment. You can go directly to the providers for more information and to purchase online. Via “all loan rates”, however, you can compare even deeper and more specifically from $ 2,500 to an amount of $ 75,000. Please note that most providers only do business from $ 5,000.

If you click on “all loan interest”, you can, for example, specifically compare for a personal loan or revolving credit . But you can also calculate how much you can borrow and compare to transfer an existing loan to a lower interest rate (that can also yield a lot of benefits).

Do you prefer professional advice?

Comparing yourself may be faster, but not necessarily cheaper ! In fact, calling in an expert for wise advice is a very good idea. Even if it is only to see whether the interest that you have found yourself in your comparison is indeed that good. In principle, requesting a quote costs nothing , so what's holding you back? You will also receive an answer within 1 day!

We recommend that you do this via Krediet Groep NL . This party is fully specialized in loans and has been doing consultancy work in this sector for years. They are also independent and always offer the best interest rates. They are therefore not tied to a bank, dealer, insurer or lease company. They can also advise you with a negative BKR or transferring an existing loan.

Borrowing alternatives to money

You hear and read this everywhere nowadays: “borrowing money costs money”. That's right. That is why we would certainly like to point out that a loan does not always have to be the only solution! Of course it is the “easy way” and it is all arranged in no time, but also consider the following things:

For example, you can easily earn extra money online at this time. And then you think that will not yield much… well it really does! Just a few hundred euros per month. We walk you through the reliable options that we have tested ourselves. Earning with cashback and completing surveys are especially interesting for everyone. You will be surprised how easily you can get a nice extra income without too much effort.

You can also see whether you can save or spend. So that you have more money left at the end of each month and thus have more financial space to pay for certain other things. Nowadays you can read a lot about this via the internet. We have collected all interesting tips for you in our money saving test . With all the tips together you can save more than $ 10,000 per year .

Do you want to make a large purchase that can actually wait a while? Then saving is a good option. Then take a look at our article about getting more out of your savings . Then you will reach your savings goal sooner because you invest more and receive a higher return.

The last alternative is investing. This can bring in faster and more money than both earning and saving and saving. But there is certainly also a risk! So educate yourself. And do not think that you can only invest if you already have a lot of money, in our article investing money with a small amount we prove that this is absolutely not necessary. Even with your change or a tenner you can in principle already start.