10 Best Cashback Sites Netherlands

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top 10 best cashback sites in the Netherlands

Top 10 websites

Cashback sites give you a free discount at thousands of web shops, on top of promotions and offers. This is an amount that you get back after your order, hence "cash back" as in "money back".

These are the best cashback programs and the most reliable in the Netherlands. You will see that they all work together with the big names such as Bol.com, Aliexpress, HEMA, MediaMarkt and Wehkamp.

Experiences / information
1. _ EuroClix
  • Discounts up to 15%
  • At more than 2,400 web stores
  • Also other ways of earning
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 2.55 *
2. iPay
  • Discount at many web shops (> 3000)
  • Pay out quickly
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 1.25
3. NuCash
  • More than 3300 online stores
  • Excellent compensation;
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 1, -
4. _ Cashback
-_- Discount.nl

  • Many options for cashback
  • Payout only at $ 25, -
  • Start bonus of $ 7.50
5. Save Portal
  • Many web shops with promotions
  • Good discount
  • $ 2 bonus when signing up
6. Crazy gold
  • Bit of a crazy site :-)
  • Acquired by OrangeBuddies
  • Start immediately with 1 US dollar bonus
7. Survey Club
  • Also have paid surveys
  • But also a lot of cashbacks
  • $ 7.50 as a welcome bonus
8. Shop buddies
  • One of the first casback sites in NL
  • Many possibilities
  • Fast payout
9. Earned immediately
  • Good level of fees
  • However, at slightly fewer shops
  • Immediately welcome $ 2 bonus
10. Money Race
  • Nice website
  • Simple but effective
  • Slightly few web shops unfortunately
  • Starting bonus of $ 1.25


When assessing the different cashback sites, we look at a number of different things. With this we determine not only whether they belong in our Top 10, but also where they are listed in it. Useful for you to know which aspects determine this assessment.

Amount of the cashback discount

The most important part in assessing a cashback website or app? That is of course the discount you get anyway. And because they all work with almost the same web shops, you can also make that comparison very directly.

Now they can partly choose how high the cashback they give is. They receive a commission for the purchase you make, and the part they share with you is in fact the cashback.

This is often a percentage, usually when you make purchases from web shops, sometimes it is a fixed amount such as when taking out / switching energy, insurance or telecom services. This choice lies with the clients and not with the casback site itself.

The higher casback discount a program gives, the higher it will be in our Top 10. We will then mainly look at the discounts you can get at the most important online stores such as Bol.com.

Cashback options

How much discount you get is important, but it is a requirement that the shops where you like to shop are also included. The number of web shops with which a casback site works can vary considerably. Some do this by tens, others by hundreds or even thousands.

But especially whether your specific preference is among them is important. With that, it can sometimes pay to register correctly with multiple cashback programs because you can alternately get a discount per website at other stores, or the amount of the discount can sometimes be higher at one, sometimes at the other.

Other earning or saving options

Many cashback sites are often, or actually still are, a savings program . This means that you can not only earn with cashback, but also with other ways such as reading email, clicking banners, playing games or completing surveys . That is of course nice to be able to save extra quickly and to be able to pay out earlier.

In addition, the better cashback sites also have closer partnerships with their partners, the web shops. Sometimes this can sometimes also have extra and exclusive promotions and offers that only apply to their members. Also nice.

Good working site / app / toolbar

It is important with earning cashback that the process is well organized. For example, your purchase must be properly registered, otherwise you will not receive cashback. And that shouldn't take too long before it is approved and can be paid out.

The technical operation of the app and preferably the presence of a toolbar or extension that you can download helps with this. That toolbar reminds you that you do not forget to go shopping at a webshop via the right link, so that you cannot forget your cashback.

At cashback sites that do not have this, you really have to log in first before you can go shopping at the webshop of your choice via a special link. That is a bit cumbersome and error prone.

Moreover, this toolbar is also useful because you do not have to memorize at which roughly 3000 web shops you are all entitled to an extra discount. All good cashback sites that we recommend have such a toolbar.


If you get a good discount and the app or site works well, you are not there yet. Your money must be in your account. And that is very important for reliability. There are quite a few sites that have been complaining about failing cashouts or having accounts suddenly deleted for no good reason. You shouldn't have that.

And apart from your money, they also have to handle your data properly. They have quite a bit of personal information about you such as contact details but also account number and know exactly where you shop. You don't want all of a sudden getting spam from crazy phishing practices.

Reliability of a site is a minimum condition in our opinion. If it is not good, a website cannot make it into our Top 10 at all. In other words: all the sites above score more than satisfactory on this.

Other cashback programs & reviews

There are quite a few cashback sites. Do you want to register with a particular site, but you cannot find it in our top 10? That in itself is not really a very good sign, but it does not have to be a deal breaker. We have written a separate and extensive review about many of these types of sites. So take a look at our cashback site reviews .

And for those interested, here are links to the reviews of the most important programs from our top 10 for more information about the experiences, pros and cons: