The Best Loan Rates? View the Lowest Premiums now!

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find the best loan rates

You do not just borrow.

Because it costs money, especially because of the interest you pay.

That is why it is important to make a good choice.

And that often means the lowest premium / interest!

We will help you find it.

In this article:

The best loan rates

Well, how do you find the lowest interest rate for a loan? And how do you know which rate is really the best? Especially in combination with the loan type. It depends on how much you want to borrow. You can divide this into two groups, up to 2000 US dollar and everything above. We explain how it works:

Borrow $ 0 to $ 2,000

If the amount of the desired loan is a relatively modest amount up to and including two thousand US dollars, then you are dealing with a so-called mini loan or flash loan. This is a completely different world where different rules also apply. Much fewer rules, because the small amount poses little risk for the lenders.

This way you can already apply for this sum without payslip or other documents. Only an ID card / passport is enough. There is not even a BKR review ! You only need a personal guarantor, but even this can be arranged for you (this is called an external guarantor and it is not free). As a result, you can have completed this entire process quickly. For example, applications only take 5-7 minutes and after approval, the money has often reached your bank account within 24 hours.

Primary party and market leader in this field is Money Now . They do this worldwide and are specialists in this. They are active from Australia to Canada and in almost all of Europe. The Finnish company has existed since 2005 and are listed on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany. In the Netherlands they have recognition from the AFM. We recommend applying for a mini loan, especially through them.

In addition, there is only one other party that is currently allowed to provide a mini loan: Savings Hand . All conditions such as interest are identical there, so it doesn't even matter which party you choose at the bottom of the line.

The last important feature is the short term, which varies from 15 days to 124 days, depending on the amount of your chosen credit. This ensures that the interest you pay on the loan remains limited. Especially because a maximum interest rate has been set on an annual basis under Dutch legislation. We give two examples:

Example 1: Suppose you borrow $ 300 via Money Now , then the term is 30 days. So you have to make repayments in 1 installment after a month. You then pay back the loan sum plus the interest. That is $ 1.34

Example 2: You borrow a little more, say $ 1,200 with the term 62 days, then you pay back in 2 installments. Half after 31 days, the rest afterwards. The interest is $ 10.54

Keep in mind that this type of credit is really a bridge . It is therefore important that you can repay this amount on time. On the other hand, that makes it ideal to already be able to buy a new GoPro camera for your cool long trip, for example, because you know that you can pay this off afterwards because you will then receive a bonus from your work or the holiday allowance will be paid.

$ 2,500 to $ 75,000 or more

This is the domain of regular loans. In fact, many providers only start from 5,000 US dollars. In the Netherlands, that is a personal loan or a revolving credit. Here you must of course meet all requirements such as a BKR check and salary requirements. But that makes sense to us.

For this you can easily compare the borrowing rates yourself via the internet and request and take out directly online. In the following overview you can see live the state of the most economical rates. These are always real-time and are continuously updated.

You can click directly to the listed providers for more information and request. You can make a more extensive comparison via 'all loan interest'. Think of specific loan types, loan sums, or loan purposes such as borrowing for a car or renovation, or refinancing a loan.

Tip: always request multiple quotes! Interest rates actually offered can sometimes deviate from the positions that the parties advertise. There are quite a few factors involved. As a result, a lot may appear to be the cheapest in your comparison, but in reality it is no. 2 or 3.

Call in a specialist for free

Would you like an experienced expert to take a look with you? Just to confirm that you are making the right choice? Very wise! You can also easily arrange that on your phone or laptop.

Then do this via Credit Group USA . This is an expert party in the Netherlands where you can have a quote drawn up for free. They will then look for the best deal for your question. They spot the most advantageous loan so that you can take out it at a competitive rate. Even if you only do this to compare with your own research, it is still free and without obligation!

It is extra handy that they immediately take your loan purpose into account. Such as borrowing for a car, caravan, but also home improvement or making repayments on an existing loan. This immediately makes it a tailor-made proposal. They also take care of the final application and closing for you.

Choose the right type of loan

We understand that you might like that a financial advisor thinks along with you. After all, it is a big step to borrow and it can cost you a lot of money if you do not make the optimal decision. In doing so, don't just focus on interest rates.

The loan form is also very important. A personal loan or a revolving credit have completely different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. This makes them not just interchangeable, but really intended for completely different situations. Your own preferences also play a role, of course.

For example, a personal loan is more predictable because interest and term are fixed, but a revolving credit offers you much more flexibility and can potentially even be cheaper if you handle it properly. So get good advice about this and / or read yourself about it. And then we are not even talking about the very different mini loan .