44 x Earning Money Online on the Internet

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Earning money online on the internet

You want to make money?

Online, via the internet?

In a reliable way?

And can you achieve immediate results?

Then you have come to the right page.

We have put together an overview for you with the best ways to do this.

And we are sure that there are also a few that suit you!

In this article:

Best Ways To Make Money Online

Tip: try and combine several ways, then you will only get more income and you will also have more variety.

1. Complete surveys

The number 1 in this list is of course also our favorite and that is not without reason. Earning money with surveys is perhaps the easiest, fun, varied and best-earning methods. You know before you start with a survey or questionnaire how much the reward is going to be, and it is quite good!

Especially if you do this via the best paid survey sites that we have listed for you. Together you can certainly earn $ 300 to $ 500 per month here if you join multiple to all panels.

2. Earning cashback

Bet you spend quite a lot at the 2500 largest webshops in the Netherlands, such as Bol.com, Hema.nl, Zalando, Coolblue and Wehkamp? Bet you didn't know that you can get 15% free money back on those purchases, on top of the promotions and offers ?!

So read on and grab this free money! Easily $ 100 per month when you consider how much you can buy over the internet ... you have to do more often! We explain the concept in the article making money with cashback , but also read our top 10 best cashback sites in the Netherlands where you can grab this money.

3. Savings programs

Small amounts also add up to a nice amount. You just have to score a lot, preferably with something that is quick and easy. With savings programs you get a reward for small assignments such as reading e-mail, clicking links, participating in games and much more. Often you can take part in paid surveys and get cashback here. So count on $ 200 per month and more.

Read how this works on our page earn money with savings programs , or take a look at the overview with the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands where you should especially want to sign up. Here, too, it is important to register with as many sites as possible to earn more.

4. Social media

An account on social networks is free, right? That's nice, but you can also earn money with it. Precisely because they give you free access to reach millions of people worldwide. Check out the 4 best ways to make money with social media , where the possibilities are almost limitless from pennies to millionaire ...

Later in this list we will come back to the different types of social media, because they all still have their properties and also additional methods to save money.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You don't have to make a product yourself to be able to sell it. There are many companies for which you can advertise without obligation. If you are successful and you sell something, you will of course receive a reward. This is called making money with affiliate marketing .

You will be amazed at how many companies are doing this on a large scale, and we will put you in contact with 1,600 of them that you can start immediately with, including big boys such as TV, internet and calling providers, mobile phone providers and energy suppliers. You can even turn this into your job!

Curious about what you can earn with this? There is no amount to add to that because the potential is infinite. There are enough people who have been able to quit their job to become a full-time affiliate marketer and some have even become rich, but that does not happen automatically.

6. Earn with your own website

This remains the ultimate way to start your own internet business? Not completely free to start with this, but since you can buy your own domain for 1 US dollar nowadays, that is also manageable. Especially since the possibilities are endless , just like the possible income!

You can read about the basic things in the article making money with a website , with some specific methods to generate sales later in this article.

Invest in cryptocurrency

Of course you know the Bitcoin, maybe also Ethereum and the Ripple? All crypto currencies, or cryptocurrency. Investing in this can yield huge profits. In recent years, the value of most coins has increased by thousands of percent. In the article making money with cryptocurrency we explain what the different options are.

Buying them and selling them later for a higher price is the most accessible. Read the 10 best cryptocurrency to invest in to find out which coins you should have.

8. Crypto strike

Apart from investing and trading in crypto, you can also get interest on it. At least that is what it comes down to, simply put. Up to more than 10% efficiency ! that's a lot more than even the best savings account with the highest interest ...

By the way, it seems quite technical and difficult, but in our article crypto staking we explain it completely and you will see that if you store your coins at the right broker, this is actually no more than a push of a button.

crypto coins

9. Lending money at interest

Yes, you can just play for your own bank. And not with Monopoly but with real money and just charge interest for it. And because the loan interest rates are so high, especially in other countries in the EU where you can lend your money through special platforms, you can achieve a bizarre return of up to 19% ! Read more in the article earn money by lending it .

Invest in P2P loans

Invest your money through P2P platforms in various types of loans and get a nice return through this way, which is very similar to crowdfunding. On average, the profit that is achieved with this method is nearly 13% . Read more about investing in P2P loans .

Invest in real estate

One of the most common ways of investing is in real estate. It is also advertised a lot. And many people think that you have to borrow a lot of money or have their equity on their house paid out to be able to start, because you only buy a property if you have tons? No, you can also invest in real estate with little money . From 50 US dollars with an average return of 12% .

12. Investing on the stock exchange

You can of course always invest as originally conceived, simply on the stock exchange in shares and options. Funds and ETFs. Nowadays, this is easily possible via various good brokers and apps, but you prefer to choose the best investment platform in the Netherlands because there you get more training, explanation and you have lower costs.

13. CFD Trading

This is also a much recommended way of investing, but it requires a lot more knowledge and self-control. But then you can also make up to 3000% more profit with the same investment! How this works, check out our page about CFD trading .

14. Rent your car

A car stands still on average for 94% of its life, bizarre! And yet it costs you money in that time, namely costs such as road tax, maintenance, depreciation and insurance continue. But since you don't need it anyway, why not just rent it out?

You can simply offer your car for rental via the handy online platform Snappcar , or with a better word "car parts". That just earns you $ 350 per month.
rent your car for money through Snappcar

15. Testing products

Companies often want to have their products tested before they hit the market. So that they know that it works well and that there is a real demand for it. And because this is valuable information, you can earn money with testing products , because they are happy to pay for it. Often you can keep the product after the test.

16. Test websites

A site is becoming increasingly important for organizations. It is the most important way to communicate with customers and an important sales channel. Companies also often have these tested for usability and findability of information. For a fee, of course, and you can also participate. Read where to go in our article testing websites for money .

17. Assess complaints

How many commercials do you watch every day, consciously or unconsciously. Very annoying if you are not comfortable in your program or film, but that can be different. You can also rate advertisements and receive a reward for it. Often even commercials that have yet to be put on TV / online. Read more about making money with viewing & rating ads .

18. Online discussion groups

Surveys are really no longer the only way online market research is conducted these days. Agencies try to make it more fun and interactive, also because they use it to collect better data and make it more attractive for participants. Certainly at the best survey sites you can often participate in this type of research.

19. Read emails

How much mail do you get in your inbox? And probably a lot more spam! But all those emails can also earn you money, because with savings programs you get paid for reading advertising e-mail. That is easy to earn. Of course then become a member of the best savings programs .

20. Click Banners / Ads

With the same programs you also receive a fee for clicking on banners and advertisements. This is also a very easy way to raise money for free without actually having to think about it.

21. Introduce members / referrals

Many of the money-making websites, such as cashback sites, savings programs, and survey panels discussed earlier in this list, will also reward you when you bring friends and family in to join. And that saves just that little bit faster.

22. Youtube

Everyone knows this site, and maybe you have even put a video on it before? Did you know that you can also easily earn money with it? There are a lot of YouTube millionaires for a reason! Learn quickly how this works: making money with Youtube .

social media

23. Facebook

The mother of social networks, and still the most important as far as we are concerned. Everyone is a member of this. But with your free account you can also just rake in money. Read the different ways to do this in our article make money with Facebook .

24. Instagram

Also a very big player in the social network scene. Even the one where the term influencer was born. Are you also a member, are you probably wasting a lot of time? But you can also earn money with Instagram .

25. Snapchat

This platform became very popular very quickly and now seems to miss the trick. It does not matter, there are still an incredible number of people on it and so you can also make money with Snapchat in several ways.

26. Pinterest

This is a special kind of network much less like its siblings. But that does not matter, because there may also be more options here to make money with Pinterest .

27. Tiktok

This is the upcoming trend, the new kid on the block, the fastest growing social media. Especially among young people and so the future seems to be looking good for them. And certainly because everyone is talking about it, you can earn very good money through TikTok .

28. Linkedin

This is the most professional online network, although that distinction sometimes starts to blur a bit. Anyway, really business and commercial so you can make very good money with Linkedin although very few people seem to do that. A good chance to be one of the first.

29. Twitter

Especially in the early days a very interesting player, which is now mainly used by politicians and prominent figures to communicate with their supporters. And is therefore still widely used and known, which means that you, even if an account is just free, can earn money with Twitter .

30. Tumblr

A lesser known social media, one where you can mainly blog. In other words, you can tell your own story. And there you can tell everything that also gives you a good chance of making money with Tumblr .


31. Start a blog

Do you enjoy writing, perhaps on a certain topic? Starting a blog is not only a fun way to get your story out into the world, but there can also be a revenue model attached to it. Several even. Preferably combine it with affiliate marketing, the no. 5 in this list.

32. Start a comparison site

Independer, Pricewise and the Consumers' Association. Some well-known names where you can make comparisons between energy prices, health insurance, mobile telephone subscriptions and telecom packages (internet & TV). They make a lot of money with it, but did you know that nowadays you can put such a comparator online in just a few minutes without any technical knowledge? You can read back in our aforementioned article making money with a website .

33. Open your own webshop

In the same article you will also see tips on starting your own webshop. Ideally, of course, an online shop, you no longer have to rent a property and can reach a large audience much more easily.

34. Buy domain names

If you want to start a site, it starts with a domain name. But you soon find out that many of those sought-after names have long been given away. There is often no site at all, but they have been bought up by smart traders to sell them later for big money.

Certainly if you respond well to new trends or, for example, buy up company names, you can earn very well on this. Especially if you buy cheaply through Yourhosting , where you can register a .nl domain for 1 US dollar.

35. Write an e-book

If you know a lot about a certain topic, you can also write a book about it. Especially if this is a digital book, the model can be interesting and scalable. You only have to write it once and can then continue to sell it endlessly.

36. Design a course or training

The same applies to a training that you design with text or possibly video material. You can continue to reuse it. So a small investment to do that, after which you can continue to sell it until there remains demand.

37. Google Adsense

Adsense is the revenue model that Google has made for people. It can run on your own site or blog but also on your Youtube account where it generates the advertisements around videos. And because Google is very good at showing the right ads to a certain target groups, this is a way that has a high success rate, if the merit is slightly lower than, for example, affiliate marketing.

38. Sell your photos

Is your hobby photography? If you take some nice pictures, you can sell them through stock sites. You can register for free and earn a little extra. You have to be lucky because nowadays everyone can take beautiful photos with their smartphone, but if you are really good or unique, this can add up quite a bit.

39. Medical examination subject

Earlier we talked about testing products and websites, but you can also test medicines or medical treatments. By becoming a test subject you not only earn money, and a lot because there is of course the risk of side effects, but you also help science enormously.

40. Playing games

Are you good at board games? Tactical games or mind sports? There are online platforms where you can earn money with those games. And we're not talking about gambling, really about playing paid against other people.

41. Gambling in online casinos

Games of chance such as casinos are also increasingly available on the internet. That is of course a way of entertainment, of course, but if you are good at it you can save some money. In any case, we advise against thinking that you can really systematically earn money from it. The house always wins in the end!

42. Online poker

This is another difference with poker. Yes, the dealer (the online casino) also earns from that, but if you are good, you can also earn money with it. Quite a lot if you really dare to play with big money in tournaments.

43. Sports betting

Do you follow a certain sport closely? Football, Formula 1 or tennis? If you know a lot about it, it can help you to predict the result correctly and that can save you money. Make sure you don't take too much risk and here too the betting offices always end up with money.

44. Homework

There are plenty of ways to do work from home. Earning money from home is, for example, packing work, putting folders or doing administration. Not fun, nor our favorite, but often a reliable way of earning. There are plenty of vacancies to be found online.

Earning a lot or easily?

Of course, these are not the only ways you can make money on the internet. However, they are the most reliable and free of charge methods. In this, a distinction can often be made between easy ways (for an extra income) and ways that you can earn a lot with. However, the latter always requires a certain investment, risk or knowledge & skills from you.

As soon as you come across an ad or site that says you can make money quickly, we recommend that you click away. Because you can't make money fast. There is always a downside. If there was a way to get money quickly without any risk then this was the best kept secret in the world, wasn't it? Or we had all been millionaires long ago.

Don't fall for it, especially not when it comes to Binary options : Basically this is just betting on stock prices. And you actually always lose. It is not without reason that this product is banned in the EU and yet foreign sites still try it with advertisements. Don't, you will lose all your money!

Now just choose

So ... which way is best for you? We recommend that you try a few and use them side by side, because then you will eventually earn more. It is entirely up to you to decide which one to do and how much time to spend on it. So also how much money you will earn.

As you have realized by now, the possibilities are endless on the internet. We're not going to promise you that you'll be the next Internet Millionaire, but luck will come your way! :-) And follow our tips a bit ...

There are countless websites that promise you that they will make you rich. You just have to give your e-mail address, give your personal information or pay a "small" amount of money to gain access to this great knowledge ... NOT! All lies, this kind of website just want to make money FROM you, not FOR you.

But what are reliable ways? You can find it above. We give you the best tips on how to earn money directly on the internet. You probably don't know many of these ways yet!

Reliable online work from home, no castles in the air or illegal hassle. You don't have to pay for anything. Participation is free and without obligation. We have tested all the websites we recommend ourselves.