Urgently Need Cash? 5 Solutions

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urgently need cash

If you need money immediately , that's not nice.

Because not only does it stress you,

A solution does not seem to be found quickly either.

But that's not entirely true!

We give you a number of ways out , even without borrowing.

In this article:

1. Mini loan without BKR check

The fastest way to get money, where you are not dependent on others, is a mini loan. You can only take out this in the Netherlands with Money Now or Saldodipje.nl The former is the worldwide market leader in this. Conditions of both providers are exactly the same.

A mini loan is also sometimes called a flash loan or emergency loan. It is characteristic that you can borrow a maximum of 2000 US dollars . But because this is a relatively limited amount, there are also advantages. Because the risk is less for the provider, and that is why they are also more flexible when applying:

  • They don't do a BKR check
  • They do not ask questions about your income, for example
  • You do not have to show any documents or payslip
  • Only an ID or passport is required
  • This makes applications very simple and can be arranged in 5 minutes
  • After approval of your application, it will usually be in your bank account within 24 hours
  • The term is a maximum of 124 days. That is short, but also ensures that the interest you have to pay is less.
  • You do need a guarantor, but if you cannot find one yourself, you can also have it arranged.

Calculation examples : if you borrow 300 US dollars, you pay this back after 30 days, plus an interest of 1.97 US dollars. If you borrow 900 US dollars, you pay this off after 45 days including an interest of 9.80 US dollars. From 1000 US dollars you can pay back in 2 - 4 terms of 31 days each.

Thank you that the refund period is short. 1 to 4 months seems longer than it is. You really have to pay back at that time, because otherwise you do cost much more in fines and the like. So see a mini loan mainly as a bridging , until your next salary, bonus, holiday pay or (profit) benefit / 13th month. You can already make a purchase that is really necessary, but nothing more.

The reason that only 2 providers are active in the Netherlands is because the AFM, which supervises the loan market, has banned many providers. Money Now and Saldodipje are therefore reliable and comply with laws and regulations.

2. Earn money in a short time

If you don't want to borrow, the only other option is to get money to earn it. But can that be so quickly? Well there are methods, but you have to understand that the faster you want to earn, the more risk you have to take. Because if making money fast had been easy, we would all have known it!

You quickly end up on websites that say you should look at CFD trading or similar ways of investing online, but that is tricky. And there are plenty of reliable ways to make money on the internet , but they won't get you cash into your account within a day… they will within a week or weeks.

In short: do not be fooled by sites that promise you anything, which often want only make you cheat your money and do not help you to make real certain something.

3. Advance on your salary or holiday pay

You can also borrow from yourself by taking an advance on income that you will receive. An advance on your salary is actually bringing forward a subsequent payment. In addition, you accrue holiday pay, which you can request to have it paid out earlier than the one time a year in May. Technically it is your money anyway, but mind your employer doesn't necessarily have to do this!

Finally, you can also choose to sell days off. You can then no longer record it. Be aware that every employer can have its own rules for this. This is often only possible with extra statutory leave days that you have left over from previous years. And you also pay a lot of tax on this.

4. Red

Technically, being in the red is a form of borrowing. You must also get approval from the bank for this and pay interest. However, this is often approved more quickly than a separate credit. And you can do it for much smaller amounts that you really need.

You can request this at the bank and then just keep paying even if you fall below 0 US dollar. It is also easy to repay because this will actually happen automatically with your next salary. However, be careful with this and do not do this too often, because you pay a high interest! Moreover, it often goes unnoticed.

5. Private loan

This is actually a loan without a bank . In other words: a loan from someone you know. The reason it is good to characterize this is that the money you (temporarily) receive from your friend, family member or acquaintance can not be seen as a gift. Then you have to pay tax on a certain amount and that is a shame.

It is good to record this in writing, you can find enough contract examples online. It may sound exaggerated, but you do not want to get into a discussion about the borrowed money later, because then you can be sure that things will go wrong quickly.

People quickly get into serious quarrels when it comes to personal money matters. This is also a frequently heard reason not to opt for a private loan, but to go for one of the above options. You don't want to lose a good friend over something as stupid as money, right?