Borrow money without questions

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If you want to borrow money, that is not just possible.

You get all kinds of difficult and tricky questions asked by the lenders and banks.

They don't do that for nothing, of course, but couldn't it be easier?

Yes you can, we explain.

But keep in mind that borrowing money also costs money.

In this article:

Borrow up to 2000 US dollars

Why a loan up to this maximum amount? Well then you can get a payday loan / mini loan. Above that no more. And the advantage of such a special small loan is that there are much less complicated conditions. The risk is also smaller for the lender if they lend you a lower amount, so they ask fewer questions and request less information to be able to approve the application.

It is also called an emergency loan, because the application process is so short and fast that you can arrange it in a few minutes. The money is often in your account even within 24 hours. All you need is your ID proof, but no paycheck, no proof of income, no check in BKR, no other documents or paperwork.

There are two parties for this in the Netherlands, namely Money Now and Saldodipje . No matter which one you choose, the conditions are exactly the same. There were many more in the past, but they no longer received a license from the AFM, and these two are and are therefore reliable and comply with the rules and legislation. You can apply for the loan directly online.

Please note that these are loans with a term of one to two months, depending on the amount borrowed. You can use this to bridge a short period, but after that you must be able to pay back. The advantage of this short period is that you only pay interest for a short time and therefore keep those costs low in absolute terms.

For example, if you borrow 500 US dollars , you pay this off after 30 days and the total interest is 2.47 US dollars .

If you borrow more, say 1200 US dollars , you pay it back in two installments of one month each (31 days) and a total of 10.54 US dollars in loan interest.

You do need a personal guarantor for these types of loans, so someone who is responsible for you such as family or friend. If you cannot find this or if you prefer not to ask, you can also arrange for a guarantor as a service. This does involve costs.

Borrowing more than that

Do you really need more money? Then in the Netherlands there are in fact 2 fixed forms of borrowing, a revolving credit and the personal loan . We cannot advise you which one is best for you, your situation and loan purpose. Credit Group USA can do that, you can request a quote without obligation and free of charge and they will then find the best loan for you with of course the lowest interest.

Or do you know what type of loan you want, or do you want to do more research yourself? Then you will find the best (lowest) loan interest rates of the moment in the overview below. This overview is live / real time . You can click through to the providers for more information or to make an application.

Via “all loan rates” you can also make even more specific comparisons for, for example, only personal loans, for specific amounts such as 20,000 US dollars or for specific purposes such as borrowing money for a renovation.

Both loan types have their own advantages and disadvantages, but compared to the previously discussed mini loan , they all have a much longer term, so you will lose more interest in absolute terms. But in percentage terms , the interest is a lot lower, so you have more time to repay.

You will, however, get all the difficult and difficult questions you can think of, about your home situation, your income, whether you already have other loans, etc. etc. And even a telephone subscription or student loan already counts here and can lead to a rejection of your request.

puppies with questions

Why all those tricky and difficult questions?

Lenders offer tricky financial products, because those are loans / credits. This involves a great responsibility , namely that they must protect consumers and individuals. It happened too often in the past that people borrowed far too much and thus took great risks. That eventually got them into trouble.

To prevent this, the BKR in Tiel was set up, among other things, and the AFM started to monitor the financial sector more strictly. That is why, for example, the rightly mandatory warning “borrowing money costs money” everywhere. Just to protect the people from themselves , but also the companies that often had to deal with defaults or even bankruptcies.

So do not think that the companies and government are bullying you a bit, they really only want to help you to deal with your own money responsibly and not get into the situation that you have to sell your house, for example.

Alternatives to a loan

Are you unable to get a loan? Then there are other ways to get money. Even in the short term. One of the most used is to start earning money through the internet . To many people may seem a bit vague or almost impossible in advance, but it is getting easier!

The link takes you to an article in which we discuss 6 reliable methods that we have tested ourselves. You do not need any knowledge, no investment, no luck and you do not need to take any risks like with investing. Guaranteed to earn you several hundred US dollars per month if you try a little bit and some even turn it into their full-time job.

As far as we are concerned, the best way is to complete paid surveys, but then you have to answer questions of course , but then you will get money back anyway. Do this at the best paid survey sites (see top 10 for NL and Belgium).

Another thing you can do, if you're not in a hurry, is save for something and then buy it. Like your dream car, or your dream vacation. Then of course take the best savings account with the highest interest , then saving will go a little faster.