Take out a small loan without a Payslip

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small loan without payslip

Are you temporarily short of cash? Or do you want to be able to buy something because you need it now?

Then borrowing is a possible outcome, especially if the amount does not have to be large .

But taking out a loan “just” is not possible, is it? Anyway!

Apply within 5 minutes and without BKR check or documents. Below we explain how.

In this article:

Mini loan

We speak of a small loan if the credit does not exceed $ 2000. Up to that amount you can take out a so-called mini loan or flash credit in the Netherlands. The main provider of this loan form is https://citrusnorth.com/. They do this worldwide and have been specialists in this for many years. So also in our country, with recognition from the AFM. The only other party is Savings Hand .

If you want to read more about mini-loans, you can, but we have already listed the most important things for you here:

  • You borrow a limited amount, so 100 - 2000 US dollars.
  • Because this is a relatively small amount of money, the lender can offer this with much less hassle in the application process.
  • The application can only be made with a valid ID. So without all kinds of documents, without payslip and even without BKR check .
  • Even if you don't have a guarantor, because Money Now can arrange that for you. Service!
  • Because the application is hassle-free, you have already done it within 5 minutes. And then the money is often in your account within 24 hours .
  • The term of these loans is short (hence flash loan). 1 to 4 months in principle (30 - 124 days). You pay it back in 1 to 4 installments of 31 days each and fixed equivalent amounts.
  • Due to the limited duration until repayment, you pay less interest in absolute terms than loans that have a longer duration (such as a personal loan). Even though the interest rate is high (7-10%).
  • It is important that you understand, or actually already know for sure, that you can actually pay back the loan amount. For example, because you know that in a few weeks you will receive your holiday pay, a bonus, 13th month or money back from the tax authorities or your energy supplier (to name a few examples).
  • You can therefore ideally use it to buy that good camera for your cool holiday, for example. Or to replace your broken washing machine that is really necessary, but your salary will only come in 3 weeks.

An example of a loan from Money Now :

You borrow $ 300, then the term is 1 month (30 days). You can request it online within minutes and the amount will be in your bank account the day after approval. 30 days later you pay back in one go including interest: $ 301.34 The interest is therefore $ 1.34

Compare loan interest rates online

Do you need more than a mini loan, say $ 2,500, up to $ 75,000? Then you will have to apply for a personal loan or a revolving credit. And most providers don't even start at $ 5,000 or $ 10,000. And this is not as fast and easy as a mini loan, unfortunately, although nowadays it is all relatively easy to arrange online!

This way you can easily compare the loan interest rates of all providers in NL. Below you can see an overview of the current interest deals. This is a live top 5 that is updated in real time. You can click directly to the providers for more information and to apply directly.

You can also choose via the button 'all loan interest' to make a more specific comparison for, for example, only personal loans, or revolving loans. But you can also look at the best interest to transfer your existing loan, or specifically compare a loan for a car or renovation.

Have a specialist watch

Would you rather have someone think along with you who also knows a lot about it? Credit Group USA can help you. They look for the cheapest solution and lowest interest for you. A quotation will cost you nothing anyway and is without obligation, so you don't have to stop that. You could even compare the outcome with your own comparison.

The advantage of Credit Group USA is that they are an independent party and are not affiliated with a bank, lender or other type of financial organization. They have been doing this for years, as a mediator for both private individuals and the business market.

Borrowing alternatives to money

A loan may be an 'easy' solution if you need some money quickly, but don't forget that it also costs you money ! So you should always make a well-considered and wise decision there. It is also good to realize that there are other ways to get money / to keep more money.

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